Singsation Karaoke MachinesSingsation Karaoke machines are great to make singing a bigger part of your home. You might have noticed that this is the time of year when people in your home are singing more than usual. Holiday tunes have that effect. However, you might want to encourage people in your home to keep that going year round. This contest is a great place to start: we are giving away six Singsation Classic Karaoke machines!

Make next year a great one for music

This year has been challenging for many things, including live music. Musicians can’t perform in public since Covid hit. Many groups disbanded; even choirs scaled back. However, we all know how important attending live music events has been to us. It’s time to take measures into your own hands and orchestrate a daily note-worthy routine.

How? Well, one thing anyone can do is to sing, and a Singsation Karaoke machine helps to make that fun for everyone. Encourage everyone in your home to sing regularly … even if you don’t think you can sing very well. Singing does improve with practice, and what better use to make of the social isolation many of us are experiencing. You might even discover talent blossom to the point where a Karaoke zoom party can be considered.

Plan for a Singsation party every day

Singsation has several different karaoke machines available. Each has audio and light effects that make singing even more fun. Read the review of these machines on the blog to learn about the features found in each model—and to determine which one is your favourite. Then come back here to enter for your chance to win.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, but you can only enter once. In a comment below, tell us what is your favourite feature of Singsation Karaoke machines and what song would you want to sing if you win?

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select six (6) winners, and each will receive a new Singsation Classic All-in-One Karaoke System with Wireless Speaker.

This contest runs from December 10th until December 26th.

Remember, you can enter this contest once below this article. However, you should also share this post so everyone you know understands that when this time next year comes around you might have practiced enough to be the holiday singing champ in your social circle!

Win a Singsation Karaoke System Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.


  1. Two microphone inputs and the song I would sing would be with my granddaughter- “Let it Go” from Frozen.

  2. Sound effects lights bleu tooth and portable Wow i would sing some Elvis Christmas songs all day like blue Chrictmas

  3. voice effects mic stand and blue tooth i would love to sing while playing my guitar just a woman in love!

  4. I like the 2 microphone feature, this way I can sing duo’s with my husband such as Sonny and Cher’s….I got you Babe….Corny you say…absolutely….and that’s why a Singsation Karaoke machine is the best at any party. It brings so much fun and laughter. Count me in please

  5. Best feature of the Singsation Karaoke machine is The Internal Rechargeable Battery and the first song I’d sing is -Sex Pistols -God Save The Queen

  6. I like that the Singsation Bravo has voice effects, sound effects, and light effects, so entertaining. I would have fun singing any Herman’s Hermits song.

  7. I like how you can hook up your phone with any app or YouTube to sing a long.

    My daughter and I have been listening to funny songs/parodies of Among Us and Roblox. The songs are all catchy. I feel the first song we would sing is “Show Yourself” (an Among Us Song) by CG5

  8. I love all the different voice effects are as well as how portable it is. I can take it anywhere so quickly and easily from one room to the next, or place to place.

    If there was any song i could sing, it would be, ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ by Meatloaf, from the ‘Bat Out Of Hell‘ album

  9. I love that the Singsation Classic has echo control. We have some high ceilings in our home so this would help with echos while singing. I would love to sing “Feliz Navidad” on it if I win!

  10. Love that the Singsation Bravo has 60 voice effects, 10 sound effects, and 25 light effects. So much fun for any gathering with my daughter-in-law expecting for her 1st baby. It’s a Beautiful Day by U2 is what I want to sing!!

  11. My song – Breaking Up is hard to do by Peter Cincotti and Rene Olstead. Should’ve mentioned that in my comment. LOL

  12. The 2 mic inputs is KEY. If you want to guage compatability on a date, just have your partner sing with you. It takes seconds, and you’ll know.

  13. I love the lights, sounds and voice effects!

    I will sing all i want for Christmas is you!

    Because all i want for Christmas is you Karaoke Machine!

  14. My favourite feature is the Singsation Classic’s 3 voice effects so I can sound marvelous when I sing. If I win I would like to rap Eminem’s 8 Miles song.

  15. My favourite feature of Singsation Karaoke machines: 2 mic inputs. Awesome!
    What song would you want to sing if you win? I Got You Babe by UB40

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