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Messengers play a pivotal role in Bloodborne and the land of Yharnam. Visible only to their designated hunters, they appear out of portals connecting them to the Nightmare World to bring communications to their bosses. In this online exclusive bonus, Pre-Order Bloodborne now to receive access to an exclusive messenger skin in-game.



Bloodborne is the creation of From Software, known for titles like the Dark Souls and the Armored Core series. Originally announced at E3 2014, Bloodborne is an Action RPG that situates around the mysterious town of Yharnam and the secret it hides. Long rumoured to hold a panacea (a cure all to every disease and ailment known to man,) it has long been the target of hunters.  However, something lurks within Yharnam that keeps these hunters from succeeding.


Ironically, the town housing this rumoured panacea has a viral illness spreading that has turned its very residents into beastly creatures.  These creatures and a mixture of other monsters now roam the streets and create a gothic void where success is difficult, if not near impossible.  Guess what? That’s where you get to play!


You won’t be without your fair share of combat weapons and strategies, however. Bloodborne will allow you to do things like dual-wield a stunning weapon in one hand, and a melee weapon in another. Keep how effective you’ll have to be at dual-wielding in the back of your mind because there are no shields in-game. Weapons can also have multiple directives. While the title draws some inspiration from the Dark Souls games, it’s a new style of combat altogether, and due to its fast pace, huge battlegrounds and sprawls of enemies, a few different benefits exist in-game. As mentioned, weapons can have multiple purposes and you can switch how they’ll be used depending on the type of battle you find yourself in.


Then there at the messengers, which are at the heart of the game’s Pre-Order bonus. Messengers facilitate deliveries of communications and advice between other hunters and yourself, and are your gateway the online multiplayer co-op modes (there will also be PvP modes, though details haven’t been finalized yet.)


BloodborneMessengerSkin.jpgPre-Ordering Bloodborne online through will grant you access to an exclusive Messenger skin to set yours apart from all others. Messengers in-game carry a degree of personality to them.  They are loyally employed by hunters and can even be seen mourning the losses of their own hunters that have fallen.  


This is a large, bloody, gory open world sprawl through a town full of the ugliest and creepiest beasts you’ll have laid your eyes on on the PS4 thus far. Your enemies will have that same personality and intelligence your messengers do, and have the ability to band together and adapt to your attacks (as if you didn’t need more to be afraid of in this game.)  

Blood plays a huge part of this game (nevermind that it’s half the title) as you will have to harvest blood from corpses as your main healing ritual, but two types of blood also exist, making things harder. Drink too much tainted blood and you yourself will become a beast and the target of other hunters.  


It’s a complicated and scary world out there.  Be careful and be sure to put the little ones to bed before you pull this one off the shelf – It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.


Bloodborne is just around the corner.  You can get your hands on it when it releases exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on February 6th 2015.

Pre-Order Bloodborne now to receive an exclusive skin for your messengers. Once again, this offer is only available if you Pre-Order on

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