Philips Hue Signe LIght review

There are so many things to love about Philips Hue. You can control your lights via your phone; you get to change them up from white to millions of different colours; and you can turn your lights off and on from anywhere you are. Although those are all great features, one of the best parts of Hue is how the developers are always playing with light too. They’re always creating new and amazing products.

This past week I was able to test out two of the latest offerings from Philips Hue: the Philips Hue Signe Table Light and the Philips Hue Signe Floor Light. Here’s how they work, what I thought, and what you can do with Philips Hue.

Appearance and features of Philips Hue Signe Lights

Philips Hue Signe review

Philips Hue Signe Lights both share a similar design. They have a tall, straight, tube of light that looks a lot like one of the light sabres my son collects. The tube is attached to the lightweight base.

The Signe Table Light is 71.37 cm high, while the Signe Floor Light is 155.96 cm. Both are extremely light and easy to manoeuvre, so you won’t struggle to place them. They plug in to a standard outlet.

  • Controlled via the Hue App
  • Easily connects to your Hue Bridge
  • Use bright white light, dim, or choose from millions of colours
  • Sync your lights with Hue Entertainment and you can coordinate your lights to react to your favourite music or movies
  • HomeKit, Nest, and voice assistant compatible

Setting up Philips Hue Signe Lights

Philips Hue Signe Smart Lights Review

The Signe Table and the Signe Floor lamp will work as soon as you plug them in. Once they have power, they will turn on bright white. To turn them off you’ll have to connect your lights to the Philips Hue Bridge.

To add the lights to your home, you just have to tap the centre button on your Hue Bridge. Once I did that, the app instantly recognized the lights. I added them to my TV room so I could create a little atmosphere and light up dark corners. As soon as I added them, they changed colour along with the rest of my lights.

While the Signe Lights will work with the older style Philips Hue Bridge, which I currently have, the advanced features are only available via the Philips Hue 2.0 Bridge. If you try to download the Hue program for Mac or PC to sync your lights with music or movies, you’ll be told the older bridge isn’t compatible.

Testing Philips Hue Signe Lights

Philips Hue Table Lights

Philips Hue lights are fun, the bulbs last for years, and they give you easy options for setting the colour, brightness, or dimming your lights. With Hue smart bulbs you don’t have to hire an electrician to install a dimmer switch; your lights will dim whenever you want them too.

With the Hue Signe Lights you get even more versatility. The tall, thin design fits into any type of decor, and they allow you to add a large strip of colour anywhere you’d like.

You’ll notice when you plug these lights in that the white is very bright. It’s so bright that it’s actually hard to look at directly, so I believe the best placement for them is facing toward your wall. That way you can enjoy the glow of the light without having it flash in your eyes.

Once you position them in the corner, you can enjoy the scenes you have access to in the Philips Hue App. I had these lights grouped with my current Philips Hue bulbs, and I really enjoyed the extra glow they brought to the room. I generally use Arctic Aurora at night when watching TV, and the blue/purple light is really relaxing.

You can set Philips Hue lights on timers so they turn on first thing in the morning or off at night. I have mine set to turn on to Savanna Sunset every morning. Even if its raining, it looks like sunshine is pouring through the windows.

You’ll have to move your Signe Lights around for the best placement. You can have them by your entertainment stand facing into the wall, and if you have the newer Philips Hue Bridge, you’ll be able to enjoy your lights pulsing along with the sound of your music or movies.

The light tube itself does not heat up with use, and that means you or your kids can touch it without burning fingers.

Smart features of Philips Hue Lights

Philips Hue app light control

Philips Hue Signe Lights are compatible with HomeKit, voice assistants like Google and Alexa, and Nest. You can use voice commands like “OK Google, turn all Philips lights on in the TV room,” and they will all turn on. You can also use routines in the Hue App to have them turn on automatically when you come home or you leave your house, and there are timers to turn them off after a period of time as well.

Overall thoughts on Philips Hue Signe Lights

Philips Hue Signe Lights offer you more flexibility for light placement than a standard Philips Hue bulb. They are easy to place anywhere, work as soon as you plug them in, and are excellent room enhancers.

I wasn’t able to try out the new Hue Entertainment App available for my computer because I don’t have the Bridge 2.0, but I’ve used other external apps to sync my Hue lights with movies and music. It’s so much fun to play with Hue lights, especially during the holidays. I’ve got mine set up to play spooky sounds and screams during Halloween, and at Christmas I open my holiday app and you can hear sleigh bells while Christmas carols play along with your lights.

Having these lights on during the holidays will definitely enhance the atmosphere in the room, but you won’t be disappointed if you just plan to use them for the bright white light. It is very, very bright, and definitely provides you with a great way to brighten up a space.

I really enjoyed adding these lights to my Philips Hue set up. Whether you’re just starting out with your own starter kit or you just want to add the Philips Hue Signe Lamps for extra colour and glow, you’ll really enjoy these lights.

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    I am kind of new to Philips Hue, but I already love it. So far I have the Philips Hue Play and a Light-strip and that works perfect for me. I am sure that I will buy more products from Philips Hue in the future. The Philips Hue Signe Floor Light for sure looks interesting. Thanks you for the review.

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