Kanto YU powered speakers reviewSometimes a bookshelf speaker, like those made by Kanto, is the best option. For example, you want big sound but don’t have the space or the desire for a massive stereo with a receiver, tower speakers etc. Or you have a record player and you just want some speakers to amplify the sound in your home. As you’ll discover reading this article, Kanto YU speakers may be precisely the audio solution you’ve been looking for. Keep reading and you’ll also find out how to enter for a chance to win a pair of these speakers.

Kanto YU bookshelf speakers can fill your home with the sounds of summer

On the Best Buy blog and on bestbuy.ca website we’ve been talking a lot about the “Sounds of Summer“. Music is really important for many people in the summer. I know I am playing more music at this time from Spotify, the radio, and from my turntable. And if you want bigger sound that you currently get from your phone, laptop, or perhaps a portable speaker, and you want to share the sound (which is hard to do with headphones), then you need speakers. And with Kanto YU, that’s all you need.

What can you do with Kanto YU speakers

To celebrate the sounds of summer we have been running amazing contests like this one. In fact this is the third audio related contest so far in the last couple weeks (and not the last!). We are also sending out many of the newest audio technology to independent reviewers to get their opinion so you can learn more about these products.

We sent a set of Kanto YU speakers to reviewer Brad Moon. Brad loves playing vinyl so of course he had to connect these speakers to his turntable. Read his review and watch his video to learn how easy these were to set up and learn what Brad thought about the sound. When you’re done reading, enter this contest for a chance to win a new set of these speakers for your home. Here’s how:

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter once here in a comment and once in a comment below Brad’s review of the Kanto YU speakers. In the comment, tell us what you will listen to and how you will use the Kanto YU speakers in your home. For example, will you stream Mozart from your laptop using bluetooth; perhaps you’re like Brad and you’ll play some 70’s or 80’s rock with the speakers connected to a turntable.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we’ll select two (2) winners. Each will receive a new set of Kanto YU speakers.

This contest runs from June 31st to August 17th.

Remember you can only enter once here on the contest article and once below Brad review of the Kanto YU speakers. You can also share with anyone you know who loves music as much as you do and would be very happy to win these speakers.

Win Kanto YU speakers Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck


  1. I would hook up my turntable and play my 60’s and 70’s classic albums as they were intended to be played.

  2. I’m going to use my phone to stream some of my favorite tunes from The Beaches and many other artists that I love. I’d use these speakers all the time whilst dancing around my house, doing chores, and meal prepping.

  3. Would listen to anything by Lindsey Stirling, timmy trumpet and Lucy Spraggan mainly…. and anything else except hip-hop. Would use for chores, background noise for sleeping, when company is over.

  4. I will be playing Mumford & Sons from my iTunes account via my computer. I have almost all my music CDs on my iTunes account so I`ve got a lot to listen to – these Kanto speakers will make listening to my favourite music while cooking a delight.

  5. I have 2 teens who fight over our mini speaker, this would be perfect (but maybe i would take it 😉 ! We listen to Hip Hop/Rap music 🙂

  6. I would hook them up in the living room and stream my oldies, 70’s and 80’s music. Maybe I will put on Olivia Newton John’s Lets Get Physical and lose some of that COVID 19 pounds that I have put on since March…

  7. I’d hook them up to an old turntable, so I can listen to vinyl again. I have my Dad’s old turntable, and many of his records, and I’d love to be able to hear them again….I’d listen mostly to 70s music, as that’s what most of his records are, and also because I love it. Thank you for the contest, and the chance!

  8. I will use it to blast Lindsey Stirling in the house while I clean! My mom will finally have a good speaker to play her music on from her phone.

  9. I would use these in the rec-room to replace the old ones and I would stream all my fav music from the 90’s

  10. Would use the speakers in our cottage to replace our old speakers that are giving out. We have dance parties on Friday nights with our neighbours in our screem (screen) room. We call it the screem room because we play the music so loud and need to scream at each other. We listen to 70 and 80 rock and very in age from mid 50 to mid 60.

  11. I will stream music from my laptop using bluetooth and listen to all kinds of music including Indie, classical, rock, country and blues.

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