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Key, wallet, phone. Those are the three things we take everywhere. But wireless headphones are also on the daily essentials list for many. They are a natural extension to our smartphone and they should be treated as such. If that’s the case, which earbuds should you get? Believe it or not, earbuds are slowly becoming a fashion accessory. They offer another way to showcase your personal style and personality. 

I’m reviewing the Monster DNA Fit wireless earbuds. They offer a sleek, unique design with a comfortable, secure fit thanks to ear hooks. This makes it ideal for high impact activities such as running or jumping. Can they withstand an intense outdoor jump rope workout session? Let’s find out.

Monster DNA Fit earbuds specs

  • IPX5 water resistance
  • 34 hour battery life with case
  • Qi wireless charging case
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
Monster DNA Fit Unboxing

Unboxing the Monster DNA Fit

Out of the box, you get the Monster DNA Fit earbuds, the charging case, charging cable, and a user manual. Also included are 12 sets of silicone ear tips. This is rather unusual. Most earbuds come with only 3 ear tips: small, medium, and large. However, some people—myself included—routinely have issues with earbuds constantly wanting to fall out of one ear. Having such a robust set of ear tips ensures that you’ll find the right fit for your ears. 

Monster DNA Fit tight shot

Design of the Monster DNA Fit

The most striking design feature of the DNA Fit is the earhook which clips behind the ear. The ear tip sits securely in the ear canal with a triangular front on the outside. This is a unique look. Aesthetically, this might not be for everyone, but the DNA Fit certainly look like active, workout earbuds. 

The case is rather large. It was not comfortable to carry in my jeans pocket but works fine with my backpack and gym bag. It’s constructed from a durable fabric on the outside with dedicated slots for each earbud. A USB-C port is located on one side to charge with the included USB cable. However, the case also supports wireless Qi charging. The DNA Fit can provide one hour of use with only a 15 minute charge. 


The Monster DNA Fit earbuds have dedicated volume rockers on the top of both earbuds. Each button has two sides. Users can use the left or right earbud to control the volume. This is great for me because I’m left handed. Holding down the volume buttons changes the track. Pressing the Monster logo twice initiates active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and ANC off. It’s also used to accept calls, pause music, and end calls. 

Monster DNA Fit - On ear

Using the Monster DNA Fit

Before testing the Monster DNA Fit, I made time to try the different ear tips. Since I’m going to be jumping rope, having a secure, yet comfortable fit is important. Once I found my preferred size, I paired the earbuds to my smartphone and placed them in my ear. It’s been a while since I tried earbuds with ear hooks out on the outside of the ear. The earbuds I currently use have hooks that are inside the ear so this felt a little different. Nevertheless the fit was secure, even when I moved my head around. In fact, they might be the most secure fitting earbuds I’ve ever used. 

The volume controls took a little while to get used to. The button is small and you need to feel it to know what side your finger is on. A plus is that turning ANC on and off was easy and intuitive. I’m currently wearing them with ANC on as I write this sentence. I cannot hear the typing of the keyboard while I’m listening to music. With transparency on, I can suddenly hear the clicking of the keyboard. 

Jumping rope with the Monster DNA Fit

Even before I jumped rope, I already knew these earbuds weren’t going to fall out. I was right. On the jump rope pad, I did a variety of moves such as side swings, high knees, and double under crossovers. The DNA Fit earbuds didn’t move a bit from my ears. With that ear hook, the earbuds become part of my ear. Even if I move my jaw around, I can’t get it to move. I also didn’t experience any ear fatigue after a 35 minute jump rope session. 

Monster DNA Fit sound quality

As long as you’re not an audiophile, you won’t have issues with the sound quality. One thing I can say is that the sound profile sits in the mid to high ranges. It’s not bass-centric and that may be a good or bad thing based on your personal preference. Personally, I had no issue with the sound quality of these earbuds. They can get very loud, almost dangerously loud. If you care about your hearing—like I do—don’t use these earbuds at max volume. 

Monster DNA Fit Wide shot

Who is the Monster DNA Fit for?

The Monster DNA Fit earbuds are designed for active people. If you’re a runner, gym rat, or jump roper like me, these ear buds fit the bill. I’m not kidding when I said these are the most secure earbuds I’ve ever tried. I’ve had many earbuds fall out during my morning run. The Monster DNA Fit can’t fall out, no matter how hard I try. In fact, this would be a good choice for anyone who has a regular issue with earbuds falling out.

That said, I probably wouldn’t want to wear these all day. They look big in the ear. I recommend these strictly for active use. Think of them as the running shoes of earbuds. It’s the type of mobile accessory you keep in your gym bag and only use during workouts. 

Monster DNA Fit in case

Final thoughts

There are many different types of headphones to choose from. While most people have a single pair, active people should consider getting two. One pair to use during workouts, and another for regular, everyday use. Active people need earbuds that are secure and comfortable to wear and can withstand sweat or rain. If you’ve had issue with loose earbuds during activity, then I highly recommend you try the Monster DNA Fit wireless earbuds

Andy Baryer
Andy Baryer aka “Handy Andy” is a technology journalist, gadget reviewer, and DIY/how-to content creator. Known as the handyman of tech, Andy enjoys fixing poor wireless networks, building smart homes, and cooking with the latest kitchen gadgets. He’s a competitive whistler, a budding woodworker, and loves gardening in his home-built smart garden.


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