Raycon The Impact portable Bluetooth speaker review

Raycon has a big line of headphones, earbuds, and portable speakers. They are built for every situation, but if you’d like a rugged speaker that can go with you everywhere, you need to take a look at Raycon’s The Impact. It’s a portable Bluetooth speaker that’s certified impact resistant, has a magnetic base so it can attach itself to any metal surface, and has great sound quality for all of your playlists. Here’s what I thought of Raycon The Impact portable speaker.

Features of Raycon The Impact speaker

Raycon Impact speaker menu

There are a few features on The Impact speaker that make it unique from other portable Bluetooth speakers.

  • The casing is designed from impact-resistant materials and gives you 360-degree coverage with military-grade MIL-STD-810 certified material to resist water, dust, and falls
  • Waterproof with IPX67 rating
  • Neodymium magnets built into the base let you stick the speaker to any metal surface
  • The equalizer button lets you switch different music modes
  • Battery life of 15 hours per charge
  • Has a built-in microphone so you can take calls
  • Multi-link speaker lets you connect an additional Raycon The Impact for dual-channel sound
  • SD card slot, AUX port, and USB-C charging port

Setting up Raycon The Impact portable Bluetooth speaker

It’s very easy to set up The Impact. You’ll just need to charge it for a few hours, tap the pairing button on top of the speaker, and pair your phone. Once paired, the speaker can stream music or you can use it to take calls. This speaker will also pair with another Raycon The Impact speaker using the multi-link button. It will only pair with one extra speaker, but when you pair them together you can stream music to both at one time.

Build quality of Raycon The Impact

Raycon The Impact portable speaker review

When I first picked up The Impact speaker I knew it would stand up to wherever I took it. It’s a tough-looking speaker, and it’s made from military-grade materials. It actually has MIL-STD-810 certification so it can handle extreme drops and temperature changes. The speaker is also IPX67 rated, and it can resist dust and sand, or it can be immersed in up to one metre of water for 30 minutes.

From the speaker’s style, it seems as though you could drive over it or drop it from the top of your house and it would mostly keep working. I didn’t test that out for myself of course, but the rugged design does make it seem like you could. The speaker casing is thick, black, and rubbery, and the ports are all protected by a rubber flap you can push back into place when not in use.

I used it beside my hot tub and it was nice to not worry about getting water on it. I didn’t submerge it but it did get splashed a time or two and the water sat right on the controls for over an hour. It sat out in the rain too, and because it has the IPX67 rating, I wasn’t worried about it at all. Even soaking wet, it works normally.

Equalizer button right on the speaker

There are several buttons on the speaker including a Bluetooth pairing button, the Equalizer, the multi-link button, pause/play, and volume. The buttons on top are easy to press when you need to pause your music or adjust the volume. The equalizer button switches between different modes and you can choose balanced sound, bass sound, or pure sound. I like to stick to bass sound as it adds in the low notes.

Magnetic base lets you mount it anywhere

Raycon The Impact Magnetic base

I think every speaker needs to have a magnetic base. It’s my favourite feature on Raycon The Impact. I used it in the kitchen so I attached it to my fridge. When I used it outside I added it to the side of my gazebo. The Impact has neodymium magnets so it’s a very strong connection, and it maintains such a strong connection that you have to use a little effort to pull it off of whatever it’s stuck to.

Because of the magnetic base, I’d feel comfortable using Raycon The Impact speaker while on a boat or somewhere that’s bumpy. It keeps it solidly connected wherever you take it. Raycon also added a carabiner to the side of the speaker that lets you clip it to your backpack or hang it from a tree if you’re camping. It’s firmly connected to the speaker so you don’t have to worry about accidentally detaching it or having it fall off when you’re using it.

Sound quality of Raycon The Impact Bluetooth speaker

It’s small and portable, but The Impact has clear, loud sound. I turned it up quite loud and it really filled the room, and bass sound mode gives you just the right amount of bass for music. I like to listen to a little bit of everything, and I thought it had great sound quality for alternative music. It also sounds good while streaming nature sounds or classics like Johnny Cash. The max volume on this speaker is more than loud enough for outdoor spaces.

Battery life on Raycon The Impact Bluetooth speaker

Raycon The Impact Bluetooth speaker review

I didn’t drain the battery during my testing of Raycon The Impact speaker, but the specs on the speaker say it will last up to 15 hours. When you need to charge it you can do so using the included USB-C cable. The charging port is hidden behind a flap of material so it’s never exposed to water or dust.

Should you choose Raycon The Impact Bluetooth speaker?

It’s a small speaker, but Raycon The Impact has great sound. The equalizer on the speaker itself makes it easy to adjust your audio for whatever you’re listening to. It only supports one Bluetooth connection at a time, but that’s okay because it feels as though it’s meant to be a portable, solo speaker for one person.

I didn’t use the SD card for playing music, but it’s a great option if you don’t want to or can’t use a Bluetooth connection to stream audio. You can also use the speaker to take calls, and that works well if you don’t have a Bluetooth setup in your car or you’re listening to music and a call comes through.

From hiking to biking or boating, I’d feel comfortable taking Raycon The Impact everywhere. With the IPX7 rating, it can stand up to torrential rain, so it’s a great choice for camping too. With the magnets on the bottom, you can attach it to any metal surface, confident it is safe and secure.

You can find your own Raycon The Impact speaker at Best Buy.

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