fujifilm instax mini link 2 contest at Best BuyFujifilm has many innovative photography solutions to consider when shopping for back to school. For many students, the inexpensive and incredibly fun Instax line of cameras and instant printers is perfect for their needs. For other students, especially those hoping to develop skills as a videographer or experiment with developing and large format printing, Fujifilm has a great range of Mirrorless cameras. Learn more about your options then enter to win their newest instant printer.

Instant photography makes going back to school fun

For teachers and students, the return to class will begin another year of solidifying old friendships, building new friendships and, creating memories that will last forever. A great way to celebrate all of this is with instant photography. See a friend; take their picture; print their picture; put that picture on a wall or in your locker or …. There are millions of ways to have fun with the images you print using an Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 printer. For example, you know you’ll be going to some birthday parties: friends love getting these little printed memories as gifts!

Teachers too are having fun with Instax printers. Take photos of your students for a colourful poster of goals, achievements, etc. There are tons of websites by teachers with amazingly creative ideas for having fun. What would you do?

Fujifilm innovation enables you to do more than just capture time in a bottle

Instant photography, as made possible with Fujifilm’s Instax printers, is better than just trapping time in a photo. We all do that everyday on our phones. But our phones can only do so much. Fujifilm provides solutions for everything else that photography promises for our lives. Thanks to an Instax printer, you can get those images from your phone onto a format that you can put on a wall, on your fridge, in a birthday card, or in your diary.

Fujifilm’s innovations go far beyond instant photography. They have been trailblazers in professional cameras for creating the highest quality images and videos. For example, just this month Fujifilm announced a new line of mirrorless cameras, the Fujifilm X-H2. If you want to create video in stunning 8K resolution, then this is the kind of camera you might choose. You could explore your photo and video creative limits with a camera like that! Think about what you want from photography as you enter for a chance to win one of the prizes in this contest.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways.

  1. In a comment below this article, suggest at least two innovative ways students or teachers could use the instant prints that can be created using the Mini Link printers from Fujifilm.
  2. Explore the range of Fujifilm products at Best Buy, then in a comment below the X-H2 mirrorless camera announcement article on the blog,  tell us which Fujifilm product (name and model number or link) you like best and why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select two (2) winners. Each will receive a Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Printer and a two pack of Instax Film.

This contest runs from September 22nd until Oct 6th

Remember you can enter in two different ways. However, you know many students and likely one or two teachers, who might love an opportunity to win one of these great Fujifilm prizes. Share this contest so more people you know have a chance to win.

Win a Fujifilm Instax Mini 2 Printer Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck.

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  1. Students could use this photo printer on field trips and teachers could use it during interactive lessons. It looks amazing!

  2. Would be great for teachers to use to take photo of special events like birthdays. Students can use to print photos for arts and crafts

  3. Students could use this to do assignments like photo collage work. Teachers could use it to take photos of the students to post in the class room.

  4. This would be great for collage pictures for the dorm rooms with all new friends and also for projects at school.

  5. Students could use this for all kinds of fun projects. Teachers could do the same and print the pictures off.

  6. Two innovative ways students or teachers could use the instant prints that can be created using the Mini Link printers from Fujifilm:

    1. For a Student – Innovative way of signing yearbook from individual / pair’d selfies
    2. For a Teacher – Interactive way of using photo’s during presentation (filling in blank sections of presentation)

  7. Students could use the instant prints during an assignment period in class. Teachers can print out relevant examples done in class for the student’s homework.

  8. Two innovative: 1) letting students take one picture throughout the day and share about why they chose to take a picture of the specific item 2) use the camera to document the year and decorate the classroom

  9. so many ways this could be used daily in classrooms especially with elementary grades, i would use it to save the pictures of kids artwork before they took it home to share with their family, i would take pictures to post on the first day with names so we could all learn each other’s names more easily

  10. Would make my life less stressful and convenient to win I can use it for my marketing presentations/projects

  11. Students could use the photos to make a collage of art projects done by the class. Or they could use the photos to put into scrapbooks of their work.

  12. Students could use them on field trips and also to make art projects, and with friends, best wishes

  13. Teachers could use photos to help students learn new plants or animals by taking pictures of them and posting them around the class. Teachers could also ask students for do an diary assignment where they take pictures throughout the school year and write why they took the picture or reflect on how they’ve changed throughout the school year.

  14. I really would like to win this printer because I am an artist and could use it for collage or for art projects. Thanks for a chance to win!!!! 🙂

  15. This fujifilm smartphone printer would be so handy for teachers/support staff in the classroom. Some ways I would use the printer
    -class birthday board photos
    -class reward
    -incorporate photos into gifts for parents on special occasions
    -classroom door decorating
    -documenting progress in students work
    -labeling students desks, chairs, etc

    There’s so many fun things we could do in the classroom with this smartphone printer

  16. Two innovate ways this printer could be used is to make a collage of photos of the teachers students and also students could use this to print photos for an assignment or presentation.

  17. Two innovative ways that students or teachers could use the instant prints would be to (1) create a school wall collage during the first week of school so that students and teachers alike, could use the photos to identify each other. And (2) to have each student print a short statement on the frame of the photos, that they consider to be of motivation or uplifting, in their lives.

  18. Teachers can use them to decorate their classroom doors with children’s pictures. Teachers can also use them in children’s portfolios.

  19. Students could use as a fun photo project showing plants and animals from around the school for Science class and creating a photo collage for Art using instant prints that can be created using the Mini Link printers from Fujifilm.

  20. Students could use the prints to put in birthday cards.
    Students could use the prints to put on the wall in their lockers.

  21. This would be great for field trip projects and reports and would also be great for Valentine’s Day projects where you can use the students photo on an Art project/card.

  22. Instant photos for presentations or school
    Presentations about plants animals with visual photos to increase understanding and interest

  23. Students can use it to link photos together to display on their wall at home and teachers can use it on a welcome board for school

  24. Students could use them to photograph the class board to get instant notes or you could use it to photograph the teacher’s course plan to get an overview of the day and keep it in mind just like the teacher !

  25. Two innovative ways they could use them would be to go outside to photograph local plants for biology to use photos from home for projects

  26. A science teacher could ask students to photograph and identify scientific concepts they learned in a particular week, and a PE teacher could ask students to photograph one another on particular sporting stances, giving the students to direct and correct each other.

  27. This would be a fun assignment. Take photos to accompany your own creative writing story. Another idea is to have students take pictures, pool them and have students pick a photo and either do an oral or written report on photo.

  28. Being able to capture moments in a school year on the fly is an amazing tool. Maybe not for class work, but for promoting a positive culture in class.

  29. Biology students that are remote and want to both take pictures and print them right away could use it.

    It would also be useful for activities around the school and for kids to compare pictures. This would also help with bonding with the students as they can have fun with each other in exchanging memories.

  30. Teachers can use the printer to send kids home with mementos from the day to share with family and friends. Students can use it on the go taking photos and sharing them with friends, can use them like a calling card writing their social media handle on the back.

  31. I think teachers would love to print more photos in the class and students could use their own photos in presentations

  32. Teachers could use pictures as a teaching tool while students can use instant photography for school presentations and projects. Thanks for the opportunity.

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