LG DukeBox at CES 2024

Most speakers or home theatre speakers have the same design, so when you see a new device like the LG DukeBox, it makes you do a double take. The LG DukeBox is a 360-degree vacuum tube speaker with a retro vibe, and it has a transparent OLED screen that makes you want to look at it as much as listen to it. You can take a look at the home theatre buying guide for an idea of what speakers are available right now, but here’s a quick look at the LG DukeBox.

LG DukeBox pairs modern day tech with a retro vibe

In the world of home theatre speakers, the LG DukeBox seems to be one of a kind. It has an amplifier that’s similar to those used in guitar amps, but this speaker has the vacuum tube amplifier completely visible behind the transparent OLED screen. To fill your room with sound it has front-facing speakers on the bottom and a 360-degree speaker on the top.  

When you’re not listening to music you can watch the screen. Thanks to transparent OLED technology you can adjust the screen to control your volume or switch up your playlist. You can also decrease the transparency and use the speaker as a screen to watch a movie or TV show.

I’m a little sad that the LG DukeBox is just a concept for now. I love its retro vibe, so I’m hopeful they will release this hybrid speaker at some point over the next year.  

LG sound bars are wireless for 2024

LG Sound Bar at CES 2024

LG announced several new sound bars for 2024, and the feature that has everyone talking is how they can now connect wirelessly to your LG TV. LG’s WOWCAST lets you plug in a LG sound bar and sync your audio with the TV’s speakers. They have simplified the set up process so you can share sound modes with your LG TV. LG also announced the LG AI Room Calibration feature on LG sound bars. It uses AI to analyze the room you have your sound bar in and will auto adjust the speaker settings so you have the best sound for your space.

There are three new LG sound bars for 2024. The LG Premium S95TR has 810 watts of power across 15 channels. To include that many channels LG used 5 up firing speakers and added a center up firing speaker too. Next up, the LG SG10TY sound bar is meant to be paired with an LG Premium OLED TV. It’s a sound bar with Wi-Fi and it has the same style and dimensions as new LG OLED TVs. Last, but not least, the LG S70TY sound bar is a small, simple sound bar with up firing speaker and a bracket that lets it sit right under LG QNET TVs.

You can find LG home theatre speaker and sound bars at Best Buy right now, and keep watching Best Buy Blog for everything happening at CES 2024.

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