Every year, Just Dance returns with its promise of fun and energetic dance routines. Just Dance 2024 Edition is no exception. Whether you’re an experienced dancer or just looking for a good time, this game continues to bring the dance party straight to your living room.

If you’ve played Just Dance 2023, you’ll notice that Just Dance 2024 feels quite familiar. It’s essentially an update with a new song lineup, and your profile, XP level, and rewards from the previous edition carry over seamlessly. While some, such as myself, were hoping for more significant changes, Ubisoft’s approach solidifies Just Dance as a continually evolving platform. Let’s take a look at the latest addition to the ever popular series.

Just Dance 2024 Details

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S
Developer(s): Ubisoft Paris
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Genre: Dance / Music / Rhythm
Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

A familiar groove: Core gameplay

At its core, Just Dance 2024 retains the simple and engaging gameplay that has made the series a hit over the years. You pick a song, choose the number of players participating, and dive into the dance. Your task? Mimic the on-screen dancer’s moves while holding a motion controller. On the Nintendo Switch you use your Joy-Con controllers to play, on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S you use your smartphone. The game gives you points based on how well you follow the dance routine.

However, it’s important to point out that the game mainly focuses on the motion of one arm for scoring, which sometimes leads to discrepancies in score accuracy. Nonetheless, Just Dance is less about perfection and more about having a blast and letting your inner dancer shine.

Just Dance 2024

What’s new? Fresh tracks and Workout mode

Just Dance 2024 brings a fresh song list, featuring over 40 tracks that span a wide range of genres and eras. While there’s a mix of both new hits and timeless classics, some may find this year’s selection a bit less exciting compared to previous editions as there are less “standout” tracks included.

A new feature in Just Dance 2024 that I really like is the Workout Mode. This mode can turn your dance session into a calorie-burning exercise, which I found to be a whole lot of fun. With a simple button press, you can track the calories you’ve burned and your total workout time. This is great if you see dancing as a way to stay fit and exercise. It adds motivation for those aiming to reach their fitness goals while having fun.

In Just Dance 2024, the core gameplay remains similar to previous editions. The focus is on dancing to the beat, but the new songs and Workout Mode provide a mix of familiar and fresh experiences. Whether you dance for enjoyment or as a fun way to stay active, these additions aim to make your Just Dance experience better.

Party on: Multiplayer and cross-platform play

One of the features and strengths of the Just Dance series is its commitment to multiplayer fun. Just Dance 2024 continues this tradition, offering players the opportunity to compete in real-time dance battles or compare their scores on leaderboards. What’s more, the game supports cross-platform play, ensuring that everyone can join the dance party regardless of the platform they are playing on.

A noteworthy feature of Just Dance 2024’s multiplayer component is the ability to play with different editions to dance together online. So, whether you own Just Dance 2024 or your friend has Just Dance 2023, you can smoothly switch between songs from both versions, ensuring the dance floor remains packed and the party keeps going. Of course, it’s important to note that some songs won’t work with others who own Just Dance 2023. However, this is still a nice surprise and welcomed addition.

The dance continues with Just Dance 2024

Just Dance 2024 doesn’t bring any groundbreaking changes to the series and, honestly, it really doesn’t matter. It keeps the promise of lively and inclusive dance fun and this is what draws people to the game. If you’re a Just Dance enthusiast, it’s a worthwhile addition, even with the relatively minor differences from the previous edition.

And for newcomers, this game offers a great entry point into the world of dance gaming, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and keep you moving to the rhythm. So, it’s time to clear some space, grab your controller or smartphone, and prepare for a night of dancing with Just Dance 2024 with your family and friends.

+ Engaging workout mode
+ Accessible cross-platform play
+ Fun for all ages
+ Great way to spend time with the family
+ More than 40 new songs

-Scoring isn’t accurate
-Hard to follow dancing in some songs


Gameplay: 3/5
Graphics: 3/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 4.5/5

Overall Rating 3.5/5 (70%)

Purchase Just Dance 2024 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S

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