Interested in Electric Scooters? If so, and if you’ve been thinking about getting one, then today’s article is certainly for you. And that’s because today I’m taking a broad look at the various electric scooters that are currently available for purchase at Best Buy. Read on for a look at some of the top models that are available both from Best Buy itself and its marketplace sellers. As you go along, you’ll learn about the key features to look for in a quality electric scooter, as well as their general aesthetic design and what these things can do.


Top electric scooters from the biggest brand names

Among the top brand names in electric scooters today are SegwayHover-1, and Xiaomi. Other popular makers include XPRIT, Gyrocopters, and Qaba. Most of the scooters we’ll be looking at today are from one of the major brands, such as the first scooter on the list…First up is the Hover-1 Journey Foldable Electric Scooter (the one shown here is the white version, but it’s also available in Black). This scooter has many cool features, including a top running speed of 22.5 Km/h, an LED headlight for riding in the dark, an LCD display monitor that shows your speed and remaining battery power, and a per charge battery life that will get you in roughly 26 Km of total riding distance on every single charge.

Charges, by the way, take about 5 hours to complete, and then you’re ready to roll. Of course, for times when rolling isn’t exactly possible, this thing nicely folds up for carrying or storage. Too bad it weighs over 26 pounds, but at least you know it’s sturdy and well built. In fact, it has a weight carrying capacity of over 264 pounds, so it’s truly a heavy duty machine.Another excellent example is the Ninebot by Segway ES4 Electric Scooter. With a 220 pound maximum weight capacity and 800W of raw, rolling power, this scooter is ready to take anyone ages 14 and up on the ride of their life. Riders will cruise at up to 30 Km/h and for a whopping 45 Km on a single battery charge on this machine.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and high-density polymer, this scooter weighs just under 25 pounds and is ideal for use on flat, hard surfaces like pavement or asphalt. The Ninebot has many other features going for it as well, like 3 distinct driving modes (Speed Limit, Standard, and Sport), and is certainly worth looking further into on its Best Buy product page.


Also available is the Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter. This model can travel at a top speed of up to 25 Km/h, has a 30 Km range (under ideal conditions), and features a portable (i.e., foldable) design that most of the top scooters today have. In fact, this particular scooter has an award-winning design (having won a Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award). It’s also built to last using durable, high quality aluminum, and it features a dual braking system that combines disc brakes with the innovative eABS regenerative anti-lock braking system. Its weight capacity is just under 220 pounds, and its intuitive controls are easy to learn and use for riders of all ages, though its appropriate age range is given as anywhere from 16 to 50. It’s also classed as a “Beginner” model in terms of the necessary skill level required to ride it, so a really great choice for anyone new to scooters.


Then there’s the Gyrocopters Flash 2.0 Portable Electric Scooter, which has solid rubber tires and a top riding speed of 25 Km/h over a 20 Km range. It’s also considered an eco-friendly scooter as it converts Kinetic energy into stored electric power during  acceleration and uses a regenerative braking system (similar to that of other models).This scooter also features a powerful 250W brushless motor, LED head and tail lights, and a tough aluminum frame weighing approximately 26 pounds that’s capable of safely carrying riders weighing up to 220 pounds. Suitable for most terrains, the Gyrocopters Flash 2.0 is recommended for anyone ages 6 and up, and as such is a fine option whether you’re just getting started with scooters or are an experienced and expert rider.


Finally, there’s the XPRIT 8″ Electric Scooter, which travels at up to 21 Km/h and nicely folds up at the end of the day for easy storage and transportation. I actually reviewed a couple of these XPRIT scooters a while back (6.5 and 8″ wheel versions) and absolutely loved them. With their bright LED headlights, I was easily able to ride them around after dark, and I found them extremely easy to control and fun to ride on the streets around my neighbourhood. Other features of the 8″ model shown here include a double front fork spring suspension system that makes for a smooth ride, a total weight of just over 29 pounds, a carrying capacity of 220 pounds, and a long battery life that’s sure to get you upwards of 20 Km of riding range on each full charge.


As you’ve probably gathered by now, choosing a first rate Electric Scooter is not a difficult task. Nearly all of the top models on the market today have the same excellent features (foldable, long range battery life, decent top speed, LED lights, effective braking systems, etc.), with only minor differences here and there.

Shown here is another of Best Buy’s fun electric scooters—the Qaba Adjustable Folding Electric E-Scooter with Seat

And while they’re certainly fun and appropriate for young people to use, they’re primarily designed as transportation devices for working adults. If you live in a town or city where your workplace is just a few blocks (or a few kilometres) away, one of these modern electric scooters is an ideal way for you to commute back and forth. And because of their excellent strength and carrying capacity, you can even use them for running errands like trips to the local convenience store or to visit friends and neighbours. They’re simply a really great way to get about town!

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