Earth Day

Earth day is a celebration of the environment, and Best Buy Canada is here to help you go green with outdoor games and activities! It’s the perfect time to stop and reflect on how we can change our daily habits in order to improve the environment.

As a parent, I want to leave a healthy planet for my son and future generations. In order to work toward this goal, my family has made positive eco-friendly changes. Technology is all about improving our lives. It can also help preserve precious resources and even harness them. Here are some environmentally friendly ideas that you can integrate into your household to help make a difference.

Hit the streets with an eco-friendly Earth Day playlist

For Earth Day, communities across Canada come together to clean-up gardens, parks, and rivers. Attend a community clean-up to do your part, and create a party atmosphere with a portable speaker.

If you are looking for a completely waterproof solution, there are plenty of great options. The Bose SoundLink Micro Rugged Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, is the perfect companion for a day at the beach, or singing in the rain. It’s great for life on the water, and its compact size makes it a great “grab and go” portable audio solution.

Educational play for a greener future

Solar Wild Boar

As a parent, and an educator, I find the best place to gain an understanding of the world around us is through play-based learning. Showing children a greener future via play is a great way introduce a long-term commitment to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Solar toys help to teach children about renewable energy and sustainability. They run using only the sun to generate energy for their movement. Talking about green energy is positive, but it might be a difficult concept for young ones to grasp. Using toys like OWI’s Solar Wild Boar is the ideal solution to teach about green energy.

The Solar Wild Boar klip-klops around using only the energy from the sun, requiring no batteries. The brighter the sun, the faster he moves. With his little tail wagging back and forth, it’s a fun connection kids will make to the power provided by solar energy.

The Wild Boar is great for children 6 years old and up, allowing them to build an eco-friendly pocket pet! Best Buy Canada has a great variety of educational toys, which help little minds explore the world around them.

Eco-Friendly park play and beyond

Best Buy Canada carries Green Toys, an eco-friendly line that has been made with 100% recycled materials. My four-year-old loves visiting our local park to play in the sand with his trucks and tea set. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a spot of tea in the park?

These toys are a great way to talk with children about how we can recycle old items into new things, like a cool fire truck! Even the packaging is made from reused materials, and recyclable. From start to finish Green Toys drastically reduce waste that could reach landfills.

Step up to a greener lifestyle 

A great way to help out Mother Nature is to leave your car at home and reduce your carbon footprint. Do your best to walk to work and school—even if it’s just a few days a week. It has the potential to make a big difference in your health and fitness. I walk my son to school every day and it’s a fun way to connect and get a bit of exercise.

Using a fitness tracker, like the Fitbit Ace Kids, can monitor all your steps along with your children. Turn your step counting numbers into a fun competition using the Fitbit App to track everyone’s progress to get healthier and greener in the process!

Another great way to keep the car at home and the air a little cleaner is an electric bike.

E-Bikes help to share your pedalling load with a battery and gear mechanism, making your trek easier. The motorized assist helps to take a lot of the challenge out of big hill climbs, making longer scenic routes more enjoyable.


A lightweight, sleek model like the Pluto R Electric Bike operates like a regular bike, and will have you blazing trails in no time. Best Buy has got an in-depth review of the Pluto R from our very own Leo Bond, take a look!

Whether commuting to work or enjoying a ride with the family the right e-bike brings cycling to a whole new level of convenience.

Recycle your old tech with Best Buy Canada

Drop by your local Best Buy with older tech products and recycle them for free! Best Buy Canada is a proud partner in keeping the environment clean. They offer an Electronics Recycling Program throughout locations across Canada; take a look to get a list of locations and what hardware is accepted for recycling in each province.

Have fun going green!

I hope these suggestions leave you inspired to take action this Earth Day, and beyond! Use these tips to be a leader in the eco-movement and enjoy some outdoor fun! Making a few small changes to your daily habits can have a long-lasting impact on the environment. We’d like to hear how you are celebrating Earth Day, let us know how you are going green in the comments below.

Matthew has been involved in all things tech related since the start of the digital era. He shares his passion for technology in his day job as a teacher and via multiple media platforms. As a long-time veteran of the video game and tech industry, he's covered interactive entertainment and esports on the web, in video series, podcasts, and on international television. You can follow Matthew's tech-venture filled lifestyle on twitter, instagram @dapper_tux and his website


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