Twinkly lights musicianTwinkly is known for its awesome lights that add to the ambiance of your home and can liven up your holiday and themed décor. I have been using Twinkly lights at home for the holiday season for years. We love being able to use an app to control the colours and patterns, adjusting for a new look from one day to the next. At CES 2023, Twinkly introduced a new Entertainment Hub that will catch the eye of gamers, musicians, and other creative types.

Set for availability in the Spring, the Twinkly Entertainment Hub will include a new algorithm that allows you to seamlessly connect the lights to audio and video content. They will pulse or move in sync with your music, video gaming session, videos, and more. The idea to create a more immersive experience.

TwinklyUsing the Entertainment Hub desktop application, you can enjoy things like accurate audio synchronization with visuals that are created from the audio output source using your computer. There’s also a screen mirroring feature that can reflect on-screen visuals into a screen of Twinkly LED lights to mirror video from any platform. Imagine using this during a party, for example, or while in an intense video gaming session.

Using the Twinkly app, you’ll get real-time control with mapped layouts and keyboard shortcuts to select effects. The Hub, meanwhile, can connect with all Twinkly products using external RGB-supported devices and peripherals. Choose among 16+ million available colours to enhance the experience, set a mood, fit with a theme. It might be, for example, your favourite sports team, red and green for Christmas, or blue and pink for a baby shower.

Twinkly lights

Alongside the new Hub are new Twinkly Squares which joined the Flex, Dots, Curtain, and Strings in the line-up last Fall. These create an interactive mosaic made of “mega” pixels. Twinkly Candies, meanwhile, are a more “budget-friendly” option that will be coming to market in Fall 2023.

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