broderick desk     We all know the first few weeks of school are great. You have your new books and stationary and your full of enthusiasm. However, the weeks pass and, for most people, that excitement wains and you’re left bartering with yourself about how much Netflix you can watch before you absolutely have to sit down and write your paper. Though finishing your homework will always be a struggle, making your study space an area that is inviting will at least help you get in the door. Design a personal student lounge space that is relaxing, clean and designed for organization.

Anchor the room with your desk


desk lampThe whole reason for setting up this space is to get work done so make sure you chose a desk that suits the space. The Broderick Contemporary Corner Desk is a great option. It’s minimalist design, clear glass top and light colour will blend in well in any room, even small spaces. I like corner desks because there is space for your computer on one side and on the other side, you have space for your textbooks, notes and other reference material to be open and available to look at when you’re writing a paper or assignment. Depending on your colour scheme, you may prefer the black version of this desk. Add an Aurora Lighting Darwro Desk Lamp to each side of the desk to keep your study space bright.


Pair this desk with a high quality demillbrook chairsk chair. Chances are you are going to be spending a lot of time at this desk, so it’s important that you choose a desk chair that will be comfortable and also support your posture and back. If you have a small space, the Milbrook Mesh Task Chair is a great option. It is available in a wide range of colours, including purple, black and teal, that will provide both comfort and a great accent pop of colour to the space. If you have the space and prefer a bigger chair, the Austin Bonded Faux Leather Task Chair or the Dale Bonded Faux Leather Task Chair are great options. Both have a butterfly seat design and padded arm rests to ensure that you stay comfortable throughout long nights of studying. The 80mm gas lift also lets you adjust to the perfect seat height. In addition to being comfortable, this chair is also durable with it’s nylon coated base and the five nylon casters and 360-degree swivel range makes it easy to move around your study space.

Storage, storage, storage

A clean and orgmobile cabinetanized study space will help you stay productive, so store paperwork and stationary that you’re not using in the South Shore Interface Mobile Cabinet stored beside or underneath your desk. Both of the drawers which have plastic rails for hanging folders, which gives you the flexibility to store your paperwork as you would like. I personally store my paperwork in the bottom drawer and leave the top drawer available for storing extra stationary. The top of the cabinet is also the perfect size for storing your printer, which further frees up your desk space.


monarch 2

Further increase your storage space by organizing binders, textbooks and other items in a bookshelf. I love the Monarch Art Deco 8-Shelf Bookcase. The large, cube-style shelves give tons of storage space and the white colour will ensure the space has a bright and open feel, making it great for smaller, darker rooms. Stay organized and hide clutter, such as extra ink cartridges or charging cables, in a few Carpi Foldable Fabric Baskets speckled within the shelves.


Have a place to relax

Sitting at your delinen chairsk for hours and hours can be exhausting, so create a space beside your desk where you can take a break and sit, relax and read in comfort. The Traditional Linen Accent Chair is a great option for any space and the dark grey will suit any colour scheme. I like that it is a bit larger and oversized, because this chair should be a comfortable place to sit. Add a small ottoman, like the Neil Faux Leather Ottoman, so you can put your feet up and an end table, such as this Dark Taupe Accent Table, so you have somewhere to put down books and drinks.




Depending on the size of space you have, you can also create a larger seating area for working on group projects. Add the Hartford Transitional Micro Suede Loveseat to match your accent chair and this Dark Taupe Accent Table to match the end table mentioned above.




Make the space cozy and inviting

This is a space where you arshag area ruge going to spend a large amount of time so make it cozy and inviting by adding decorating extras. Start by brightening up the room with tons of lighting. Choose from our wide selection of floor lamps and table lamps for the side table. Put a simple area rug in the seating area, like the Navy Blue Shaughnessy 8’ x 11’ Shag Area Rug, to add a pop of colour and make the space feel cozy. Lastly, put some clean, bright art on the walls to finish off the room. Check out our large selection here.


A new school year is almost upon us. Whether you are already deep into a degree or starting a new program, it’s important that you have a space where you can focus and be productive. Create a student lounge with both a desk area and a seating area with a cozy and inviting design with lots of storage area that will provide a clean, uncluttered workspace.

Lucy Woodhead
My focus is to discuss tech products that are trendy and in demand amongst the younger generation. Over the years I have reviewed, compared and wrote about a wide variety of products, including headphones, speakers, sound docks, iPods and mp3 players. With Best Buy’s launch of VIVA and Home & Lifestyle, I have had the opportunity to expand my focus to include a younger person’s perspective on many of these great products as well!