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Oh wrestling… it’s amazing in a way that this wonderful highflying circus meets overwrought soap opera is still with us. Mankind has a long history of watching colorful dramas played out on bright stages, and I can’t think of a truer representation of the culture than the big show, the squared circle… the WWE, with WWE 2K15.

Release Date: October 28, 2014

Consoles: PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Rating: T

The glossy shine of giants clashing in bright spandex comes to the next generation of hardware. Honestly, for the sports games (which I figure you can lump the WWE franchise into as well, yearly iterations and improvements, new cover and so forth) you have to figure the barrel was getting low on ‘new improvements’ by the end of the last generation of hardware. The question becomes, how much more real can we actually make these ‘athletes’ and these experiences? I suppose when I can actually feel the foot to my gut of a Stone Cold Stunner, or see the shadow of Big Show looming over me, I’ll know. For this year anyway, we’ll find out just how far they can take it with the newest iteration of the WWE franchise, WWE 2K15.

The WWE’s biggest commodity is nostalgia and the legendary history is has to draw from. Simply put, gaudy spectacle that it is, wrestling was very important in a lot of peoples youth… and remains so to this day. There’s something about that time that seemed more pure, when we could watch a guy come out to a theme song, or donning some colors and they instantly stood for something, and screaming, either our support or our curses, as we watched champions clash. Well, powerful memories like that are a juicy orchard full of opportunity for a franchise with as much storied history as the WWE. In WWE 2K14 it was the Ultimate Warrior, massive fan favorite, notorious crazy person, and long time wayward son of the WWE that had people snorting and ranting about all the warriors out there. In a similar, and yet completely different move, as an online only pre-order bonus you can  receive Sting!

Seriously, that Sting, long time darling of the WCW, Sting and his cohorts were basically the only real alternative to the WWE for a long time, particularly during the NWO era. For me, Sting was always that street level vigilante character, a man of the people. Regardless, he’s a genuine wrestling icon, and he has been creeping into the edges of the WWE of late, this appearance in 2K15 neither the first nor the latest. Appearing in a variety of places, is, as he was coined ‘the greatest superstar never to wrestle in a WWE ring’ preparing for a walk into the squared circle? Maybe, maybe not, the people would go nuts at any rate. Regardless, he’s crossing boundaries folks, in the digital realm at least. For those of you who wanted to see Sting face off against your favorite WWE Superstar, here’s your chance. Bonus content features not only the iconic black and white ‘Eric Draven’ look, but the hilarious colorful ‘surfer dude’ Sting of his earlier years.

Relive your childish… ahem, I mean childlike, fantasies of Sting raising the WWE Championship, and pre-order now (ONLINE ONLY) for your access to the WWE 2K15 Bonus content – Sting.

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