Exciting is too tame a word for this contest: the Sonos One is the speaker so many people across Canada covet. It’s smart! It’s has amazing sound! More than one can easily be paired for stereo sound. And … you can win one in this contest! Yes that is correct, Best Buy is giving away 4 prizes of a Sonos One speaker (I have 3 black and one white at my desk to give away!)

What is so special about a Sonos One

Sonos has been around for a few years now, long enough to have earned its place as a dependable, well crafted, great sounding, wireless Wi-Fi home speaker. Talk to an owner of a Sonos speaker and they will go on and on about the things they love about them. Okay, even many non-owners will do that. I’ve noticed that many, many people have Sonos on their wish-lists: so a contest like this is perfect!

This is the year of voice activation, and the Sonos One has that built right in: ask Alexa anything. That is just one of the fantastic features you’ll enjoy with this speaker.  Here are some more:

  • Room filling sound. CNET called the Sonos One the first smart speaker that “sounds great with music.” (I laughed when I read that the first time! Why else would you want a speaker in your home?)
  • Multi-room compatible: fill your home with synchronized music where the Sonos in the bedroom plays the same music as the Sonos in the living room … the kitchen … the basement….
  • Stereo sound: use 2 Sonos One speakers for great stereo sound.
  • You choose the music source: the Sonos app will connect with most music services. Use Spotify, or Google Play, or Apple Music!

On top of a great design and the great sound, you can control it with your voice! “Alexa! Turn up the volume.” That would be my favourite command. You can also try some of the ever-growing Alexa skills to get the latest news flash, check Air Canada flight times and much, much more.


Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below this article, tell us what you like most about the Sonos One. Is it the sound, the design, the versatility … or something I have not mentioned in this article? That’s all you need to do for a valid contest entry.


At the end of the contest we will draw 4 winners from all eligible entries. Three winners will get a black Sonos One, and one winner will get a white Sonos One.

This contest runs from March 9th 2018 until March 23rd 2018.

Remember you can only enter once, so make it count by telling us which feature is your favourite. Of course, you should share this post with family and friends. If one of them wins you can negotiate a time share: 2 weeks at your home, 2 weeks at theirs … repeat!

Good Luck!

Win a Sonos One smart speaker Contest Rules and Regulations


  1. The only speaker I know that works effortlessly with internet radio and my local music collection!

  2. It has a really nice design, and I’ve heard great things about the audio quality. Would love to have one in the kitchen.

  3. I love my 3 sonos. Quality of sound is fantastic! Able to control my music from any device is so easy. Now with Alexa, I hope to win 🙂

  4. What I love about the Sonos One is the sound quality and versatility. The sound quality is full-bodied, and rich. I also love that you can play music at different rooms, and etc.

  5. I like how you can connect to different sources like Spotify and Apple, it sounds and looks awesome!

  6. It looks a sounds great. Sound is very important when it comes to speakers of course, but having something pleasing to the eye is nice as well.

  7. The sound this little guy puts out is incredible and with 2 paired together even better with sound separation!

  8. Sound , design and versatility for sure!
    Also Sonos offers amazing customer service. When I had an issue with one of mine, they were extremely prompt in responding and resolving the problem!!

  9. Versatility & ease of use!
    I am able to operate this speaker without having to ask my husband for help!! Lol 🙂

  10. Way of the future. Wireless technology controlled with ease and simplicity. Great style, minimal intrusion and ease of introduction into my technological ecosystem.

  11. I love the Sonos products !! Especially the new Sonos One !! The design is flawless, the sound is amazinf and now with Google Alexa ?!? Wow just Wow !!! W O W ! Good job Sonos !!

  12. Having more than to fill the whole house with music on each floor is great idea for the wild and crazy house parties.

  13. My favourite feature is the alarms built into the Sonos software.

    I have it set to play CBC radio on Sunday mornings, and always have it set to play at various times during the day when we’re out of town to help deter break ins.

    The sound on our Play:5 is amazing, and I’d love to add this Sonos One to our master bedroom.

  14. I love the sound quality of Sonos, and paired with the usability of Alexafpr my smart home, the combination can’t be beat!

  15. I like the sleekness of the sonos one and the sound is remarkable. Not to mention it plays Sirius XM so that is an added bonus.

  16. My sister has one and it’s lightyears ahead of my cheap Chinese Bluetooth speaker… now with a Alexa built in… game changer.

  17. My sister has one and it’s lightyears ahead of my cheap Chinese Bluetooth speaker… now with a Alexa built in… game changer, hopefully ties in with the Ecobee 4 I just picked up

  18. As one who at one time built Heathkit audio systems and often sought the best speakers, the new wireless connection world around our home has become critical for all our video and audio activities. Whether it’s Spotify for music or Netflix for movies, a Sonos speaker would elevate the audio quality associated with these applications. Just love audio that covers the entire audio spectrum with no compromise, as found in Sonos speakers.

  19. Two things come to mind: sound quality and reliability of connecting to music, i.e., home theatre, phone, etc!

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