Ever heard the expression, “Life is sort of a circle. You come back to a lot of the interests that you had early in life” (Eric Kandel)? I think that is true for many of us. We get nostalgic about many things like candy, TV shows, and especially music. Re-explore the music of your youth by entering this contest for a chance to win a fantastic Audio-Technica turntable and headphones package: the best of old and new technology for your listening pleasure.

Bring on the nostalgia with Audio-Technica turntables

I have a very selective collection of records, mostly of music from the distant past, records I picked up at flea markets, or garage sales, songs that take me back to simpler times. My kids bought me a turntable a few years ago, and since then they continue to add to my collection each father’s day, or birthday, gifting one album that they know I’ll cherish. Iconic Floyd, Radiohead, U2: some of the recent additions I’ve received. I don’t listen to them often: just enough to rekindle great memories, and great feelings.

Vinyl just makes music, and the reasons for listening to it, accessible in a different way. Similarly, the Audio-Technica turntable that we are giving away in this contest allows you to experience music in old and new ways.

Best Buy blogger, Brad Moon, reviewed the turntable we are giving away. He explained how easy it is to set up, and how fast you can get from opening the product to enjoying your tunes. He also discussed one of the cool features of this turntable: bluetooth connectivity!

Bring on the new tech with Audio-Technica BT headphones

Brad discussed how easy it is to pair the turntable with the Audio-Technica BT headphones. We’re including these headphones as part of the prize for this contest so that you too can enjoy your vinyl, as you walk around the house, at any volume, without disturbing others in your home. Of course you can use the Bluetooth feature to send the music from the turntable to your Bluetooth speakers too. Enter now and you may be able to get the party started, and share your vinyl loudly and proudly with family and friends.


Entering is easy but you can only enter once. Usually for these contests I ask you to tell us what you love about the contest prize, but in this case, I think it’s more appropriate to ask about your music preference. In a comment below this post, tell us what song you most want to hear played on this turntable.


After the contest has ended, we will draw one entry from all eligible entries to win the Audio-Technica turntable and headphones that Brad Moon reviewed.

This contest runs from March 28th until April 11th.

Remember you can only enter once. However, there must be a few vinyl loving audiophiles in your life to share this contest with!

Good Luck.

Win an Audio-Technica Turntable and Headphones Contest Rules and Regulations

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  1. “Call of the ambulance” by Trackformers.
    “Life of the party” by Dawin.
    “NewRules(Alison Wonderland Remix)” by Dua Lipa

  2. Just got a limited edition PWEI Anti-Nasty League on red Vinyl…and my Turntable motor is dead.
    Want to listen to 21st Century English Civil War.

  3. I think one if the best songs to hear on this turntable and headphones would be Fools Overture, from Supertramp’s Even In The Quietest Moments album. The broad audio ranges and sting arrangements would sound superb through these headphones.

  4. Let’s Call the Whole thing Off, by Ella and Louis. A true swing classic sung by the two best singers of the era!

  5. Definitely “Knee Deep in the Hoopla – Album by Starship” I remember my mother coming home after work and cranking it up on the record player dancing with us kids… that is until Dad came home and made us turn it down. Very cool add-on feature with the Bluetooth connectivity.

  6. I want to hear “Deacon Blues” from the Aja album by Steely Dan. Their music was recorded exquisitely, and meant to be played on the best equipment. With Walter Becker just leaving us, it would be so timely to get back into their music the way it was meant to be heard.

  7. Many Shades of Black – The Raconteurs

    This song has so many elements that I would love to hear on this set up by Audio-Technica. The music experience of a turntable and headphones is the purest sound you can get from a recording. The highs and lows just can’t be replicated through streamed music.

    Even if my comment isn’t picked, please listen to this song. Its incredible.

    PS Adele even covered it live on her 21 album 😉

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