When my mom came to visit my family this summer, she was pretty amazed by my Google Home. She’s not much into technology or gadgets, but she was wowed by everything I could do with my little smart virtual assistant. She hinted several times how much she would like to have one in her home. However, I really think she’d get even more use out of a Smart speaker that also has a screen.

Why buy mom a smart speaker with screen?

My mom, being from a generation raised without a whole bunch of tech, has some fear when it comes to computers, smartphones, or really anything with buttons. She’s honestly afraid she will “break” something if she pushes the wrong thing. That’s why a smart speaker with a screen makes so much sense. All she has to do is talk to the device to get what she wants. And, we all know moms know how to talk! So, she can answer and make calls, get the weather, stream music or listen to podcasts, or even control any other compatible smart devices in her home just by talking to the virtual assistant. No button pushing required!

Now let’s look at a handful of these devices, so we know what’s available.

JBL Link View Smart Display with the Google Assistant

The JBL Link View offers an 8” HD touchscreen, but you can do everything you want hands-free using voice commands. It features the Google Assistant, a built-in camera and a splash-proof case. So, mom can watch videos or movies, or listen to her favourite old-time music, all just by asking Google. She can also stream content to it from a Smartphone or tablet or make video calls to me and my family. It is also compatible with HomeKit and Nest, so it can easily be added to your network.

Amazon Echo Spot with Alexa

This compact Smart speaker with screen lets you use the Alexa virtual assistant to command and control stuff in your home. Just ask, and it will show you the weather forecast or news on its small screen. You can also make and receive calls, all hands-free, or stream music, audiobooks or podcasts. The Amazon Echo Spot also connects to other Echo devices, so you can stream your tunes to any room in the house. And, if you have any other Smart home devices around, the Amazon Echo Spot can give you hands-free voice control over those as well.

Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation with Alexa

With a vibrant 10.1” screen, the Amazon Echo Show is larger than the Echo Spot, but with similar features. Its premium speakers give you rich Dolby sound when listening to music or streaming a podcast or audiobook. Make and receive calls, stream movies on the HD screen, or make video calls to anyone with the Alexa app, an Echo Spot, or Echo Show. It’s pretty cool. And, it is compatible with a range of other smart devices, so for instance, you can view a live feed from a connected smart home security cam and find out who is at the door without even leaving your kitchen.

Lenovo Smart Display 8″ with Google Assistant

The Lenovo Smart Display gives you everything you love about having the Google Assistant, but with the addition of an 8” touchscreen Smart display. Take or receive calls, do video chats, or watch a range of content from videos and movies to recipes and tutorials—all hands-free, just by saying, “Hey Google.” Another nice touch on the Lenovo Smart Display is that you can orient it in either portrait or landscape mode.

Decisions. Decisions. It’s nice to know there are so many choices out there for me when looking to get my mom a Smart speaker with screen. Which one do you think would b best? Let me know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out all the smart home products available online at Best Buy.

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