Contixo Drones have landed at Best Buy with a range of styles geared for different skill levels and price points. Whether you’re interested in something basic or something advanced, Contixo has you covered. One of the nicest things is that all of the Contixo Drones we’re taking a look at today have video cameras built in, meaning you don’t have to worry about any additional hardware.

While these drones are recommended for ages 14 and up, there are some introductory features built into these drones as well if you’d like to teach a younger child how to pilot one. When you get up into drones of this calibre, however, they’re far from toys and could break in the wrong hands. Please also keep in mind that before you buy any drones, your city or municipality may have rules around safe flying distances in addition to any federal rules.

Please also keep in mind that the weight of your drones matters too. If your drone exceeds 250 grams, you will need to get a certificate and be registered to fly a drone. Drones under 250 grams don’t need certification. This blog features both options.

The Contixo F22+ can be folded for easy transport

Features of all Contixo Drones

All 4 of the Contixo Drones highlighted in this blog showcase a nice suite of features:

  • Headless Mode: A mode where your drone flies in any direction you guide it to. This mode is recommended by Contixo for beginners and kids so that they can get the hang of flying a drone.
  • Single Key Takeoff and landing
  • Emergency Stop Functions
  • ”Follow Me” Mode – The drone follows you wherever you’re going so that it doesn’t lose sight while it films you from up above. The drone essentially follows your smartphone
  • Variable flying speeds to accustom you to operating the drone in different ways
  • Altitude Hold – With this mode, the drone maintains its altitude when you release the throttle for recording that is as steady as possible
  • Six-Axis gyroscopic flight to maximize stability at all turns
  • 32GB MicroSD cards included to help capture all of your footage

The Contixo F16 Quadcopter Drone

The 100 gram Contixo F16 Quadcopter Drone is a small unit that’s geared toward selfie takers and entry-level drone flyers. You don’t need a permit for this one, and because of its relatively small size, you can take it with you wherever you go.

While capable of capturing photos and videos at 1080p, it isn’t as geared toward the latter as it captures video at 15 frames per second. The light weight means it cannot house heavy batteries, and as such features a flying time of around 13 minutes with each charge.

The Contixo F22+ Quadcopter

The Contixo F22+ takes things up a notch but is still light enough not to require registration, squeaking in at 242 grams. The F22+ can transmit videos directly to your smartphone over Wi-Fi, and it can take photos in 4K and videos at 25fps in 1080p. Even with its operating radius of 550 metres, you can safely control your drone with safety warning modes built in for things like low batteries. This drone also features Gesture Mode (to recognize your selfies and videos from below) and has a 90 degree vertical camera tilt built in.

The Contixo F24 Quadcopter

The Contixo F24 Quadcopter is a pretty serious drone—and a large step up from the others. This one weighs in a shade over 500 grams, meaning that you will need a permit to operate it. That said, you get some pretty robust features in return. A 30 minute battery life is onboard to capture some serious video from above, and in addition to the 4K still photos, you get 2.7K QHD video filming at 25fps. This drone features a wider 120 degree angle lens with a 90 degree vertical tilt and can operate at a radius of 1100 metres. Neatest of all, this quadcopter has a special VR filming mode, allowing you to capture footage geared for virtual reality.

The Contixo F30 4K Compact Quadcopter

The Contixo F30 is small in stature and is a really good step up for somebody looking to dip their toes into 4K recording without jumping into really serious professional level drones. That said, the Contixo F30 still enjoys some of the features of the heavier offering. Capable of both taking stills and video at 4K, the F30 also features VR Mode filming, ability to transmit live to a smartphone, and a 120 degree wide angle lens. With an operating radius of 800 meters and a battery life of 15 minutes, the F30 packs a lot of power into a small frame. So small, in fact, that it weighs less than 250 grams, so you won’t need a permit for it.

Just in time to fly up and capture winter scenery around you, all of these Contixo Drones are now available at your local Best Buy and online at

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  1. We have to admit, if you are a video maker, video fun, media or landscape image enthusiast you most have a DIGI Drone. I personaly use for our work to show case the Stucco homes we finish, we do tours and what a better way than using a drone for the aerial images.

    I reccomend the Digi phantom 3 as its the one I use.

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