laundry steamers keep clothes looking good

When I think of laundry steamers, I get vivid flashbacks of my short-lived tenure in the world of retail. After two months steaming and meticulously folding and hanging clothes, only to repeat the process when those same clothes were collected from the changing room floor, I had enough. That said, my introduction to laundry steamers made a lasting impression, so am here to tell you why they are great tools when it comes to keeping your clothes looking sharp.

Laundry steamers are gentler than irons

steam wrinkles from clothes Because laundry steamers like this Rowenta Travel Steam Brush use steam instead of pressure and heat to get rid of wrinkles in clothing, they are much gentler on fabrics and as a result can extend the life of your favourite clothes. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. I don’t know about you, but I iron my clothes I always struggle with selecting a temperature that won’t melt my delicates or leave a pizza shaped triangle on my favourite shirt. With a steamer, the guesswork of choosing the right setting is eliminated, and you’re left with perfectly crisp clothes that will be sure to impress.


Laundry steamers de-wrinkle more than just clothesupright steamers get rid of wrinkles

Irons are great for getting wrinkles out of clothing, but what about those wrinkled curtains or that crumpled duvet cover? You might be able to get rid of those wrinkles with an iron, but doing so will be a long and frustrating process as you shift the fabric inch by inch over a ironing board. With a steamer like this upright one from Conair, you can steam almost anything you want easily and efficiently without even needing to take those curtains down or removing that duvet from your bed.


Avoid over washing with a laundry steamer

clothing steamers keep clothes wrinkle free If you’re anything like me, when your clothes get a little too wrinkled to pass as acceptable anywhere outside of your home, rather than go through the trouble of ironing them, you toss them in the washer and dryer or take them in to be dry cleaned instead. The problem with that is that washing your clothes just because they are wrinkled will wear them out much faster than necessary. Using a steamer won’t get the dirty work done and actually clean your clothes, but it will do wonders in between washings to keep you and your wardrobe looking as put together as possible.

If you happen to have the room–and budget–you can also invest in this LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System, which lets you clean your clothes without harsh chemicals. Add to that the fact that its TrueSteam technology and moving hanger action smoothes wrinkles and reduces odours, and it’s like having a personal dry cleaner in your own home!
Steaming is so much more convenient than ironing and allows you to keep wrinkles out of everything from your clothing to your linens. Plus, you can bring a steamer with you when you travel so you’re always looking your best–you really can’t go wrong!

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  1. I agree that steamers are gentler than irons, and they’re easier to use as well. I also like how versatile they are, as you said, because they’re good for de-wrinkling not only clothes.

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