Valentine's Day with kids

Spreading Valentine’s Day love isn’t just for grown ups; kids love Valentine’s Day, too! While Valentine’s Day is typically seen as a romantic holiday, I like to make it fun for the whole family. This might involve a small personal gift and some good quality time doing fun activities that everyone likes. Make a day of it and throw in a meal that can be made together and you’ll be sure to create lasting memories.

Board games and toys

The Game of Life board game

When it comes to spending quality time together, board games are one of my favourite activities. There are so many to choose from and you can easily find one for all ages. Not only do they provide the opportunity for communication and cooperation, but there’s nothing like some good old-fashioned family competition, too. Good sportsmanship is a quality that we all need to work on, and board games are a perfect way to practice it.

Growing up I loved the classics like The Game of Life, Clue, Trivial Pursuit and Battleship. You can still find these games on the market and some even have new versions with added twists. There’re also some great new board games to challenge you or just straight up have a good laugh. Explore the various types of board games available and get some help deciding which one in our Board Games Buying Guide.

If board games aren’t your family’s jam, there are some great interactive hands-on toys that will get you using your creativity and building skills. These include everything from coding robots to other STEM toys.

Valentine’s Day movie or games night

Kids playing Nintendo

Video games aren’t just for kids: many families love playing together. And now with online versions, you can play with people who aren’t even in your home. You can go all out this Valentine’s Day and plan a games night with extended family and stay connected through some form of video chat. Video games aren’t my forte, but there are some fun interactive games now that I love, like bowling or tennis. And it’s the perfect activity that allows kids to join in.

Another option for fun family time is movie night. There’s nothing better than getting cozy on the couch with a blanket and some great snacks like popcorn and watching a family friendly movie. Some of you probably still have a DVD player kicking around, but there are many streaming options too. You can stream either right to your TV or through a projector if you have one. Other options include a Blu-ray player, or even play movies through an entertainment console like the Xbox or PlayStation.

Valentine’s Day quality time

Breville Pizza oven

The gift of quality time is completely free, time well spent and loved by all. Preparing and eating as a family has always been important to me, but as my boys get older, it’s not always a possibility. Now I savour these moments even more and it’s such a nice way to spend quality time with everyone, including the kids. This Valentine’s Day, throw on your favourite background music playlist and get cooking.

We have a few go-to meals in my home that we all love, and we can all participate in the preparation of. Our top three meals are Mexican food, homemade burgers, and pizza night with a variety of toppings. All these meals are easy to make and can be made quickly with the help of an air fryer or pizza oven. Once your meal is made, you can move on to a games or movie night.

Spread the love to your kids this Valentine’s Day with some good quality time, great food, fun activities, toys, a board game or movie night. Don’t forget to add in some special Valentine’s Day chocolates and snacks. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lindsey Reed
I am a mom of two boys who loves reading and trail runs. I am passionate about health, fitness and food and write about these topics and more on my personal blog


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