Enhance your home entertainment experience with the JBL Cinema Home Theatre System! JBL remains to be one of the most high quality and reliable electronic companies in the industry. Over 90% of the movies you’ve seen in theatres and the concerts you’ve seen in arenas were probably playing through JBL speakers. And many of your favorite songs were probably mixed on JBL studio equipment. If they all own JBL speakers, why shouldn’t you?

The JBL 3D Bu-ray Home Theatre System (BD300) comes with a Blu-ray disc receiver, 4 2-way speakers, a subwoofer and a middle speaker. This number of speakers means that this JBL home theatre system is a 5.1 channel system, meaning that it provides sound through 5 speakers and a subwoofer.

2-Way Speakers: Each of the 2-way speakers contains a 1 inch laminated tweeter and a 2-inch driver. Drivers are the components of a speaker system that translate the electrical current into actual physical vibrations that you can hear. In the case of the JBL system, the drivers are made out of polyglass, which stops them from bending or changing their shape, even during the most sonically demanding action movie. Drivers that change their shape tend to distort the sound. A tweeter is also a type of driver, however it only produces high range frequencies. The tweeter in this system is titanium laminated. In addition to giving crystal clear sound, this rigid and lightweight material results in a more spacious and realistic sound.

Subwoofer: The biggest speaker in most home theatre systems is the subwoofer. Subwoofers provide a foundation for the system’s sound. The JBL BD300 Home Theatre System subwoofer has a 150-watt amplifier, ensuring consistently powerful and accurate bass. This subwoofer is also downward firing, which means that it can put anywhere in the room without affecting the sound quality.

Middle speaker: The middle speaker is traditionally the most important in a home theatre system. This middle speaker specifically has 2 voice match mid-range drivers, which lets you hear accurate dialogue. The middle speaker and all the surrounding speakers are voice matched and synced so that they will all automatically adjust to the subwoofer.

Blu-ray Disc Receiver: Use this incredible speaker power to play all your favorite movies, either in Blu-ray or DVD format. This receiver also allows you to play your favorite media, by CDs or FM radio. Lastly, this blu-ray receiver will also allow you to play 3D video content.

Bluetooth: Wirelessly stream all your favorite content from your smartphone or tablet to your Blu-ray disc player using Bluetooth.

Wi-fi DLNA certified: In addition to Bluetooth, connect this Blu-ray player with other Wi-fi DNLA compatible devices. This allows you to easily stream your favorite media from your smartphone or tablet to your surround sound system.

Two HDMI Inputs: Pair your high quality sound with crisp HDTV by connecting this system to your HDTV using one of the two HDMI inputs.

Enhance all your favorite movies and media with this powerful, high quality home theatre system. Not only does this system guarantee to keep up with even the most sonically demanding media, the sleek but compact design will fit covertly into any living room!

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Lucy Woodhead
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