It’s an early kickoff to CES 2021 with a multi-point press release from C by GE Lighting—a Savant company from East Cleveland, Ohio with over 130 years of history and innovation. Just in is the announcement of a brand evolution, a new mobile app, and much more, including the expansion of their smart home portfolio beyond just lighting. Read on for all the details and for links to further information regarding C by GE and its products.

C by GE™ is rebranding to Cync™

The first thing you need to know about C by GE™ is that they’re changing their name to Cync™. This change will not happen all at once, but rather over the course of a few (maybe several) months. This is something to be aware of so that you don’t miss out on any of their future products and innovations due to looking for news and information under the existing (old) name.

New Cync App

One aspect of the rebranding comes in the form of the new Cync App, which we have learned will allow for personalization and provide useful features like “the ability [for users] to preview colour and brightness changes using a photo of their room in the app”. This exciting news is just one aspect of this new and powerful app, which will be able to control every device in the Cync network for a seamless whole-home experience. Cync’s goal with the new app is to provide a user-friendly experience that “enhances [your] comfort, control, and confidence”.

Product line expansion

C by GE

In addition to the rebranding and new app, C by GE (make that Cync) is also expanding its product line to include many new and exciting offerings—both of the indoor and the outdoor variety, and not all just lights either!

For instance, the new Cync Outdoor Smart Plug will allow users to “independently control two outlets from the Cync App, or with your voice and Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa”. In other words, this new smart plug will make managing your outdoor lights and gadgets (such as pathway lights, holiday decorations, and other outdoor electronics) super easy. In fact, you won’t even have to set foot outside to do it. What’s more, this plug is described as weather resistant and fully compatible with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so there are multiple ways to connect to and employ it. The scheduled launch date for the new Cync Outdoor Smart Plug is sometime in March, 2021.

In addition to the Outdoor Smart Plug, Cync also has coming a series of all new indoor products:

There’s the Cync Indoor Camera, which is designed with security of your private data in mind. In addition to great image quality, this camera protects you with a privacy shutter that completely blocks the lens and turns the audio off for privacy. However, it also has useful features like local video storage in the form of a micro SD card port, making data storage and retrieval super easy and convenient. Of course, if you prefer to store your footage in a remote location, a subscription cloud service provides this option as well. Thus, you can easily access your recorded clips from anywhere on the planet. This camera is set to arrive in May.

C by GE

There’s also the new Cync Fan Speed Smart Switch, which is scheduled for arrival in June. This switch will make your life easier in a variety of useful ways. You can use it for easy control of your ceiling fan via the Cync App (whether you’re inside or outside of your home), and there’s no need for any special hub to make it work. With four fan speeds to choose from, you’ll enjoy the cooling comfort of your fan whenever you please, and you’ll also enjoy having the ability to set schedules and specific times for it to come on and go off.

As you can see, C by GE, or Cync as we will soon know it, is set to take the world by storm in many significant ways throughout 2021. For more information on C by GE products that are currently available at Best Buy, see Matthew Rondina’s recent blog review entitled C by GE Dimmers and Smart Switches review and check out all the biggest CES 2021 announcements here.

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