Cuisinart Hand Mixer mainHand mixers are a lightweight and compact kitchen tool that are perfect for everyday use. Their design makes them easy to use without a lot of fuss and clean up and they give your arm a break by doing all the work for you. They’ve come a long way over the years in their design and today I’m reviewing the Cuisinart 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer.

Inside the box

Once you’ve opened the box of the Cuisinart 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer you’ll find the hand mixer and the two beater attachments. You’ll then lift out the plastic insert to find the USB charging cord with adaptor and the instruction and recipe booklet.

Cuisinart HM inside the boxFeatures and specifications

  • Hand mixer
  • Two dishwasher-safe beaters
  • 65 watts
  • Cordless
  • 4 volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 39” micro USB charging cable with adapter
  • USB cable port on mixer
  • 20 minutes continuous mixing
  • Digital display
  • 5 mixing speeds
  • Blue LED battery indicator
  • Instruction/recipe booklet
  • Blue LED battery-level indicator
  • Quick charge feature
  • Heel rest for mixer to stand upright
  • Textured grip handle
  • Lightweight with smooth mixing

Testing out the Cuisinart cordless hand mixer

Cuisinart HM chargingAfter unboxing the Cuisinart Electric Hand Mixer, I plugged in the USB charging cord into the mixer, adapter, and wall plug as it requires a full charge before first use. I then took a few minutes to read through the instruction and recipe booklet to get familiar with the mixer. I have only ever used a corded mixer so I was curious to see what features this one had and if there was anything specific I needed to know.

The three LED battery indicator lights will be a solid blue when it’s fully charged, and this is reached in approximately two hours. A full charge on a lithium-ion battery is 95%. When only two lights are solid, your battery is between 70-95% charged and when only one light is solid, the battery is at less than 40% charged. The hand mixer is also equipped with a quick charge feature which allows you to plug it in for a shorter time to for short use.

As recommended, I wiped down the hand mixer with a clean damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt from the packaging. I then washed the beaters with warm soapy. The beaters are dishwasher safe if you prefer, but they are quick and easy to wash in the sink.

Cuisinart HM and beatersOnce the mixer was fully charged, I inserted the beaters into their corresponding holes. There is a specific left and right beater which is obvious to the eye as one of them has a collar. I easily turned the mixer on by pressing the power button and then scrolled through the five speeds to get a feel of how powerful each one is as well as to test the comfort of the handle. When you first power on the Cuisinart Hand Mixer, you’ll notice the speed control is at 0 and you can press the speed control button to raise your speed from 1 through 5.

Cuisinart HM in useTo put the hand mixer through its paces, I started by pouring some fresh whipping cream into a glass bowl, added in vanilla and a teaspoon of cane sugar, and started on the level 1 speed. As you know, whipping cream is quite splashy when you first start whipping it, so I slowly raised the speed all the way through to five as the whipping cream thickened. My first impression as I was whipping the cream was how lightweight the hand mixer is and how smooth the beaters were in the bowl. I love the design of the beaters without the centre post that prevents your ingredients from clogging up in them. I set a timer on my phone as I was curious to see how long it would take to go from liquid cream to whipping cream. I do prefer my whipping cream a little on the thicker side and it took a total of two minutes and 28 seconds to get my desired consistency. My husband likes to joke that if I whip much longer, we’ll end up with butter! But what can I say, I like my whipping cream to sit nicely on my desserts versus run down the sides.

Once I was finished, I gave the beaters a quick wash with some warm soapy water and allowed them to air dry in the dish rack. I would just as easily place them in my dishwasher’s cutlery rack and wash them with the rest of the day’s dishes.

Final thought on the Cuisinart 5-speed electric hand mixer

Cuisinart HM storageIn my home, we use our hand mixer for whipping cream, cakes, cookies, icing and other baking batters. The most notable features of the Cuisinart 5-speed Electric Hand Mixer was the light weight design in my hand during use, the smoothness of the beating and mixing, and the comfort of the handle. And let’s not forget how amazing it is not having a cord get in the way! It nicely stood up when not in use as well. My old hand mixer almost feels like it’s being balanced when I stand it up and this Cuisinart stands sturdy and strong.

Not having a cord doesn’t just mean you can freely move around while mixing, it also means you don’t have to worry about a cord getting caught up in the bowl and you getting covered in ingredients. It allows for a much faster clean up because the beaters are dishwasher safe. Should you get anything on the hand mixer itself, simply give it a wipe with a warm damp cloth. Another note: don’t use the hand mixer on non-stick cookware as it will leave scratches on the surface.

I love that Cuisinart included a variety of delicious sweet and savoury recipes with the instruction booklet. Sometimes cooking becomes a chore and it’s nice to get some new inspiration in the recipe department.

You can find this Cuisinart 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer at Best Buy online.

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