You wake up in the middle of the night with a revelation: headphones are the answer! Your confused spouse wonders what you’re talking about, so you explain. You’ve been trying to think of the right present for someone, and now you know what to shop for. But there are a lot of auditory options out there, and the choice can be overwhelming. So here’s a helpful list of 10 headphones perfect for gift giving.

Best earbuds for work and play

A good pair of earbuds are constant companions, slipped into your pocket whenever you leave the house and ready for every situation. Wireless earbuds are the most convenient choice for a lifestyle adverse to tangled wires.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro


These truly wireless Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are water-resistant and easy to integrate with other Samsung devices. And their active noise cancellation tech will keep the focus on the right sounds. The charging case can give you an hour of charge in five minutes.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series


Are you buying a gift for a Google fan? Then the Google Pixel Buds A-Series are the right earbuds for them. The Google Pixel Buds easily connect to a Google Pixel phone or any Android device. And its adaptive sound feature will adjust the volume automatically, based on the surrounding sound levels.

JBL Endurance Run 


These rugged, water-resistant and affordable JBL Endurance Run earbuds are a great choice for an exercise enthusiast. You can customize the fit of the earbuds to ensure that they stay snug in place while you exercise.

Kid-friendly headphones

My kid is pretty rough on headphones. So, I’ve become an expert in affordable headphone replacements. These headphones are made to keep their ears safe and comfortable, while not emptying your bank account.

Belkin SoundForm Mini


These wireless Bluetooth Belkin SoundForm Mini headphones are a great choice for a young listener. A single charge will last about 30 hours. And it boasts about its sturdy construction, so it can handle being dropped (and occasionally sat on).


BuddyPhones Galaxy


Are you shopping for a junior online gamer? Then the BuddyPhones Galaxy on-ear headphones are a good option. The volume limit will prevent damage to their hearing, and the microphone allows them to communicate with their teammates.


Headphones for noisy places

Working in a crowded space means dealing with ambient noise and distractions. But with a set of noise-cancelling headphones, those distractions effectively disappear.

Beats By Dr. Dre Studio3

Beats by Dre headphonesThe Beats By Dr. Dre Studio3 headphones have pure adaptive noise cancellation (pure ANC). That means the headphones measure unwanted ambient noise and generate counter frequencies to negate the noise. And what’s even cooler, it uses algorithms to monitor your surroundings and adjust the noise cancellation accordingly when anything changes.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM 2


These truly wireless Sennheiser MOMENTUM 2 earbuds block out the unwanted noise from the surroundings, adjusting when the noise levels change. And it has Siri voice control built in, so any iPhone or iPad will hear a familiar voice offering to help them. Don’t worry, it also works with Google Assistant.

Apple AirPods Max

You’ll definitely impress your gift recipient when they open these headphones up. Made expressly for use with the iPhone/iPad, the Apple Airpods Max headphones will turn heads while blocking out ambient noise.

Headphones for music lovers

You’re shopping for audio quality with these options. Your gift recipient is a person of discerning musical taste, and they will appreciate the enhanced fidelity these headphones will deliver to them.

Sony WH-1000XM4


You’re harnessing the power of artificial intelligence with the Sony WH-1000XM4. The Edge-AI upscales the sound as you listen, filling in the data gaps created by compression. And it uses Bluetooth LDAC to transmit three times as much information from the source device to the headphones, in comparison to regular Bluetooth headphone connections.

Shure SRH1540 Professional


A set of headphones that focuses exclusively on sound quality. You won’t get voice assistants or phone call connectivity with the Shure SRH1540s. What you will get is high-quality clear and accurate tones and bass sounds.

10 headphones perfect for gift giving

You’ve scratched the surface of the world of headphone possibilities. The ones on this list are a quick and easy way to narrow things down, but they can also just be the starting point in your shopping journey. Check out the Headphone buying guide post for more detailed help on the features you’re looking for, and have fun finding your own perfect gift headphones.

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