dredd1.jpgIf you’re a fan of the Mondo X SteelBook series of “poster art” Blu-Ray cases, then you’re probably already super excited about the fact that Best Buy is now carrying these awesome exclusive sets! If, however, you’re not entirely familiar with these skillfully crafted works of art (featuring glossy, comic-like artwork and plenty of special features), simply click on through to learn all about them!

Before going any further, a couple of brief definitions are in order: Mondo is an art company that produces various artistic commodities such as t-shirts, movie posters, etc., featuring artwork related to popular themes (i.e., film, comic book, and other iconic characters). SteelBooks are essentially metal DVD / Blu-Ray cases that are tougher and more durable than the typical plastic cases wherein one normally finds media such as movies and TV shows entombed. SteelBook is also a specific brand of these products. When the two things are brought together (Mondo + SteelBooks) you end up with highly collectible movie editions featuring shiny artwork and usually a few extra goodies inside the case as well! Mondo X SteelBooks has only released a handful of titles to date (with a mixture of older “classic” and newer “contemporary” films), but their popularity among fans and the quality of their artwork are both beyond reproach and fan demand is definitely growing! Now, what is this original artwork of which I speak??


Well, for those new to the SteelBook phenomena, it is important to note that a significant factor in the series’ success is the prized artwork of its highly respected contributor artists. Mondo X SteelBook #005: DREDD, for example, features the work of noted comic book & film concept artist “Jock” (whose real name is Mark Simpson). Jock is a significant figure within his profession. He actually contributed the original concept art for the major motion picture Dredd (2012), which itself is based on the 2000 AD (i.e., Judge Dredd) comic strip and is set in a futuristic dystopian city where the police have the combined powers of both the police and of “judge, jury, and executioner”. Jock’s work is also featured in the Mondo X SteelBook #004: PAN’S LABYRINTH.

Jock—much like his fellow Mondo contributors—has his own cult following of fans who love and seek out his work. Acting on behalf of Mondo, Jock has created poster art and silk screen prints featuring such properties as The Dark Knight Rises, The Thing, and Iron Man 3.

The SteelBook covers themselves feature a glossy finish and include satin portions for added depth within each of the character faces. This process is particularly noticeable in certain facial features, giving added “POP” to features such as the character’s hair and eyes. The overall effect of the glossy finish combined with the satin portions is quite stunning and most certainly contributes to the series’ enormous popularity! Other popular artists contributing to the Mondo X SteelBook series include Ken Taylor (#003: FIRST BLOOD) and Martin Ansin (#001: LOOPER).

Currently available for pre-order at Best Buy is Mondo X SteelBook # 005 DREDD (to be released on May 26th, 2015). However, available right now is the full set of previous Mondo X SteelBook editions, including #000: DRIVE, #002: BOYHOOD, #001: LOOPER, #003: FIRST BLOOD, and #004: PAN’S LABYRINTH. You can find Best Buy’s full selection of Mondo X SteelBook offerings (including special edition variants) HERE.

And if you find yourself really digging these awesome collectible covers, you’ll probably enjoy the #005: DREDD announcement article recently posted by ZeroX39: Mondo X SteelBook is back! Announcing #005 Dredd!. Give it a read as it covers a few different details about the Mondo X SteelBooks that aren’t covered here. It also has a cool DREDD movie trailer embedded! Enjoy!

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