What will you listen to with the Sonos Ray sound bar? Install this sound bar with your TV for incredible sound and crystal-clear dialogue from your favourite movies or TV series. You can also stream music, podcasts, or any other audio from your smart devices (phones, tablets, smart assistants). Adding a sound bar to your setup can make any audio you listen to clearer and more enjoyable. Read on to learn more about the things you can enjoy with a Sonos Ray sound bar and enter for a chance to win a new one for your home.

What content can you enjoy better with a Sonos Ray sound bar

Most of us view sound bars as a speaker or set of speakers contained in a long thin design that will complement your TV. Often these are selected to boost the audio profile of a modern flat-screen TV. Built-in TV speakers have a reputation for less than optimum quality sound. The problem is simply, the thinner the panel and bezel, the less space exists for built-in speakers capable of impressive sound quality. Adding a sound bar to your home entertainment setup can enhance your listening experience—whatever you’re listening to on the television will sound better. However, a versatile sound bar like the Sonos Ray can boost a wider range of content than you might think.

Movies and TV shows

Sound plays a big part in the effectiveness of how stories are delivered in movies and TV shows. A well constructed scene combines dialogue, sound effects, and a musical soundtrack. The synergy of these sound elements creates a perfect cinematic experience—only if you have the right speaker system.

I’ve experienced watching a movie with dialogue too soft to hear, drowned out by the other audio components. If I crank up the volume then the sound effects (e.g., a helicopter sound) become deafening. Having to constantly adjust the volume when this happens just takes me out of the experience. The Sonos Ray can help with this. It is designed to selectively boost dialogue and bass so you can simply enjoy what you are watching.


Classical or pop? Country or hip-hop? Music of all styles can be complex and a challenge for an audio system to faithfully reproduce. With the combination of musical instruments, melodies, voices, lyrics, and more, not a lot of speakers (more so your TV speakers) can carry out sound as good as it should be. With the right audio device, music can take you to places no other form of media can.

Listen to music for a nice relaxing day at home, or a nice candlelight dinner with a loved one, and let a great sound bar transport you along with your favourite tune.


Listening to podcasts is a great way to keep yourself entertained and informed. There are podcasts on a wide range of topics: from news, to politics, history, culture, entertainment, and many more. What I like about listening to podcasts is the fun and creative way their creators deliver information and stories, often with the help of a little intriguing background music.

With a simple search on the internet or specifically on your favourite podcast apps you’ll quickly find one that captures your interest. And if you have a Sonos sound bar, you can stream it from your phone or tablet and listen while you prepare dinner or move around the house cleaning.


Sound elicits response—more so when it comes to interactive media such as gaming. Many of today’s most exciting games take you to a different world which allows gamers to dive in. Games use visual and sound effects to create an immersive experience. Sound effectively carries the narrative, defines the space, sets the mood, and brings you into the action. Adding a sound bar to your gaming setup can help boost the audio by projecting sound from wall to wall to allow for a more immersive gaming experience.

Natural soundscapes

The simple sounds of nature can help reduce stress. And you can fill your home with these using a Sonos sound bar. Transform any space into a soothing landscape with the sound of falling rain, river current, birds chirping, leaves rustling, and many more. Natural soundscapes create a peaceful mood, free from the distraction of everyday noises.

There is a wide variety of soundscapes you can play from many video and music streaming apps. You can find many intended for meditation, focus while doing work, or even induce sleep.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter up to four times:

  1. In a comment below, tell us at least three types of content you would listen to if you win the Sonos Ray sound bar. Please be specific: if you say podcast, tell us which podcast.
  2. For up to three (3) additional entries, create a public post on a social media channel (one entry per channel!) telling your friends and followers that you are entering to win a Sonos Ray sound bar from Best Buy; include the hashtag #BBYSONOSContest, so we can find your post, and include a picture of the blog contest like that shown here. Then return here and tell us in a comment below, on which channel you posted it and the name of your channel (since many people use pseudonyms) so that we can check and verify your entry. You can use any social media channel (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc) but the post must be public so we can verify it is there. Add one comment below for each social media channel for up to 3 contest entries.


What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select one eligible winner to receive a new Sonos Ray sound bar.

This contest runs from June 17 until July 4.

Remember you can enter up to four times as discussed above. If you’re the type of person who could fill an entire room with all your favourite audio content, this contest is especially for you. Share this contest to your friends and family who are the same.

Win a Sonos Ray Sound Bar Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck!


  1. 1- I would listen to NPR
    2- I would listen to KPOP on Spotify
    3- I would watch Marvel moviews on Disney+

  2. 1- I would listen to On Being Podcast
    2- I would watch Seinfeld episodes on Netflix
    3- I would watch National Geographic on Disney+

  3. I would listen to my favourite jazz tracks by Coltrane on Spotify. I’d be more immersed playing elden ring on my ps5 with surround sound. I’d also use it to watch The Boys on Prime!

  4. If I won a Sonos Ray sound bar the three things I would listen to on it would be
    1. Lullaby’s! I have twins and lately it’s been tough getting them down but they absolutely love lullaby’s so this would be great
    2. Many playlists on Spotify! It’s one of the best music streaming options!
    3. Recipes! Sometimes I’m busy in my kitchen and it’s nice to hear recipes that I can cook!

  5. I would listen to some old ABBA songs, I would watch A league of their own and the sound would be fantastic and play some video games with my nephews like NHL 2022

  6. I’d listen to Pink on Spotify. Watch Hamilton to hear the soundtrack and play Mario Kart with the kiddos

  7. I would listen to my favourite rock must on YouTube, including George Thorogood. I would watch movies with great soundtracks like American Graffiti. I would also enjoy the sound effects in movies like Jurassic Park.

  8. 1- I would listen to music of Dua Lipa
    2- I would watch Simpsons TV shows
    3- Listen to Irish History Podcast

  9. I would listen to old disco music, Any scary movie with lots of violence & the Dune series

  10. My Family would listen to movies and favourite shows with Great sound that would enhance the sound of the movies all around the room!

  11. The three types of content I would listen to if I won the Sonos Ray sound bar are as follows:
    1. For my music listening choice the Avett Brothers.
    2. My favourite movie Lawrence of Arabia and
    3. My favourite podcast “Ideas” from CBC

  12. I would listen to my favourite rock must on YouTube, including George Thorogood. I would watch movies with great soundtracks like American Graffiti. I would also enjoy the sound effects in movies like Jurassic Park.

  13. I would listen to Stingray music,
    Any movie with cool car chases
    and Star Wars video games so I can really hear the “pew pew pew” of the blasters .

  14. I would listen to the newest Zac Brown Band album, the newest Ozzy album and the Canadian True Crime podcast.

  15. Content would include an action movie (No Time to Die), a podcast (Crime Show), and gaming (Overwatch).

  16. Games from my Xbox Series X and PS5
    Movies from my Plex server
    Movies and TV from Amazon Prime

  17. I would listen to This American life podcast. I would watch Sonic Hedgehog 2 with my family and I would listen to the music of Justin Beiber such as I’m sorry.

  18. This soundbar will enhance anything on my tv, Watching action movies, Playing My music on UTUBE .

  19. I’d use the sound bar for gaming (Horizon Forbidden West), movies (Jurassic Park), and music (Shadow of Intent).

  20. If I won, I’d watch the Raptors game, listen to John Mayer, and play Mario Kart on the big TV screen!

  21. If I win, I would listen to music by AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, watch Ozark and The Avengers’ movies and listen to the Canadian True Crime podcast. Thanks for the opportunity.

  22. I would listen to :
    1) The new Obi-Wan series
    2) The latest Loud song
    3) Germinal, a french series

  23. Movie: Dr Strange & The multiverse of Madness
    Sports TV: Toronto Raptors Game
    Music: Ed Sheeran

  24. Movie: Downtown Abbey: A New Era
    Sports TV: Blue Jays game
    Music: Katrina And The Waves Walking on Sunshine

  25. I would listen to All along the watchtower by Hendrix. Also watch Grease such a great sound track and the Star wars series.

  26. I’d definitely use it to listen to 1) Aaron Mahnke’s Lore Podcast, 2) Dr.Strange and the multiverse of madness on 4K disc, and 3) The Mandalorian on Disney plus

  27. I would listen to Aenima from Tool, Justice for all from Metalicca and the movie Apocalypse Now.

  28. I would listen to
    1. Fade by Alan Walker
    2. Switch by Charlie Puth
    3. Boy Friend Material by Gareth T.

  29. I would listen to music by Led Zeppelin
    I would watch The Boys
    I would watch the new Top Gun Maverick movie

  30. I would listen to music by Walker Hayes
    I would watch Animal Kingdom
    I would watch the new Top Gun Maverick movie

  31. If I were to win, the first thing I’m doing is rewatching the original Star Wars trilogy so I can feel the music. Then I’m putting on Jethro Tull’s Aqualung. The rest is just to enjoy my PS5 and immersing myself a little deeper into gaming.

  32. 1. I’ll watch and listen Star Trek Picard, seasons 1 and 2.
    2. I’ll listen to Talk Radio 98,5 FM in Montreal. Mostly the afternoon show Le Quebec Maintenant.
    3. I’ll also listen to music from my new Audio Technica turntable, a Best Buy exclusive.

  33. If I won the Sonos Ray sound bar, I would use it to: watch my favourite TV shows like Law and Order SVU, watch my favourite movies like Blackhawk Down, and I’d listen to my favourite singers like Peggy Lee!

  34. 1- I would listen to Led Zeppelin music
    2- I would watch Ozark (again)
    3- Listen to TED Talks Daily podcast

  35. I would:
    1: watch TV/movies
    2. Video games (mostly call of duty)
    3. Listen to the dungeons and daddies podcast

  36. I would listen to:
    1. A Hotdog is a Sandwich podcast
    2. The Lazy Genius podcast
    3. The Trend Reporter podcast

  37. 1) Watch the new Obi-Wan series
    2) Watch the Demon Slayer movie
    3) Listen to Rufus du Sol’s latest album


  38. 1. Listen to the Pink Floyd’s album The Dark Side of the Moon
    2. Watch the last 2 Avengers movies Infinity War and Endgame
    3. Play Pac Man game

  39. I would listen to our action movies, my music like Five Finger Deathpunch and Shinedown and also my video games on the Sonos soundbar.

  40. If I win I’ll use the sound bar to watch my favourite Humphrey Bogart movies (The Big Sleep, The Caine Mutiny) , I’d listen to many many podcasts with it in the mornings before work (Radiolab, You Must Remember This, The Moth), and I’d play music to dance to in the evenings – probably some old Dance Mix 92/93/94 and lots of Prince!

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