Sacred series fans have waited almost 6 years for the next installment of this action-RPG series to come out, and were provided a piece of good news earlier in the Spring: An earlier release date! In today’s day and age where we see games often delayed for weeks or months, Sacred 3’s release date was pushed up 3 weeks to August 5th.  That’s when the game lands at Best Buy, but you might want to get that Pre-Order in right away since the bonus you receive isn’t just a weapon pack or outfits this time around.

Pre-Order Sacred 3 for the Xbox 360

Pre-Order Sacred 3 for the PlayStation 3

Sacred 3 is a ridiculously colorful and explosive dual-function game which pits you not only against evil, but against each other. While there is a massive co-op element to the majority of the game, you must simultaneously compete with your other heroes for every kill, every moment of glory and every accomplishment in order to be the ultimate ruler of Arcania. Numerous classes exist in the game, and a comprehensive leveling system exists along the way for you to specialize your warrior to your liking.  The game is full four-player Co-Op with five playable classes, meaning that if you aren’t connected online, you’ll be tasked with 3 AI Allies.  Keeping things safe will require more than just your own actions. You’ll be able to combine powers with your allies to create combo attacks too.  While ultimately, you all compete with, and against each other, you all have a common goal: To stop Zane Ashen and his empire from claiming the Heart of Ancaria, which is currently hidden away, but in grave danger of being found. Whomever claims the Heart of Ancaria controls the world and its very fate (so you can see now why you’ve been tasked to keep it safe!)

You will have access to 4 basic classes from the get go:

Seraphim: The Keepers of the Heart of Ancaria – Represented by Claire

Safiri: Islanders that are historically Sailors and Merchants – Represented by Marak

Ancarians: A once great and powerful people whose very empire and existence crumbles through the conflict – Represented by Alithea

Khukuri: Storytellers from the Iciest climates in the land – Represented by Vajra

Each class comes with different and specific skillsets. Vajra, for example, is an Archer, while Alithea is a Blacksmith.

I had mentioned, however, that there are five classes that are playable.  The fifth is your Pre-Order Bonus.  Pre-Ordering Sacred 3 is currently your only ticket to accessing the new class Malakhim, represented by Kython the Blood Magician.  Currently, this is the only way for you to receive playable access to the class, and it’s only available with your Pre-Order.

What else can you expect from Sacred 3 besides vibrant graphics, tactical hack and slashing and an intense and rich storyline? How about a cleaner and much more refined gameplay experience? Developers have stated that they want Sacred 3 to be bug free, and they’ve put special emphasis on ensuring that your only worry should be how you plan on enjoying the game.

Sacred 3 debuts on August 5th. Pre-Order now for your chance to get playable access to the Malakhim class!

Pre-Order Sacred 3 for the Xbox 360

Pre-Order Sacred 3 for the PlayStation 3

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