Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Headset Review BannerIf you’re looking to level up your gaming audio, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro wireless headset offers premium features with fantastic sound. It’s built with the “hardcore gamer” in mind, offering a dual battery system, customizable sound profiles, and impressive noise-cancelling capability. The headset has large 50mm drivers that deliver crisp audio, while the detachable microphone offers noise suppression for clear communication. So, how does this all add up to benefit your overall gaming experience? Let’s find out by putting the Turtle Beach Stealth Pros to the test in my full review.

Unboxing the Stealth Pro Headset

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Headset Unbox

Opening the box, I was welcomed by the sleek black headset and everything I needed to get started. The headset has a solid and premium feel to it, and I was excited to test it out. I like the modern styling of the headphones, it’s high-end but also understated. Sometimes gaming headsets are too bulky and offer extreme colours and shapes, the Stealth Pro is more elegant and fits into multiple settings. Whether gaming or on the go, the Stealth Pro is a sharp-looking piece of hardware that fits right in.

Stealth Pro Light Headset UnboxLightweight design

As I removed the headset and the protective coverings, I immediately noticed how lightweight it was. It feels quite solid, but the overall weight does not add up to much. This makes it very comfortable for extended gaming sessions.

Stealth Pro UnboxingWhat’s in the box

The package comes with the headset, a removable boom mic, 2 rechargeable battery packs, a charging/transmitting station, two USB-C cables, a cloth pouch, and a quick start guide. Thanks to the clear, organized packaging, excellent quick-start guide, and pre-charged batteries, I was ready to play in minutes.

Headset compatibilityStealth Pro headset’s wide range of wireless compatibility

One of the most impressive aspects of the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Headset is its compatibility with a wide range of platforms. Whether I was gaming on the latest consoles or older ones, the headset connected to all of them without any issues. The Stealth Pro is backward and forward-compatible with Xbox and PlayStation hardware. It also works with the entire Nintendo Switch family of consoles. In terms of compatibility, the “Xbox version” of the headset officially supports the Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One, PlayStation, Windows PCs, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and “mobile devices.” The one caveat to compatibility is to ensure the hardware you are looking to use this with has a compatible version of Bluetooth.

Connecting to different devices

Aside from console gaming, I found that the headset easily connected to my laptop and mobile devices as well. The Bluetooth button located on the earcup allowed me to sync and quickly switch between devices with just a few taps. With the flip of a switch on the wireless transmitter, the headset can also connect to a variety of other devices. This was extremely convenient for me since I could go from gaming on my Xbox to playing on my PlayStation 5 and then to music streaming on my phone with the same headset.

Premium Hardware DesignStealth Pro premium hardware design

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Wireless Headset is built with the gamer in mind, and packed with some truly unique features. One of the most innovative is the swappable dual battery system that provides you with 12+ hours of continuous power. The battery packs are easily replaceable and rechargeable, which allows you to charge one while using the other. I found the switch seamless as I was playing, the headset quickly reconnects to minimize any downtime. Additionally, the battery packs charge fast: a 15-minute charge gives you three hours of battery life.

Charge StationSingle Unit Transmitter and Charging Station

The wireless transmitter and charge station is another smartly designed piece of hardware in the package. The small disc-shaped hub delivers a lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless connection and also doubles as a battery charger. It can be plugged directly into your Xbox or PlayStation console to charge and transmit, cutting down on the clutter of multiple wires and chargers.

Dual Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity

Another notable feature is Bluetooth 5.1 dual connectivity. You can connect the headset directly to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth for on-the-go use. Dual connectivity ensures that you can also listen to your music, take calls, or hop on Discord while gaming on different platforms.

Stealth Pro comfortComfortable for marathon gaming sessions

In terms of comfort, the headset feels great on your ears and is well-balanced overall. The ear cups are made from plush leatherette materials and soft memory foam cushions. This helps to create great noise isolation and a good seal around your ears. If you wear eyeglasses while gaming as I do, you’ll be pleased to know that the ear cushions are made to fit glasses and are very comfortable to wear.

Stealth Pro HeadbandThe Stealth Pros also feature a steel-reinforced adjustable headband that is lightweight and flexible enough to keep the headset secure without feeling tight. The band is expandable for larger heads offering better fit and comfort.

50mm driver exposedAudio performance with gaming and beyond

Now let’s get into the most important part of any headset review – sound quality! I am happy to share that the audio performance is top-notch. I did a majority of my testing with action games like Redfall on the Xbox Series X, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on the PlayStation 5, and Metroid PrimeRemastered on the Nintendo Switch.

Hunting Vampires in RedfallHunting vampires

The directional audio of enemy vampires in Redfall is very well-captured by the Stealth Pros. I was able to pinpoint and track foes easily based on sound alone. This is especially important with supernatural enemies that can teleport in behind you, I was able to always know when they were coming. The headset also delivered a good sense of height and distance to sound effects, with precise positioning accuracy that allowed me to detect which direction enemies were attacking from. The 50mm drivers give you the right amount of bass without getting muddy or overwhelming.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stealth ProsLightsaber duels in a galaxy, far, far away

The audio drivers also provided strong sound without distortion, and the bass is powerful yet controlled. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor lightsaber strikes and blaster fire sound authentic and impactful. The sound effects are sharp and detailed, creating a more immersive and engaging experience. Highs are crisp and mids are nicely balanced, the headphones also feature impressive noise-cancelling capabilities that make it easier to focus on in-game sounds.

Primed for battlePrimed for battle

I also tested out the Stealth Pros with Metroid Prime Remastered on the Nintendo Switch, and I was thoroughly impressed. The sound was rich and detailed which brought the in-game soundscapes to life. The headset’s customizable sound profiles allowed me to fine-tune the audio to my preferences, resulting in an audio experience that suited my preferences. The game’s ambient sounds like eerie music, footsteps, and environmental sounds were all well-captured by the headset, while the game’s weapon noises sounded robust and impactful. Overall, the Stealth Pro is an excellent choice for gamers who want a rich and customizable audio experience while playing.

Microphone of the headsetMicrophone and Chat Performance

Aside from its impressive audio performance, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Wireless Headset also boasts excellent microphone and chat performance. The detachable microphone does an excellent job of capturing your voice without any background noise. This makes it easier to communicate with your friends and teammates. The microphone also features noise-cancelling capabilities that further enhance the audio quality.

Final thoughtsFinal thoughts on the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Wireless Headset

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Wireless Headset is a great choice for gamers who want an immersive audio experience. The headset offers clear directional audio, crisp highs and balanced mids, excellent noise-cancellation capabilities, and customizable sound profiles. Its dual battery system keeps you playing longer, while its wireless transmitter offers lag-free performance. The microphone also produces a natural and clear sound, suppressing background noise which is ideal for online gaming chats. The audio quality is great for games, movies and music streaming. It’s a versatile headset suitable for all types of entertainment media. If you’re looking for an excellent wireless gaming headset with solid performance, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro should be at the top of your list.

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