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A digital download is a video game, software application, or add-on content you can buy and download without having to get a physical copy.



Digital Downloads available at Best Buy 



  • Huge selection of video game and software titles that can be downloaded at any time
  • Games eligible for pre-loading can be downloaded ahead of time, so you can start playing them immediately at midnight on the release date
  • Shop, download, and play without having to leave your home or wait for package delivery
  • Log in on a friend’s console so you can access your game download and play
  • Many games offer additional downloadable content (DLC) that is only available through digital download


Some video game titles can be pre-loaded ahead of the release date. That means you can download and install the game in advance, and since many games have large file sizes this can take some time. After a game is pre-loaded and installed, all you have to do is wait for midnight on the release date and you’ll be able to start playing right away.

If a game you’ve pre-ordered is eligible for pre-loading, you’ll receive instructions via email.





Choose the product category you’re interested in and look for “Digital Download” in the title.







Add the digital download title to your cart and check out as you normally would. After you’ve completed your purchase we’ll send you an email with further instructions.





Check your inbox for an email with a code to redeem your game or DLC Go into your console and sign into your network account or create a new account Go to the network store and enter the code. This will allow you to start downloading the game or DLC




What is DLC (downloadable content)?

Also referred to as “add-ons,” DLC is extra content you can add to a game you already own, whether it was purchased through digital download or on a physical disc. DLC usually adds extra material to the game or improves the game experience.

What are console games?

Console games are video games played on consoles such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch. In order to download content onto these consoles you’ll need an account on that system’s network.

Can I download software using my Mac computer or tablet?

It depends on the download. When looking at a product page, note the platform. This will indicate whether the software is Windows or Mac compatible. We do not currently have downloads available for tablets.

Can I play digital download games on my computer?

To play games on your computer, choose games and add-ons that match your platform (Windows or Mac). Check the product page to make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to play. When you download your game, follow the on-screen installation instructions.

How many times can I download software and games?

This varies by title. Check the product page to see if there are any restrictions.

How long does it take to receive my digital code after placing an order?

Digital orders will arrive in your email inbox within 24 hours of your purchase.

It has been longer than 24 hours and I still haven’t received my code?

Make sure you check your Junk and Spam folders in your email as sometimes the email with the code will appear there. Make sure you have provided the correct email address when placing your order. If you have checked and have not received your code, you should reach out to our Customer Support team at 1-866-BEST-BUY (1-866-2378-289) with your order number so we can view your order status.

I have decided I don’t want the digital content I ordered. Can I get a refund?

No. Unfortunately all digital orders are Final Sale and not returnable.

What if I have problems while downloading?

Typically, you will need to contact the title’s vendor for support.


  1. I was wondering if i could cancel an order for a digital delivery game if it has not been delivered yet, it is taking longer than i anticipated and am going to go to a different store to buy it as soon as i can cancel this.

    • Hi Dale,

      I sent your question to the gaming team at Best Buy’s head office and will let you know when they send me an answer.

      best regards,

    • Hi Dale,

      The gaming team confirmed the information in the article above, that all orders are final sale, and are non-refundable. However, if it is longer than 24 hours please contact customer service (1-866-2378-289) with your order number and they may be able to assist you.

      Take care,

  2. I ordered two $20 PSN Store cards roughly 20 hours ago and have still not received the codes yet. I’m aware that I should the codes within 24 hours, but the estimated delivery time states I will receive the codes on Monday, June 18th (3 days from now). I’m concerned because I need to redeem and use the codes before Monday as there is a digital game sale on PSN that ends on Monday. If I’m not going to get the codes before Monday, is it possible to cancel my order?

  3. I received a xbox one 6 month game pass code and was wondering if there is an expiry date, or could I wait 3 or 4 months before using if I wish?

  4. Hi, I ordered the digital 50$ gift card and was wondering when I’ll get it? Shouldn’t take too long, its been 14 hours wondering if ill get it within the 24

  5. Hi I ordered a digital download Xbox gift card and you’re website says they arrive in less then 24 hours yet my order delivery date says 4 days from now so when will it arrive?

  6. Hi Martin
    Yesterday I purchased (Web Code: 10629884) a 3 month XBOX live membership online. This included a promo: “ONLINE ONLY. Purchase an Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership digital download and GET a bonus 3 Months for FREE.”
    I received the email containing the code and successfully activated it. The problem is, nowhere is there any mention of the Bonus 3 months for free, and it lists the expiry date in 3 months from now, not the 6 months(3 +3 bonus) it is supposed to be.
    What can you tell me? How do I receive the bonus 3 months?
    Thank you

  7. I ordered my PS Plus membership yesterday and I still never received it. How long am I supposed to wait for a digital code?

  8. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a yearly PlayStation plus digital download ?Because I bought it yesterday.

    • Hi Owen
      It should arrive within 24 hours of you placing the order. If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll have the gaming team investigate.


  9. Hi

    I paid for my Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass with my PayPal but it says authorization I actually bought it before it says it will be sent at 12:19am and it’s now 1:00 pm.

    how it says it won’t be delivered until Jan 12 but there was no shipping payment

    • Hi Oliver, as I stated in a comment below, if 24 hours have passed since you ordered and it did not arrive (check your junk mail folder too please) then let me know and I’ll ask the gaming team to investigate.


    • Hi Logan,

      the gaming team is fulfilling these orders within 24 hours in the vast majority of cases. Often (not always, but in most of the situations) when people have stated that they did not receive a code in that time-frame, the code had actually been sent but either the customer’s email program put it in their junk mail folder, or the customer entered a typo in their email address, leading to delays. However, if you find that the code has not arrived after 24 hours please let me know and I will ask the gaming team to investigate immediately.

      Best regards,

  10. was told i would be receiving code before 24 hours… it is now past that. am i receiving code or is this a scam?

  11. Been a day and haven’t received a thing, I figured this would be instant delivery, do i really need to wait until the 2nd? which is what it says under my order status deliver estimate. thanks

    • Not sure if it was fluke but I got the code like 20 minutes after I posted, thanks if you did anything on your end

      • Hi Jonathan

        We are monitoring all of these comments and trying to action a solution as quickly as we can. The gaming team regularly processes many, many, of these code requests each week, and of course the volume of requests is much higher during the busy holiday season. We too want all of our customers to get their gaming codes as quickly as possible. We appreciate you letting us know when we can do better.

        Best regards,

        • I am having the same issue, I purchased a download subscription for PlayStation a few days six days ago and have been waiting for it to show up in my inbox, any ideas on how to access it or if I doing something wrong? I have an anxious thirteen year old who would love to start using his Christmas present. Any help would be amazing

          • Hi Karissa,

            I asked the gaming team to investigate. Please check your junk mail folder. I did hear from a few people who had asked for my help that the code had been sent, but it went to their junk folder. It may not be there but if it is, great. Otherwise the gaming team will ensure you get it ASAP.

  12. Haven’t received my digital code for Xbox Live, though Best Buy had no problem taking my money, which you said you wouldn’t until shipped. I’m going to be reporting this to the Competition Bureau and I suggest everyone else do so as well. This is definitely a violation of the Competition Bureau act.

  13. Look like I am not alone for not receiving codes from email.

    I bought my Switch game on Dec 24 and now it has been almost 6 days. Nothing has been achieved after 3 calls and an email to the customer service. What makes the delay?

  14. I am having the same issue. Ordered a digital download as a Christmas Present…but haven’t received an email.
    Any other time I’ve purchased digital downloads from other sites, they are available immediately.
    Why does Best Buy take days to “ship” a download link???

  15. I seem to be having the same problem as everyone else – still havent received an email with digital download code info and I needed it as a gift in 2 days. Is there an issue with this function, based off all the other people with the same complaint?

  16. Bought the PS4 Pro 1TB that was supposed to come with a code for Uncharted Lost Legacy, I got the PS4 over a week ago and figured I’d wait after reading that it may take some time to be sent. I have checked and rechecked all of my email folders just in case. Nothing.

    • Hello? It’s been over a month and still nothing. I work graveyard hours so it’s very difficult to contact outside of methods like this.

      • How could it be over a month? Your post was December 7th in which you stated that you got the ps4 one week prior to December 7th so let’s say you got it November 30th. Your second post was on December 21st so my question to you is: how is November 30th to December 21st over a month? There’s a lot of people out there who will redeem their code and then complain and lie to try and get another one to sell. First off, Best Buy couldn’t even help you with that, you’ll have to get in touch with PlayStation in order to get any codes replaced. Did you think that Best Buy could just press a button and then BAM! new code generated! Naww sorry kiddo, it doesn’t work like that. Hopefully Santa Claus brought you new games.

        • Oh no. It was 2 days short of being a month since the purchase, I’m so ashamed. I’ve come to terms that I’m not getting the code that was supposed to come through email from BB (that was supposed to be a part of the order), and have learned not to bother with BB for any digital goods, it seems they have issues getting people download codes.

  17. So I just received an email stating it will take another 3 days to receive my code after the 24 hour period had ended. Not very please with this whole experience and wouldn’t recommend buy through bestbuys website.

  18. It stated I would get my code within 24 hours of purchase, I also received an email saying I wouldn’t be charged until my item has been shipped. I have not received my code but I was charged for the order and it has been 24 hours. Anyone gonna help me?

  19. HI,
    I purchased the Black Friday Bundle that had the PS4 Pro 1TB and the Digital Download of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy half an hour the site was open for purchase on Black Friday, but have not yet received my digital download code for the game. I recieved the rest of my order 3 days ago. The instruction were as followed, pretty simple:

    How to get this DEAL (Online):

    STEP 1: Add PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console to cart.
    STEP 2: Checkout and complete your order.
    STEP 3: Email will be sent within 7 days to your billing email.

    Can you help me?
    Thank you in advance!

  20. I thought I’d be getting the code within 24 hours like it’s mentioned. I would have purchased it directly from the Playstation store had I known it would be longer.

  21. I have not received my order as well. I had placed the order on 30th night and it is over 36 hours now.
    Let me know by when I can expect the email from Bestbuy ?

  22. I purchased the Black Friday Bundle that had the PS4 Pro and the Digital Download of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy the moment the site was up for purchases on Black Friday, but have not received my digital download code for the game as of yet. The rest of my order arrived a couple days ago in the mail. The instruction were as followed, pretty simple:

    How to get this DEAL (Online):

    STEP 1: Add PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console to cart.
    STEP 2: Checkout and complete your order.
    STEP 3: Email will be sent within 7 days to your billing email.

    Please help?

      • Hi Victor the gaming team said that the code was sent to you on November 27th. Please check your junk folder and if its not there I can arrange to have the code sent again.

        • Hi Martin,

          I checked my email once again, and junk folder, and haven’t received the code for the Uncharted game.
          On November 27th, I did receive a code for my 12 Month Playstation Plus Membership, but not the code for the Uncharted game.

        • Hey, Martin!

          Any progress on this? Should we just call Best Buy customer service directly?

          Thanks, again!

  23. when will I get my digital code and why I am being charged when it is not shipped to me yet? usually it should not take more than 30 minutes or so for a digital download stuff, this is very poor. I see above the concern was escalated and it was assured that the orders are being fulfilled, however, where is my code? I have not received any code yet and tried reaching out customer care also.

  24. Best buy , where is my Download code It has been more than two days !! I should have purchased this from your competitor, I would have saved 5% plus I would have my download code by now!!

    • Hi Dion and everyone with concerns about download delays,

      I sent your concerns to the gaming team at Best Buy’s head office. They responded that there were some delays, especially recently due to the extreme black Friday traffic on our site, but they have confirmed that all orders have now been fulfilled.

      Please keep reaching out to us when you have concerns as we will continue to strive to make the Digital Download experience simple and convenient for customers.

      Best regards,

  25. Well I am realizing that this was not a good Idea now that I paid for my PlayStation plus membership and I just got new games for the weekend and now I was mentioned from customer service that I have to wait a day or two for a generated code. I’ve purchased with other companies digital codes and receive within 30 mins not sure why theirs a difference here. They need to advised in there advertising what time frame is expected so that way customer is understanding and not upset with the company. This message from the webpage needs to be removed as it feels misleading >>> Huge selection of video game and software titles that can be downloaded at any time<<. Positive note I do like the deal I received for the membership but just wish I could receive it today understanding how most digital codes with the companies I dealt with I received right away.

  26. It’s been a day since I purchased a “digital download”. Is someone shipping the code via Canada Post?!?! It’s a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Come on, BestBuy, this is why you’ll be out of business within the year. There’s no way it should take more than a couple of MINUTES to send me the code, every other vendor manages to. How long is this going to take?

    • Day 2 of Digital Download Code watch. I wonder how Sony is going to react when I send them a complaint about this? They are losing revenue since I can’t purchase anything from them without my psn renewal, and I won’t if it’s after the sale prices are done.

  27. I order my digital code yesterday morning and i still don’t have it. They MISLEAD you saying your order will be delivered WITHING 24 hours, and this makes me feel really DISAPPOINTED and ANGRY because Best Buy doesn’t horror what they advertise. Unfortunately poor customer service.

  28. I ordered an a digital code over 24 hours ago and still haven’t received it. I was told by a customer service person I would receive it buy end of day yesterday. Can’t return digital codes and can’t cancel the order. Way to hold my money hostage best buy

  29. The site says I should receive in 24 hours but my order status says Oct 2. Really disappointed in the lack of this being any faster. I got it this way to jump on a sale in Xbox live. I will be so dissapointed if I miss out because of this.

  30. Yeah I purchased a digital order last night and still haven’t received the code yet. but I did get the notification that bust buy received my order. I thought this process would be faster than going to my local Best Buy but I definitely could have gotten it in store buy now

  31. Bestbuy Canada did a pre-order in store for me for the PS4 NHL 18. I did not order on-line. The pre-order comes with a bonus packs. I paid and picked up the game today at store. When i can expect to get the codes in email? Thanks

    • Hi Thomas,

      Please let us know if there was a problem with your codes arriving. The gaming team told me they don’t have any complaints about code delivery and they are very willing to help with any problems you may have had.

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