What happens when you tap into the tech expertise of Geek Squad Agents, channel it into a fun and engaging platform for youth, and round up an assortment of enthusiastic kids to download these teachings in a hands-on environment? You’re left with the formula for Best Buy Canada’s newest community program, ‘Geek Squad Academy’.

Following a successful pilot program in March of this year, Best Buy is now launching Geek Squad Academy nationally to captivate and educate kids across Canada. Designed to be a partnership program with local non-profit organizations and schools to teach youth aged 10-14 years about the latest technology, Geek Squad Academy encompasses a variety of lessons that include Robotics, 3D Printing, Digital Music, and more.

Do you know of any Junior Agent recruits that are prepped and ready to reboot at Geek Squad Academy? Join the inaugural season of the Geek Squad Academy program by having your non-profit or school apply online at!

Please note that applications for the 2015 season of Geek Squad Academy will be accepted until May 15, 2015.

Pilot Program Takes Offgeek_08 copy.jpg

Imagine the anticipation of a soon-to-be Junior Agent set to enroll as part of Geek Squad Academy’s pilot program at Best Buy Canada’s corporate headquarters. Immediately upon entering the front doors, kids from Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC were greeted by a lineup of Geek Squad Agents to ramp up excitement and get energy levels soaring!

Each participant was then provided with their own “Junior Agent” toolkit that included a T-shirt, backpack, nametag and USB bracelet to save all their work from the day and soon gathered to get the rundown of the day’s proceedings. With classes in Digital Citizenship, Robotics, 3D Printing, and Digital Music, each Junior Agent was able to find an aspect of technology that spoke to them and their talents. By learning about these technology tools and garnering interest at such a pivotal life stage, Junior Agents are able to imagine what opportunities they could have in their future careers.

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“We’re thrilled to bring Geek Squad Academy to Canada as part of our community investment expansion into STEM,” says Karen Arsenault, Community Relations Manager, Best Buy Canada. “Technology is an area of expertise that’s coveted among Canadian employers, with about 70 per cent of Canada’s top jobs requiring tech-based skills. This number will undoubtedly grow and we are proud to help set up students for success by offering them the opportunity to explore careers in technology starting from a young age.”

Want to see how the Geek Squad Academy program unfolded? Check out this video posted by Best Buy Canada:

Stephen Ludlow
Stephen Ludlow is a Communications Specialist at Best Buy Canada. Based out of Richmond, BC, Stephen is a writer, an avid gamer, and a pop culture enthusiast. Ever the optimist, Stephen is always looking to find the humour in any given situation—even if it's at his expense.


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