JAM Game On BannerThe JAM Game On in-ear truly wireless gaming earbuds offer great sound in compact, well designed package. If you are looking for a sleek, completely wireless mobile gaming audio solution, the JAM Game On have a lot to offer. They double as a great pair of Bluetooth earbuds with robust sound quality and a great audio response range. When it comes to gaming specific features, the hardware packs low-latency technology to keep up with the on-screen action. The JAM Game On earbuds are streamlined and functional for life and gaming on the go. There are a lot of options for gaming headsets, but gaming earbuds are harder to come by. Let’s explore all the features the JAM Game On earbuds have to offer with gaming, movies, music and more.

Unboxing the JAM Game On earbuds

Inside the box you get everything you need to start using the JAM Game On hardware right away. The package includes all the components to get you set up in a matter of minutes:

  • 2 earbuds
  • 2-sizes gel ear tips in small and large
  • Light Up Charging / Storage Case
  • 1 Set of Paper Documentation (1 Welcome Card, 1 Quick Start Guide and 1 Legal Card)
  • USB-C Charging Cable

JAM Game On Unboxed

JAM Game On device compatibility

The JAM Game On earbuds are designed with the mobile gamer in mind. It should also be noted that they are only compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices. Unfortunately, the earbuds will not work with home gaming consoles as they do not have the supported codecs. Aside from that, the earbuds can be used with computers, tablets and other devices that have Bluetooth technology onboard. Whether used strictly for gaming or other forms of entertainment you’ll also be treated to crisp audio performance.

Getting the JAM Game On setup

In terms of setup, the earbuds are designed with “plug and play” functionality. I was able to connect the earbuds with little effort to my MacBook Pro for testing and they required no drivers or setup. I simply selected the “JAM TWS Game On” from my computer’s dropdown menu and they were ready for showtime. It’s a welcome change to have something just work as it should without a long setup process. When it comes mobile gaming on the go, the JAM Game On’s are designed to get you back into the action effortlessly.

JAM Game On Case ConstructionJAM Game On design and performance

I really liked the design of the JAM Game On earbuds they are comfortable, durable and performed very well. The earbuds sounded great using a wide range of audio sources from games to movies and music. The JAM Game On’s audio is full and rich. In my experience, the sound never came across flat. The earbuds sport 8mm drivers that deliver great bass and clear high tones. From multiple audio sources the sound was surprisingly sharp and left me very impressed.

Durable earbud construction

In terms of durability the earbuds have an IPX5 rating against sweat and overall water resistance. The soft anti-slip ear gels with secure fit wings really kept the buds in place even when I was moving around my home and exercising. The package also comes with 2 different sizes of gel ear tips in both small and large. I highly recommend taking your time to fit these properly to ensure the best performance. Wearing ear tips that are too big, will lead to discomfort with longer gaming sessions. A properly fitted earpiece also ensures that most of the surrounding environmental noise gets sealed out. There is still some external sound leak but getting properly fitted gel tips can help to remedy this.

JAM Game On Case Compatibility

Easy to use controls

Each earbud has Intelligent Touch Controls on their exterior that control the pausing and playing of your content. One tap on the middle of the bud will pause your music and another tap will play it. You can also use a series of taps and long holds to switch modes and pick up a call on your smartphone. I found the touch technology fairly responsive, but at times I did find myself needing to repeatedly tap for my command to register.

JAM Game On gaming features 

The JAM Game On’s are a bit of a rarity as very few wireless earbuds optimized for gaming exist. The earbuds sport low-latency Bluetooth technology with a 48ms rating. This offers an imperceptible delay while gaming so there’s no mis queues in the sound and on-screen action. The earbuds are capable of full dynamic sound delivering crisp audio with no noticeable lag. In terms of getting the most out of your gaming sessions, the earbuds have a dedicated game and movie mode.

JAM Game On battery life

 The JAM Game On has a rechargeable battery system that will keep you gaming for up to 24+ hours. On a full charge the earbuds will last for up to 6 hours of playtime. The case itself acts a charger that you can pop the earbuds into to continue charging. The outside of the case has 3-blue indicator lights that with the flip of the lid shows the level of charge. The inside of the storage / charge case has two more LEDs on the inside making it easy to see in low light conditions. I really like the sleek and simple design that fits in the palm of your hand.

It’s game on with JAM On

I really enjoyed my time with the JAM Game On earbuds, they perform exceptionally well on the go. The construction quality, rich audio and price point offer some excellent value for a gaming audio solution. The buds themselves are very comfortable and offer lag-free gaming audio for life on the go. Outside of gaming the audio performance is also great with music, movies and even on phone calls. If you are looking for earbuds to up your audio game, the JAM Game On hardware is a great choice.

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