Ring Fit Adventure

Reaching your fitness goals all year round can be a lofty endeavor. A lasting engagement means finding a workout routine that’s not only effective, but consistently motivating as well. If you’re looking for a way to burn calories and have fun, consider adding Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure to your workout routine.

Ring Fit Adventure

Make staying active a true adventure

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure is a combination of gaming and fitness. It leverages the amazing “Ring-Con” peripheral to let players interact in a unique and physically challenging way. Along with the accompanying leg strap, the Ring-Con works in conjunction with your Joy-Con controllers to provide resistance, track movement, and more.

Adventurers aren’t simply tasked with dull or repetitive movements however. Instead Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure incorporates exercise into a robust RPG experience. You’ll attack enemies, craft smoothies (potions), acquire new workout clothes (gear), and earn experience points over 100 levels and 20 colourful and immersive worlds.

If you just want some quick action, there are some bite-size options as well as well. Twelve “Quick Play” minigames are ready to challenge you with fun, physically engaging activities at the drop of a hat. You can even take on a friend in healthy competition—further motivation to consistently reach your long term goals.

Can a video game really provide effective exercise?

If you are hesitant about whether a video game can truly offer a sufficient workout, you’re not alone. I recall having a significant amount of doubt myself when preparing for my first session. With previously underwhelming experiences in similar hybrid exercise and gaming peripherals, my impulse is to keep expectations low.

However, just one session with Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure should be enough to quell any doubts. In less than 30 minutes of embarking on my quest I remember working up a heavy sweat and feeling the burn of new muscle activity in neglected limbs. All this while wanting to push forward thanks the the game’s exciting RPG-style gameplay.

Honestly, my first impressions do not vary much from a trip to the gym after a lengthy absence. I consistently see the same from friends and connections on social media after they take to sharing their initial experiences. The regular consensus is that Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure is a robust workout. I absolutely recommend anyone with even a mild curiosity to try it out and decide for themselves.

Ring Fit Adventure

Try something new with Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

Are you looking for a reason to get back in the groove of keeping fit? Or perhaps just hungry for something to change up your aging, stale routine? Either way, Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure can be a great way to encourage activity all year round.

It can be difficult to get to the gym these days. However, Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure can help Nintendo Switch owners get a fresh and exciting workout while gaming in the comfort of their own home. It’s going to take some extra effort to find out if the princess is in another castle with this one!

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  1. I bought Ring Fit Adventure back when it came out, and it definitely is a workout for me. Unfortunately I have fallen off from my regular play with it. I need to get back to playing Ring Fit Adventure regularly!

    Thanks Dave!

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