Television technology is advancing faster than ever. In the last few years we’ve moved to 4K resolution than 8K, we’ve seen High Dynamic Range or HDR and now you’ll be seeing a lot more about NanoCell technology. What is this technology? What’s is designed to do and what kind of a difference does it make to your viewing experience? Let’s dive in.

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What is NanoCell technology?

In short, NanoCell is technology from LG that’s designed to bring new intensity to the colour on your screen for more lifelike video. LG NanoCell technology features primarily in  LG’s newest 8K TV models. These are just some of the premium TVs available at Best Buy—shop others here.

What does NanoCell technology do?

You likely already know that 8K resolution is four times better than 4K. 8K resolution jams even more tiny pixels into your screen making for a sharper and more realistic image, offering 33 million pixels (7680X4320).

To get the sense of realism from your 8K TV, what’s important is making each pixel appear separate and distinct to the eyes, not the actual number of pixels, according to LG. That’s what LG NanoCell 8K promises – the ‘Real 8K’. The distinction between each pixel in part dictates how image is rendered and how detailed it can be.

To get technical for a second, Contrast Modulation (CM) is how this pixel differentiation is measured. The higher the CM, the more precise and distinct each pixel appears in the display.
 According to the folks who measure and rank things like resolution (yes, there are such people out there), when defining resolution, the CM must be 25% or more. If the display fails to meet this level, the actual resolution would be lower – not real 8K. Therefore, LG’s NanoCell TV delivers ‘real’ 8K resolution having a CM of 88%.

NanoCell TVs are designed to blend in

NanoCell TVs are meant to seamlessly integrate into your home, even with its large sized screen.
These TVs have what LG terms sleek ‘Nano Bezels’, so you see ore screen and less frame, diminishing the boundary between reality and TV.

Computer & AI smarts for seamless 8K upscaling

LG NanoCell TVs have Artificial Intelligence built in. The AI algorithm analyzes the image quality of content to optimize the resolution for 8K. Enjoy improved clarity, sharpness, detail, and contrast with everything you watch—ad you don’t need to do a thing.
Because there’s very little content being made in 8K resolution right now, upscaling is important because it lets you enjoy what content there is now, while future-proofing your TV. With the effective upscaling through the processor, NanoCell 8K transforms 2K or 4K content into the most life-like 8K picture by enhancing detail and definition. You’ll be ready when the world shifts and starts delivering more content in 8K.

NanoCell TVs use Dolby Atmos & Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision is proprietary technology from Dolby labs that automatically adjusts video settings depending on ambient light conditions and content genres, so you’ll always get the best visdeo picture. Dolby Atmos adds the technology for 3D sound, powering the addition of overhead audio channels for a much more immersive 360 degree experience.

What will I notice with 8K NanoCell TVs?

In short you’ll notice better colour; more vibrant hues with better and more natural gradation. You’ll get a sharper overall image thanks to those 33 million pixels, and more accurate depth and contrast, meaning that even in very dark scenes, you’d be able to see fine detail. Combine that with the Dolby technology and you’ll have the best video and audio experience possible—a true multidimensional movie experience.

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