music lover KlipschThe season of love is upon us once again. We look at our loved ones and wrack our brains to find the perfect token of our affection. What do they want? Well, the starting point for answering that question is their passion. You have watched your valentine with sly attention, and discovered that music is at the centre of their existence. They are a music lover, and that’s not a surprise. Music speaks directly to the heart and soul of the human experience. So now that you know that sweet sounds stir your valentine’s heart, start shopping. Here are five gift suggestions that will make their heartbeat quicken and their toes tap.

Music Lover Gift #1: DropMix

Does your valentine have secret dreams of being a hit-maker? Give them the ability to have fun mashing up songs and making new sounds. DropMix is the latest offering from game developer Harmonix, the creators of Rock Band and Dance Central. The game is meant to be played with a group of music lovers who want to try their hand at remixes. You place cards that represent song segments and specific instruments on the remixing board, and the board reads the chip in the cards and adds their respective sounds to the mix. The remixed song is played through a mobile device running the MobileMix app.

music lover gift DropMixYou can play it competitively or cooperative, or you can play in freestyle mode and do whatever you feel like doing. Your music lover will appreciate that this is a gift they can share with you, and it will be a hit at every party or get-together you take it to. The base game comes with 60 cards, and there are expansion packs with new songs and sounds to extend the experience.

Music Lover Gift #2: Bose Soundsport In-Ear Headphones

You want your valentine to be happy as they are immersed in a sea of soothing sounds. You also, however, want them to get off the couch and stay fit. Here’s the solution: Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones. These headphones combine the sound quality you expect from Bose with the capacity to handle the sweat and jostling of athletic activity. Like most decent headphones, the Bose Soundsports have a microphone and remote embedded in the wire that connects the two ear pieces, so you can take phone calls and change music tracks without digging your phone out of your pocket. The six hours of battery life per charge should get your valentine through most activities. And the StayHear+ tips on the ear pieces will keep them firmly in the right spot and help block out background noise. Another nice feature is NFC Bluetooth pairing. As long as the device you’re pairing the headphones with has near field communication (NFC) you can simply touch the headphones to the device to pair them. Finally, an end to the cumbersome Bluetooth pairing process.

Music Lover Gift #3: Ultimate Ears Boom 2

music lover gift boomQuality headphones are essential for an audiophile on the go, but what about the times where they want to hear the music fill a room? In that case, a good pair of portable speakers can turn a solitary experience into a communal enjoyment of sound. The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Bluetooth speakers are rugged, powerful, and portable. They can easily handle trips to the office, the cottage and to exotic faraway vacations. They are even waterproof, so you can sit poolside or on the family boat and rock out. And, the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 has a neat feature called ‘block party’. This feature allows up to three people to connect to the speakers and build a playlist using their individual music services like Spotify or Tidal. You can also pair it with another Ultimate Ears speaker, for more power and greater sound coverage.

Music Lover Gift #4: Klipsch Music Crate Bundle

Records are back! The warm, organic tones from analog recordings have returned to prominence after being exiled by digital technology. This is a gift for a budding audiophile who is about to get serious about vinyl. You would be hard-pressed to find a more respected speaker manufacturer than Klipsch. They have been in business since World War 2, building a brand known for high quality, high fidelity sound reproduction.

Music lover gift KlipschThe Klipsch Music Crate Bundle combines a quality turntable with a pair of dedicated speakers to produce the true analog sound of whatever record graces it. And yes, it also has a USB connector, so you can hook the turntable up to a computer to digitize the audio. The Klipsch also has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows your music lover to add it to their existing wireless audio setup. There’s an optional sub-woofer that can increase the output of the setup to take things (or at least bass) to a whole new level.

Music Lover Gift #5: Casio 61-Key Lighting Keyboard

music lover gift casioDoes your music lover muse about their early years, and the piano lessons they took but drifted away from? Bring the joy of playing back into their lives with an actual instrument. The Casio 61-key Lighting Keyboard is the perfect way to reintroduce themselves to the keys. This keyboard is designed to assist a player with basic skills in their pursuit of improvement. The ‘Step-up’ feature will let your music lover train their skills, illuminating the keys to help the learning process. You can switch the Casio 61-key lighting keyboard into easy mode. You know, for  those days where the challenge is a little bit too much. I wish everything in life had an easy mode. And you can use the fun dance music mode to make your own dance-hall hits. This mode is where the keys are divided into different instrument sections like drums, horns, and guitars.

Best Music Lover Gift: Don’t Forget the Love

Gifts are great. I love getting a present simply for being me. But the real value of the gift, whatever one you choose to give to your valentine, is the honest message that goes along with it. You have to tell your music lover that your life is better with them in it. Most important of all, tell them you are thrilled that you get to join in their singalong. It is the shared experience of love, life and music that really counts.

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