A photo of the DJI RSC-2
The Ronin RSC2

DJI has just announced the release of a brand new camera stabilizer, the RSC2, to add to an already impressive range of stabilizers. The RSC2 is set to take over from the Ronin SC as DJI’s entry-level stabilizer.

The RSC2 has a unique folding design which allows it to transform into one of five different configurations to provide unique shooting options. The RSC2 can also fold down to a very manageable size for storage, no bigger than a sheet of A5 paper.

Initial indications are that this stabilizer is capable of carrying a decent payload, so I’m really hoping to get a chance to test it with my Sony A7 III with the FE 24-105mm f/4 G lens.

Onboard the RSC2 is the newly developed Titan Stabilization Algorithm, and with a name like that I’m expecting superhuman performance! There is also a SuperSmooth mode which can be enabled to offer even more stabilization when working with lenses up to 100mm focal length.

So what are the various shooting configurations? Upright and underslung are probably the most intuitive (underslung being upright upside down, if you follow me), but you can also use flashlight mode which allows you to hold the stabilizer horizontally behind the camera. Portrait mode allows you to hold the stabilizer upright while the camera shoots vertically (lots of social media videos are being shot vertically nowadays). The final mode is briefcase. I’m not sure how they arrived at the name, but this mode is kind of a mix between flashlight and underslung.

A photo of the DJI RSC-2
The DJI RSC2 unfolded

The RSC2 has the Ronin RavenEye image transmission system which, as I understand it, allows you to connect to the stabilizer remotely and track subjects via a live feed. I imagine this would allow you to mount the stabilizer on a tripod, for example, and operate it remotely.

Also built in is a focus control dial, just above the trigger, and this can be used to pull focus when paired with the Focus Motor (not included). This means you no longer need to purchase the Focus Wheel accessory separately.

The RSC2 has received some great structural upgrades, including dual-layer quick-release plates that are compatible with Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss. This will allow quicker set up with less rebalancing required. A new mechanical 3-axis lock has been introduced, which keeps the unit firmly folded in storage mode. There are also NATO ports on either side of the handle which will allow you to mount compatible add-ons.

The RSC2 has a 1-inch OLED screen which will show gimbal status readings and and allow you to access onboard menus and settings. You will also need to have the Ronin app on your smartphone in order to operate the RSC2 though. This app will allow you to access automated features like Panorama, Timelapse, Moonlapse, and Motion Control.

In terms of battery life the RSC2 is promising 14 hours of operation time, and supports supports fast charging which can reach 80% in just one hour.

The RSC2 sounds like an fantastic new stabilizer, and I’m excited to bring you a full review soon. In the meantime, check out the DJI Ronin S which has tonnes of reviews from Best Buy customers with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

The DJI RSC2 is available to preorder today!


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