Read on friend, I have compiled a list of compelling reasons why the PS4 might be your next big console.  Ironically, it’s two rereleases that might be the most intriguing to me. Regardless, putting this list together reminded me why I’m very excited about the PS4 this year.Though it doesn’t matter where you turn, nearly every piece of hardware has a glut of great content, but here are some very good reasons to open your heart and home to the PS4

BloodBorne – Good googily-moogily. Ok, so, if you aren’t a part of the Dark Souls community, you might not be aware of just how into Dark Souls we are. There had been images leaked, and then some footage without sound, and it was being called ‘Project Beast’, Bloodborne is that project. From Software, Demon Souls / Dark Souls developer, and the man behind the first two games in the series Hidetake Miyazaki are behind it. Bloodborne is not a Soul’s game, but it’s definitely related. The Trailer shown at the conference wasn’t  enough to go on, so it didn’t make the Sony list, the next trailer set off an explosion of hypey goodness in the Dark Souls community.

Little Big Planet 3 – I remember falling in love with Sackboy the first time around, and even today it’s impossible not to look at him, particularly running around in his little world, and not feel that fuzzy glow in my chest. A bigger game and with a greater focus on depth in the maps, this time, Sackboy has brought some friends. Joining him are Oddsock, a lovable dog-like sock, Toggle the big (and small) fella, and swoop the bird.  Each with their own abilities, their participation immediately opened up game mechanics for the designers adding fresh gameplay to the series third.  As open source and creator friendly as ever, this time all maps created in Little Big Planet and Little Big Planet 2 are playable in Little Big Planet 3.

Uncharted 4 – Man, is it just me, or does Nathan Drake look a little worn?  The old ‘one last gambit’ maneuver, the last big score; you see a lot of these go wrong. Uncharted 4 was anticipated for this years E3, but the news still went off like a bomb. I wonder if they’ll be able to leave it at 4.

The Order 1886 – There is a sense of macabre to a lot of games this year, an unexpected trend, The Order 1886 is one of these.  It’s an Alt history jam, where King Arthur has risen, and the industrial revolution went scifi. Technology in the past… Steam / Cyberpunk Victorian England. I still love this aesthetic, and who doesn’t like fighting monsters?

Infamous First LightSecond Son DLC… sort of. Taking place in that timeline, this is a stand alone expansion feature a new protagonist.  Concerning ‘Fetch’, from Second Son, this was really compelling to me. A girl in trouble, but she’s far from helpless. Her powers are Neon based too, which just looks so cool. I would expect this to help take the Infamous franchise in different directions. Short stories in Seattle, overlapping in places, the possibilities are endless.

Entwined – A lovely story with a lovely story.  Two Souls are destined to love one another, but from a distance. Bringing them together involves beautiful puzzles based on the dual thumbsticks. Both characters are controlled at the same time, presenting a challenging new mechanic to master. The game is being  developed by a group of recent graduates who seem to have done fairly well for themselves. This should be one of the Indie scene’s media darlings.

Let it Die – What can you say?  It’s Grasshopper Manufacture, their stuff is a little bit weird but never dull. You almost have to let the trailer do the talking, but, its some sort of hyper violent fighting game, the trailer would have you believe that you rely on battle to equip yourself with the items of the defeated. See for yourself.

The Last of Us Remastered – For those out there who haven’t played The Last of Us yet, this might be just the excuse you need. Receiving a full uprez utilizing the power of the PS4, it looks breathtaking, and heartbreaking. With the trailer, they’re just letting the work speak for itself, but its filled with footage from in game and contains spoilers. All you really need to know is that it’s the same game, just even better looking than it was.

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept – Another one of those gameplay footage trailers with actors pretending to be friends (which grits my teeth every time), this one is for the multi-shooters among us. There is no shortage of this sort of thing right now, but it would seem its the age of cooperative play. Based on the visuals, and the jetpacks, I expect this will find an audience.

Diablo The Ultimate Evil Edition – Though it is releasing on both of Microsoft and Sony’s consoles, the PS4 version is the clear winner. Running at a locked 1080p and sixty frames per second, the game includes Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion as well as all content added to the game thus far. 

Feel that?  Its a sense of ‘where to start?’. At least for me it is.  As with all the lists so far, there was more than I could mention in this article, so many  things on the horizon. I suppose we’ll soon find out if it’s possibly to have  too many good games. Amidst all that content and information I hope I managed to give you a list of things to think about.  I’m very excited by the PS4 this year, I hope you are too.

Though it’s all done for another year, visit the E3 Hub for all the hightlights of this years show.

Kurtis Diston
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