yale-mainIf you’re a tech lover, gadget junkie or electronic device devotee, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas is the place to be right now for all the latest news, product releases and big announcements from all your favourite companies. In fact, Yale Locks & Hardware just made the big announcement there that the company’s Real Living Assure Locks will be Apple HomeKit compatible by March 2017, thanks to the addition of a new HomeKit Network Module. That’s pretty cool news, and I’ll tell you why.


Yale HomeKit Network Module Details


By now, you know that Apple HomeKit is a home automation framework that manufacturers can integrate with their own Smart Home accessories (lights, cameras, locks, thermostats, etc), so you can easily control and monitor everything through your iPhone, iPad or other Apple device. It allows you to have different smart gadgets and devices from different companies, and have them talk and work together using one simple app, and best of all, it lets you control most of that stuff using Siri and voice commands!


So, Yale’s addition of a HomeKit Module to its line of smart locks means users will be able to lock and unlock their home by using the Apple Home app, Yale companion app or with Siri voice commands on an iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch or Apple Watch. How Dick Tracey would that be to be able to lift your wrist and say into your Apple Watch “Siri, unlock the front door” and hear that click? Users will also be able to check battery status, add or delete any entry PIN codes, check current lock status, customize the lock and notification settings, or add additional locks.


Siri Scenes and Scenarios with Yale Network Module


Another cool thing Yale Lock users will be able to do with the HomeKit Module is create “scenes” and scenarios based on a custom command. As an example, imagine that in addition to a Yale Smart Lock, you also have another company’s Smart Thermostat, and some Smart Lighting, all compatible with Apple HomeKit. You could create a custom scene and command where you say “Siri, I’m going to bed,” which would lock the front door, turn off the lights downstairs, and lower the temperature everywhere but your bedroom. Pretty neat, eh? It’s pretty Star Trek, if you ask me.


All Things Yale Locks & Hardware


IN addition to the new HomeKit Module, Yale also currently offers Z-Wave Plus and Zigbee Network Modules for simple compatibility with those other home automation system options. Yale is also the well-known brand behind locks of every design and function in more than 125 companies. In fact, Yale is the oldest international lock brand, and likely the most respected name in the industry. The newly announced HomeKit Network Module will also work with Yale nexTouch wireless, a lock designed specifically to cater to the security needs of small business owners, in addition to the Yale Real Living Assure Locks. Please note that Best Buy Canada has not confirmed assortment at this time.

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