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Here on the West Coast we’ve gotten a few glimmers of spring and I know those warmer sunny days are just around the corner, at least that’s what I’m hoping. I’ve started my backyard clean up and next on my to-do list is to get my BBQ in top grilling shape with the right BBQ essentials. If you have an outdoor kitchen, now’s a great time for a good spring cleaning and re-fresh on any old or broken accessories. It’s time to get outdoor cooking on the go if only this weather would co-operate.

Buying a new BBQ

BBQTEK propane BBQBBQ’s come in such a huge variety, size and price range and it’s always a good idea to do some research to find the right one for your needs. You might find that a BBQ with a basic grill and side burner like this BBQTEK 60,000 BTU 5-Burner Propane BBQ will work perfectly for your needs. The propane fuel heats up quickly and the five burners allow for a large cooking surface large enough to fit up to 24 burger patties. The built-in thermometer, heat control and heat indicator will ensure your foods are getting cooked to the right temperature every time you grill.

Napoleon 7 burner natural gas BBQIf you love BBQ’ing and you spend most summer evenings cooking on the grill, you may want one with all the bells and whistles like a rotisserie, side cutting board, side burners, ice buckets and more like this Napoleon LEX 730 80,000 BTU 7-Burner Natural Gas BBQ. The natural gas fuel allows for ceramic infra-red burners that let you sear, grill, bake, rotisserie and more. With this beautiful BBQ you’ll be wanting to cook all your meals outside and during those hot summer days you won’t have to heat up an already hot kitchen cooking either.

Napoleon travel BBQ with scissor cartIf space is an issue when considering buying a new BBQ then why not go for a portable size one. You’ll be able to use it at home and take it on the go with you for those amazing days spent at the local lake or during any camping trips. I love this Napoleon TravelQ 12,000 BTU Portable Gas BBQ with Scissor Cart because of the wheels on the scissor cart. It’s the perfect size for a small patio or condo living and the wheels make it super portable. It has stainless steel burners and cast iron cooking grids so you know you’ll get evenly cooked foods.

Choose your BBQ fuel

Napoleon charcoal BBQJust like you can choose your desired cooking method when you purchase a stove or oven, you can choose your preferred cooking fuel for your BBQ as well. I’ve always purchased a propane BBQ because I’ve never owned a home with a gas line running outside, but it seems like many homes now have a gas line available outside for BBQ hook-up and gas cooking may be your fuel of choice.

There’s also the option of charcoal as your fuel and the main reason most people choose this cooking method is because of the smoke flavour that it brings to your foods. This Napoleon PRO Charcoal Kettle will give you delicious smoke and texture and the cast iron cooking grids will ensure your foods are getting cooked evenly every time.

BBQ essentials make it a breeze to BBQ

Weber stainless steel BBQ tool setHaving good BBQ utensils is a must. Not only are they durable but they are much larger and longer in handle length which will save you burning your fingers and singing off your arm hair. This Weber Original™ Stainless steel Deluxe Two Pieces Barbecue Tool Set are BBQ essentials and come with a stainless steel spatula and tongs with a hands free locking and unlocking mechanism. A good BBQ spatula is longer in spatula length as well which makes it easier to flip your foods at the back of the grill.


Weber pizza stoneDoes a pizza stone count as a utensil? If not, it should. I love pizza and I have a feeling I would love it even more cooked on a BBQ. This Weber Original™ Pizza Stone is on my BBQ must have list for this season. It’s made from cordierite stone which absorbs moisture during cooking so you end up with a light and crispy crust, and has convenient carry handles to easily remove your pizza from your grill.

Serious BBQ’ing with the right apron and gloves

Star Wars character apronMy husband is a master BBQ’er but one thing he doesn’t like about it is that his clothes always smell of smoke after. We’ve found that wearing an apron actually acts as a bit of a shield and stops your t-shirt absorbing all those BBQ smells while you’re cooking. We have a character apron of Deadpool that my youngest son thinks is the coolest, but this Star Wars “I am Darth Vader” Character Apron is pretty awesome too. An apron will also save your clothes from any spills or dribbles you might have as you taste test your foods right off the grill.

Napolean Pro heat resistant glovesA good pair of BBQ gloves paired with the right utensils as I mentioned above will save you many burns this BBQ season. I’ve tried using my regular kitchen oven gloves while BBQ’ing but they don’t quite reach high enough on the arms or resist the heat from a BBQ well enough. These Napoleon Pro heat resistant gloves are made from a black and grey suede and have a secure grip surface to help you carry your foods safely to the table.

Amazing BBQ recipes

We used to just BBQ our meats but over the years I’ve grown to love grilling veggies, potatoes, sweet potatoes and pineapple. With the right seasonings and the char of the BBQ they finish off your meal perfectly and make less dishes to clean up in the kitchen.

Grilled corn on the cobCorn on the cob is always a summer favourite, especially with my boys, and you can find a delicious looking recipe for grilled corn on the cob here on Shelly’s Friday Favourites. We also love BBQ’ed chicken. You can marinate or baste it with your sauce of choice and it’s always nice to have some leftover for salads or sandwiches in your lunch the next day. Shelly posted some amazing looking BBQ chicken recipes and you can find them here.

I can’t wait for BBQ season to get here because I love a grilled meal, less dishes and I’m starting to get tired of cooking the same meals over and over again. Spring can decide to show up anytime now, I know I’m not the only person waiting for it.

You can find a huge variety of BBQ’s and grilling accessories here at bestbuy.ca.

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