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Wireless headphones have come a long way in the past few years, and there are so many high-quality wireless headphones you can choose from right now. If you’re in the market for a new set of headphones and you want a recommendation or two, take a look at the best wireless headphones as rated by Best Buy customers.

Best true wireless headphones

True wireless or truly wireless headphones are headphones that don’t have any cords or cables connecting them to each other or connecting them to your phone. Also known as earbuds, you connect to them via Bluetooth and the controls, battery, and microphone are all built into the headphone. You can read more about true wireless headphones in this buying guide.

In the true wireless category, Best Buy customers have two models at the top of their lists—Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Jabra Elite 4 Active.

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

samsung galaxy buds2

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are truly wireless headphones with two-way speakers and an enhanced woofer design. They have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to block outside noise and voice detection to automatically switch you from ANC mode to a hands-free phone call. They are available in black, lavender, olive green, white, and onyx.

A. Guimaux rated the Samsung Galax Buds 2 with 5 stars and said in their comment, “Bass is very nice for ear buds, noise cancellation is very good, especially for calls in noisy environments. These headphones are very light and comfortable in your ear.” Another 5-star rating from Eiko said, “The battery life on these is amazing! I listen to music on these for hours and have no worry about them dying on me. The case also charges these very quick so if they do die I can quickly charge them.”

2. Jabra Elite 4 Active in-ear headphones

JBL headphone

Year after year, Jabra heads to the top of the list for its in-ear headphone design, sound quality, and comfort level. The Jabra Elite 4 Active is a truly wireless Bluetooth 5.2 headphone with one-touch ANC to block sound or HearThrough to filter outside noise in. These earbuds have 6mm drivers for amazing sound quality, and you can use the Jabra Sound+ app to customize your audio output. There are also four built-in microphones with mesh coverings for wind-noise protection. They are available in black, mint, and navy.

KellyC gave them a 5-star review and said they were, “so light and comfortable in my ears. I especially like the sleek design of the case and the fit of the earbuds really keeps them in place while being active and working out.” Kool02 also gave them a 5-star review and said,”These headphones rival top brands. They have excellent sound quality, the noise cancelling function works perfectly, and the battery is long-lasting (and they charge in the case).”

Best Bluetooth over-ear headphones

Bluetooth over-ear headphones are popular for so many reasons. They’re comfortable to wear with padded headbands and cushioned ear cups, and they offer very immersive sound quality thanks to the larger profile and design. You can take a look at the over-ear headphones buying guide for additional details.

Sony and Bose are the brands that are at the top of Best Buy customer lists this year.

Sony WH-1000XM5 over-ear headphones

sony on ear headphones

Sony is well known for its high-end audio, and the Sony WH-1000XM5 over ear headphones deliver the best sound quality and wireless comfort. The ear cushions are made of leather and they have ANC to block outside noise. You’ll hear every beat of your favourite song thanks to Sony’s newly designed DSEE driver, and they have a built-in microphone and offer 30 hours of wireless talk time. You can find the Sony WH-1000XM5 in black or silver.

Best Buy customer Bear left a 5-star review that said, “The connection to my new Sony headphones via Bluetooth was extremely easy, the headphones themselves ooze quality and are comfortable, even when worn for long periods of time.” VoltageSky also left a 5-star review and complimented the sound quality, “The stock sound signature without the use of EQ’s is amazing. The details on every level (lows, mids, highs) is prominent.”

Bose QuietComfort 45 over-ear noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones

wireless headphones

Wireless headphones have long battery life, and the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones give you up to 23 hours of playtime on a single charge. You can use the unique Acoustic Noise Cancelling feature to adjust and measure sound according to your environment, and they have TriPort acoustic tech vents in the earcups for a more immersive audio experience. They also have tiny microphones in the earcups for clear conversations. You can find Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones in triple black or white smoke.

Best Buy customer Dale reviewed the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones and said, “Worth every dollar spent! No question recommending these headsets to anyone. High end sound quality!” They were also reviewed by Kuspatroli who said, “They have amazing sound that covers a wide range of base, low tones, mid tones and treble. They punch a great amount of base punch.”

Bluetooth on-ear headphones

In the Bluetooth on-ear headphones category, one pair of headphones stood apart from the rest.

JBL Tune 500BT on-ear headphones

jbl headphone

The JBL Tune 500BT on-ear headphones have Bluetooth 4.1 for easy listening and effortless pairing, and they can connect to multiple devices so you can switch whenever you’d like to. They offer up to 16 hours of playtime with a two-hour charge, and you can use the fast charge function to give one hour of playtime after only charging for five minutes. The one-button remote with microphone lets you control your music and take calls.

The JBL Tune 500BT was reviewed by SuperRealm47777 who said, “The bass on these is certainly present. It’s not the case for every genre of music but it’s certainly there and when it’s in a track it hits. I used these to listen to hip hop and the first part of the music blew me away with the amount of bass.”

Bone conduction headphones

Bone conduction headphones are wireless headphones that sit outside your ear. They transmit sound waves through the bones in your skull instead of inside your ear canal. In the bone conduction category, the brand Shokz is top tier for Best Buy customers.

Shokz OpenRun bone conduction headphones

bone conduction headphones

Shokz OpenRun uses 8th-generation bone-conduction technology and an open-ear design to deliver high-quality audio. With Bluetooth 5.1 you can pair with multiple devices, and they have PremiumPitch 2.0+ for deep bass and even volume. There is a built-in microphone for taking calls, and they have eight hours of battery life on a single charge. They are also rated IP67 so you can use them when you’re sweating at the gym or walking around in the rain. They are available in red, black, blue, and grey. 

TianaG reviewed Shokz OpenRun and said, “These Shokz bone-conduction ear phones are my dream come true. Open ears. No uncomfortable pressure points. No removing one when I need to hear someone talking to me.” BobbyL also reviewed Shokz and was impressed with the comfort level—”The sound is awesome, the feel is even better, after about an hour you can barely feel them on.”

Wired in-ear headphones

Wired in-ear headphones connect to your audio device via a cable and they have a cord connecting each headphone to the other. The most popular in-ear wired headphones this year are from Sony.

Sony in-ear sound isolating headphones

jbl headphone

The Sony MDREX15APB in-ear sound isolating headphones offer powerful sound quality in a comfortable headphone. The 1.2m Y-type cord has a slider so it won’t tangle, and they have 9mm dome-type drivers and neodymium magnets for a wide range of sound. With the Smart Key app, Android users can add unique functionality. They have an integrated microphone for taking calls. You can choose between black and white.

Sony in-ear headphones were reviewed by kckckc who thought they were “High-quality sound and lightweight, these Sony earbuds with mic are a great deal for the price.”

Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones

Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones is a great choice for gym workouts or daily runs. This year the best Bluetooth wireless in ear headphones are from JBL.

JBL Endurance RUN in-ear sound isolating Bluetooth headphones

 in ear wired headphones

JBL Endurance RUN in-ear headphones can be worn in two ways—in your ear or behind your ear. They have Bluetooth 4.1 to keep you connected without a cable and 8mm drivers for clear, powerful sound. With a one-button remote you can take calls or access your voice assistant, and they have a lightweight, ergonomic design for comfort. They are also sweatproof so you can hit the gym and not worry about your headphones.

JBL Endurance RUN was reviewed by an anonymous reviewer who liked the sound quality. They said, “The sound quality may vary depending on apps used, but other than that, it has good sound quality. It’s also comfortable to wear, and nice to use.”

Kids headphones

The most popular kids headphones are comfortable, easy to use, and offer parents a way to limit volume to protect their child’s hearing. At the top of the list this year is the Belkin SoundForm headphone.

Belkin SoundForm Mini on-ear headphone

Belkin soundform kids headphones

Belkin SoundForm have large cushioned ear cups and Bluetooth connectivity to pair with any device within a 10m range, but it’s the volume cap and long-lasting battery life that have parents raving. The volume cap limits the volume levels to 85dB to protect ears from possible damage, and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 30 hours when fully charged. That’s the equivalent of one week of school. You can choose Belkin SoundForm headphones in pink, black, white, and blue.

Belkin SoundForm headphones were reviewed by deedee45 who said, “I gave these headphones for my daughter to use for online schooling that I enrolled her into this year so she can focus more and they were just perfect! They are easy to set up with Bluetooth or they can be used with the headphone cord that’s included.” They were also reviewed by CRana who liked how you can have multiple Bluetooth connections. “I gave this to my niece on her birthday. She adores them; they are comfortable to wear, one charge lasts all day, and they effortlessly connect to all of our gadgets.”

PC chat headphones

When you’re gaming online or just chatting with friends, you need a high-quality pair of headphones to keep you connected. The best headphones for use on the computer according to Best Buy users are the Logitech H1111.

Logitech H111 Headset with microphone

best pc headsetThe Logitech H111 headset is the perfect headset for taking calls, listening to music, or gaming. They have a noise-cancelling microphone so your conversations are crystal clear, and the on-ear design means they are very comfortable to wear. They also have an extra long 1.8m cord to give you room to move around.

They were reviewed by Best Buy customer the_kgv who said, “I bought this to use when I’m chatting when gaming online and for privacy on Zoom calls. I used it for 5 hours straight the same day I bought it and found it surprisingly comfortable. My friends said that they could hear me clearly and I could hear them clearly as well.” M.Cott also reviewed them and thought they were great value for a PC headset. “The microphone is clear and works well. I’ve used it on my computer for Zoom meetings and for calling from my iPhone (with an adapter) and have had no problems. I’m going to pick up a second pair for my office.”

Which wireless headphones are your favourite?

There are so many wireless headphones to choose from it can be hard to pick just one favourite. Take a look at all of the headphones available at Best Buy and leave a review of your favourite must-have pair.

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