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On Day 6 of our 12 Days of Christmas feature we’re looking at what video game console was the crème de la crème in 2018. Without a doubt, this year has been a glorious year for gaming—especially on the PlayStation 4.

Many believed that the support for PlayStation 4 would be winding down after 5 years on the market. That couldn’t be further from the truth! First party and third-party support is at an all-time high. And, PlayStation 4 consoles have been flying off the shelves at record paces all year long.

Let’s take a look at why the PlayStation 4 is our day 6 choice and what makes it the best video game console of 2018.

Games, games and more games

The main attraction of one any particular gaming console is the games available to play on it. Sony and Microsoft share much of the same game library when it comes to titles developed by cross-platform studios. Companies such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft tend to release their games on both respective consoles.

In particular what gives one console an advantage over another is the amount of exclusive games available to play. And, no matter how you stack it, in 2018 Sony delivered big time.

PlayStation 4

First party games

Sony has first party studios and partners that produce some of the best games on their respective consoles. Sony has a plethora of first party studios. These include Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studios, Bend Studios, Sucker Punch, San Diego Studios, Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule, Polyphony Digital, Japan Studio—just to name a few.

These studios have produced some highly rated and highly anticipated games this year that include God of War, Shadow of the Colossus,  MLB The Show 18, Detroit: Become Human, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. In addition they have given us great PlayStation 4 hits such as Uncharted 4The Last of UsinFAMOUS Second Son, Horizon Zero Dawn, Little Big Planet 3, Gran Turismo, Gravity Rush 2 and many more.

As you can see, when it comes to first-party titles, Sony’s PlayStation platform is the cream of the crop.PlayStation 4

Exclusive third-party games

As far as third-party support is concerned, the PlayStation 4 is unmatched. That’s not to say that non-AAA third-party games don’t come out on competing systems. It’s just no where near as many as you see on the PlayStation 4.

Sony’s machine really excels in Japanese 3rd party support. Games like Bandai Namco’s Ni no Kuni II and Digimon Story series, Sega’s Yakuza franchise, Square Enix’s Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age and Team Ninja’s Nioh are just some of the PlayStation exclusives that you can not play anywhere else that came out this year.

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Games on the horizon

In addition to all the amazing exclusive games available on the PlayStation 4 this year, there is a steady line of upcoming games from both first and third-party studios. These include the likes of Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II, Control, Judge Eyes, Resident Evil 2, Shenmue III, Death Stranding and many more.

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PlayStation VR factor

In addition to offering amazing single player story driven and multiplayer experiences on your TV, the PlayStation 4 is the only home console with a VR add-on—aka PlayStation VR. The PSVR has been on the market for just a little over 2 years now and in 2018 it hit its stride.

Quite possibly the most two notable games of the year for the PSVR is Moss and Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Both games use the PSVR technology better than any other games to date. Trust me, there are no words that convey the experience you get when playing PSVR. It truly is the next generation of gaming and it cannot be had on any other home gaming console.

PlayStation 4

Exciting gift ideas

There you have it! Our gift idea for the 6th day in our 12 Days of Christmas feature and our pick for the best video game console of 2018—Sony’s PlayStation 4. As you can see, it makes the perfect gift for the gamer on your holiday list. Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 7 of our 12 Days of Christmas feature.

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  1. Sometimes I wish I had gone with a PS4 instead of an XBox One, but I enjoy my Halo games. There are a few games that came out on PS4 this year that interest me: Spiderman, Detroit: Become Human and Dragon Quest XI. At least DQXI should be coming to the Switch in the next year or so.

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