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It looks like spring has finally arrived on the West Coast and I know those warmer sunny days are just around the corner. I’ve started my backyard clean up and next on my to-do list is to get my BBQ in top grilling shape with the right BBQ essentials. If you have an outdoor kitchen, now’s a great time for a good spring cleaning and re-fresh on any old or broken accessories. It’s time to get outdoor cooking on the go if only this weather would co-operate.

Buying a new BBQ

Grille BBQBBQ’s come in a huge variety of sizes and price ranges and it’s always a good idea to do some research to find the right one for your needs. You’ll need a good idea of the types of meals you’ll be cooking, how often you’ll be grilling, how many people you’ll be cooking for and what your preferred fuel source is. If you’re designing a whole outdoor kitchen, BBQ size may be a factor depending on the size of your surrounding cooking area. I think if I was designing an outdoor kitchen, the grill would be my first purchase and I’d design the rest of the space accordingly.

You can also purchase BBQ’s with side burners and accessories such as a rotisserie to make a variety of meals.

Choose your BBQ fuel

Charcoal bbq grilleJust like you can choose your desired cooking method when you purchase a stove or oven, you can choose your preferred cooking fuel for your BBQ as well. I’ve always purchased a propane BBQ because I’ve never owned a home with a gas line running outside, but it seems like many newer homes now have a gas line available outside for BBQ hook-up. The bonus of using this gas hook up is that you won’t ever have to worry about running out of fuel mid grill. There’s also the option of charcoal as your fuel, and the main reason most people choose this cooking method is because of the smoke flavour that it brings to your foods.

You’ll also notice when shopping for a new BBQ that most have the BTU’s prominently displayed on the front of the box. BTU is short for British Thermal Unit, and this number tells you how much heat your grill can produce. This had me thinking the higher the number the better the grill, no? After doing some research online, the consensus seems to be that you should buy a BBQ with the amount of BTU’s you need to heat the size of the grill surface. Anything higher will simply burn your fuel faster.

Easy BBQ’ing with the right accessories

Napoleon Executive STainless Steel 4-pieceHaving good BBQ utensils is a must. Not only are they durable but they are much larger and longer in handle length which will save you burning your fingers and singing off your arm hair. For those serious grillers you may also want to consider a pair of heat resistant gloves.

To avoid heating up the house on hot summer days, and to enjoy the BBQ taste in a variety of foods you can find some helpful grilling accessories like a pizza stone, a cast iron skillet, a fish basket, a wok and so much more. I love that you can really cook your whole meal on the grill, and I find when I cook my meals on the grill, clean up is a breeze.

BBQ’ing is one of the things I look forward to most when the weather starts to warm up, I get tired of my go-to fall and winter meals and it’s time for some fresh new recipes. A good BBQ and the right accessories makes all the difference as well.

You can find a huge variety of BBQ’s and grilling accessories here at bestbuy.ca.

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  1. I’m absolutely in love with this beautiful outdoor kitchen! I’m so intrigued by this BBQ fuel too. If there’s an option I can put charcoal for this as my fuel, I’m grabbing one these! 

  2. Right? An outdoor kitchen or BBQ area should be great for the chef but also for everyone to enjoy, even when not grilling. No need for indoor meals on a beautiful day.

  3. Lindsay, I can’t stress enough how amazing this is. Who doesn’t love a BBQ with friends and family? I envy those new BBQ griller, can we talk about that outdoor kitchen picture with that sweet concrete pavers design, with the perfect placement of the burner and the drawers. I never knew an outdoor kitchen can look this good. I’m stealing this.

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