buying guide for bedsOut of all the furniture in your home, your bed is the most important. It’s where you rest and recharge every night, and if you aren’t happy with your bed, you don’t sleep well. The good news is, because there’s so many great choices in beds and mattresses, finding the perfect bed for every bedroom in your home is a pretty easy decision.

Types of bed frames you can choose

Do you like feminine and romantic styles of bed? Maybe you’re favourite bed style is contemporary platform or you like the rustic style of a sleigh bed. The key to choosing the right bed is knowing the difference between bed styles.

Platform bed

platform bed

A platform bed is a bed that has a raised frame, headboard, and usually has wood slats to support your mattress. You may not need a box spring with a platform bed, and you can find them in wood styles, upholstered, and with storage underneath.

Panel bed

A panel bed consists of a panel style headboard and footboard. Panel beds are a more traditional style of bed, and they often require a box spring. They can generally be found in styles made of wood or upholstered.

canopy bedFour poster bed

Four poster beds have large posts at each corner of the bed. You’ll usually find this style of bed made from wood, and because they tend to look large, they’re a great style to choose if you’d like a statement piece in a master bedroom.

Canopy bed

Canopy beds look like panel bed or a four poster bed, but they have a fabric canopy that’s draped over the top of the bed and connected to metal or wood posters. Canopy beds are often thought of as romantic and whimsical.

Sleigh bed

Sleigh beds are popular with people who enjoy a rustic, cozy style. They have a curved headboard and footboard that’s made to resemble a sleigh, and you can find sleigh beds made of wood or metal.

Storage bed

What could be better than a bed that’s also a storage center? Storage beds look like platform beds but they often have drawers underneath you can use for extra clothes, shoes, or other items you’d like to store.

Folding bed

A folding bed or cot is perfect for overnight guests. Generally found in twin sizes, when not in use they fold up and store in a corner or large closet.

Bunk beds

A bunk bed is a bed with two single or twin mattresses; one lower, one higher. These are the perfect beds for kids who share a room, and they are available in both wood and metal styles.

Loft bed

Loft beds give kids a bit of extra room to play, do homework, or set up a desk. These beds look like bunk beds and have ladders, but instead of an extra bunk below, you have an open space where you can put a computer, reading chair, or extra twin bed.

Wall bed or Murphy bed

The ultimate space saving bed, a wall bed or Murphy bed folds up into your wall and completely disappears until you need it again.

What size of bed should you choose?

Beds come in several different sizes, and the size you choose should depend on who is sleeping on the bed and what bedroom the bed will go in.

Twin beds

twin bed

A twin bed, also known as a single bed, is traditionally a bed meant for a child. The measurements of a twin bed are 39 inches by 75 inches unless it is an extra long twin. Extra long twins measure 80 inches long instead of 75.

These beds are only large enough to fit a single person, and a twin mattress will fit a twin style bed whether it’s a panel bed, platform bed, storage bed, or loft bed.

Double beds

Slightly larger than a twin bed, double beds are also known as full beds. They measure at 54 inches wide by 75 inches and fit two people comfortably. They are often the bed of choice for a single person or a couple who doesn’t mind close quarters, and they are a great choice if your bedroom is small.

Queen beds

Queen beds are larger than double beds and are the perfect choice for one or two people. They measure in at 60 inches by 80 inches. If you like to have a bit more room than you would with a double bed, a Queen bed is a good choice.

King-sized beds

Whether you choose a king-sized bed or a California king-sized bed, if you choose this size you’re going to have more than enough room to roll over in the night. A standard king-size bed measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. A California king comes in a bit larger, measuring in at 72 inches by 84 inches.

This size of bed is great for large rooms or couples who like their space when sleeping.

Beds are made from different types of materials

If you would have bought a bed at the turn of the century, chances are it would have been a metal frame. These days, you can find beds made from wood, metal, or upholstered with luxurious, durable fabric.

The most popular type of upholstered beds are platform style, whereas you’ll generally find traditional panel beds and sleigh beds in wood or metal.

Is a box spring or foundation required on your new bed?

Over the past several decades, most beds have required both a mattress and a box spring. Styles have changed slightly, and now that some styles of bed use slats for support, you don’t always need to use a box spring under your mattress.

Styles of bed that don’t need always need a box spring include platform, storage, and wall or Murphy beds. Styles that may still require a box spring include panel, twin, and sleigh beds.

Keep one thing in mind when considering whether or not you need a box spring: if you have a new one-sided mattress that’s under warranty, you may be required to use a box spring or you’ll void your warranty.

The reason why some mattress suppliers require the box spring is because your mattress needs to be on a hard, even surface. Without that support, your mattress may prematurely sag in the center and cause extra stress on the springs or internal support. If you do have a new mattress, be sure to double check the warranty before deciding to forgo the boxspring.

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