Indoor garden mainIf I close my eyes, I can picture the beautiful spring sunshine and warmer days ahead. I love that our daylight is sticking around for a little longer, and we’ve already had a few days of spring-like weather. It’s time to start thinking about and planning your gardens and garden beds, or, if you live in an apartment with an enclosed balcony, you can create a little garden oasis. Whether you want to start out some seeds, have some beautiful flowers indoors, or create an indoor garden, there are some great planters and accessories to get you started.

Indoor smart gardens and planters

Indoor Smart Garden
Click and Grow have a variety of smart gardens available

Indoor gardens are a great way to have fresh flowers and herbs year-round as well as other fruits and vegetables such as peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, and more. You can also use a Smart Indoor Garden, as they have a variety of unique features to offer, such as built-in lights, an automatic watering system, different types of soil or growing medium, nutrients for optimal growth, built-in sensors, and more. I recently reviewed the Botanium Indoor Smart Planter, and you can learn all about it here.

Another option is to have some beautiful indoor planters such as the box or pedestal style. These can be used indoors to bring some bright and colourful flowers inside, or if you’re apartment living, you can create a beautiful arrangement on your enclosed balcony to enjoy.

Lighting for your indoor garden

Plant-Light-Full-Spectrum-Plant-Grow-lampTo keep your indoor plants happy and thriving, you may want to consider some lighting that is specific to growing. Grow lights support photosynthesis, which I think we all remember learning about in science class when we were younger. There are a variety of options when it comes to grow lights; a little research may be needed to ensure you purchase the correct bulbs, and learn how to best use them.

If you’ve got your plants on your enclosed balcony and want to create a cozy little escape with some comfortable seating, you may want to add some decorative LED string or strip lights. They’re great for outdoor and indoor use, and they often come in a variety of colours and offer a nice warm glow. While they won’t help your plants to grow and flourish, they’re lovely to turn on in the evening and add a little something special.

Accessorize your indoor garden

Planter standIndoor Smart Gardens and planters can take up space on your counter tops. To avoid losing counter space, you can use a cute plant stand. They’re decorative and functional, and some popular styles are a metal cast iron design, or a mosaic tiled top table stand.

Whether you’ve purchased pre-grown plants or you’re growing them from seed, it’s always nice to have some beautiful planters to showcase them. There are so many sizes and varieties available that you’ll easily be able to find some to match your home décor.

Have spring start a little early this year by creating an indoor garden full of useful herbs and beautiful flowers. The colours and greenery alone will bring the outdoors in, and soon enough the real spring will be here.

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