bulova watch on wristCall me old fashioned, but when it comes to telling time, I prefer a classic watch over my smartphone. While my smartphone is admittedly indispensable, it lacks the aura and allure of the wristwatch. More than simply a tool to tell time, the watch is also a statement of personal style and a symbol of humanity’s fascination with time and growth. I’ll explain that a bit more in a second, but you should know we have two Bulova watches that you could win by entering the contest in the comments below. Read on to find out how!

Improving throughout time

I have recently found myself consuming a lot of content about time travel. I just watched the film “About Time” in which a man discovers all the men in his family can time travel, and I’m reading the novel “The Map of Time” which weaves real historic figures and imaginary characters together into a time-bending saga. These works have me thinking about how time has always fascinated and preoccupied the human mind. From fairy tales of prolonged sleep and agelessness, to classic novels like “The Time Machine,” and “A Wrinkle in Time,” to media like “Back to the Future” and “The Twilight Zone,” stories of time travel are all over history.

back to the future doc at clock
Doc can tell you all about watches, clocks, and time travel

OK, Kate, you ask, what the heck does time travel have to do with a pair of very stylish Bulova watches? For one thing, watches are, in a way, little time machines themselves. They are the barometer by which we measure past, present, and future. Watches also signify achievement and forward momentum; just think of how the watch is a traditional gift at times of transition and change, like graduation and retirement.

Likewise, I think that one the big reasons we find time travel fascinating is the idea that we can either go back and fix past wrongs and go forward and prevent future problems. There is a sense that we can always do better and continue to develop, and the wrist watch embodies that feeling of success. So, the watch is a luxury item with a purpose, a statement of style, and a symbol of our continuous improvement throughout time.

Bulova watches: fine craftmanship, year after year

Ever since the first spring watches, watchmakers have been refining how time is told and the package it’s delivered in. In fact, Bulova has been crafting and refining their designs since 1875 to deliver the best quality watches.

One thing I like about these two watches is that they give you a glimpse into the inner workings of the watches themselves. Both feature exhibition case backs and faces that show the gears inside, letting you see the cogs and wheels work their magic. It’s a design that offers just a hint of the cyberpunk aesthetic in an elegant package.

These watches also have chic embellishments. The women’s watch features a mother-of-pearl dial, rose gold accents, and 5 hand-set diamonds. The men’s watch has an open aperture black dial and a skeleton automatic movement, plus bold stick indices and a gun metal iron plated band.

Plus, they are sturdy and perfect for everyday wear. They are powered by automatic movements, meaning they use the movements (kinetic energy) of the wearer, rather than batteries. Both have a 40-hour power reserve, so they will keep running between wears. They are also water-resistant and crafted from stainless steel for a look that’s durable and dignified.

A Bulova watch is a perfect way to show off your own style, and can be both a time piece and as well as a thinking piece. What is it about time that fascinates humankind, and how can the watch be a symbol of our constant desire to grow? These are great things to ponder.  It is this history and connection with human nature that makes the watch, if you’ll excuse the pun, stand the test of time. Bulova watches like these, with their skeleton and open-aperture dials, put the mechanics and craftsmanship behind the Bulova watch front and centre, and this is something no smartphone can replicate.


You can only enter once, but in a in a comment below, tell us what your favourite time travel story is. Are you a lover of “A Christmas Carol,” in which Scrooge visits his past, present, and future? Is “Groundhog Day” and its perpetual time loop one of your favourite films? Or are you a huge Doctor Who fan? Let us know below!


At the end of the contest we will select two winners from all eligible entries. One winner will receive a Bulova automatic 46mm men’s dress watch and the other winner will receive will win a Bulova Diamonds 34mm women’s dress watch.

This contest runs from October 24th to November 7th.

Remember, you can only enter once, but I’m sure you have friends and family who would love to sport a new Bulova watch this year, or you know others who are also fascinated with time travel.

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Kate Wensel
Kate holds an MA in English and has an undeniable fondness for fixing grammar and rearranging words. It's no surprise, then, that she began her career at Best Buy Canada as a product copywriter, and is now an editor for bestbuy.ca. When you can get her nose out of a book, Kate might be found hiking, ballroom dancing, or exploring Vancouver's food scene.


  1. I love “Back to the Future”! It was so much fun and there was a real sense of danger. Very well directed.

  2. In my opinion Back to the future would have to be my favourite time travel movie, that delorean is the best thing ever

  3. In my opinion Back to the future would have to be my favourite time travel movie, that delorean in the movie is sooo cool!!!

  4. Back to the future would have to be my favourite time travel movie, that delorean in the movie is sooo cool!!!

  5. I Love the Time Traveller’s Wife. I think time travel would be amazing. But the story of the Time Traveller’s Wife shows how sad it could be and the other complexities of what it would be like to be a time traveler. It really is a gorgeous story. And that women’s watch is also gorgeous. . Thanks for the inspiring blog post and the opportunity to win!

  6. Back to the future !!! I love that series growing up, I used to pretend I could travel in time as a kid with my friends. We would use watches and then recreate sine scenes. Back to the future is still one of those movies!

  7. My favorite time travel story. Is my own. Remembering when my family was still together. Having dinner. Talking to each other. Memories I’ll never trade away. Memories I’d die if I lost. Seeing my family together again. Would be the best day ever. But it will never happen. My memory is how I travel back in time to a place I called home with all my loved ones together. I miss my family.
    I guess you mean movie. Back to the future. But my time travel memories are still better. I just wish I could go back. Even if it’s just to say goodbye.

  8. I love Harry Potter and in the book/movie the Prizoner of Azkaban one of the main characters gets a time travel necklace called a Time Tuner. That is one of my favourites!

  9. Groundhog Day by far is the best, or 50 first dates to be able to make your girl fall in love with you everyday for the rest of your life is goal making

  10. “Back to the future” are my favourite time travel movies. Very fond memories of watching these with my mom, who absolitely loves Sci-fi.

  11. Star Trek 4 the Voyage Home is my favourite time travel story. I remember watching it with my dad growing up because of that I became I huge SciFi fan. The story was fun and smart. I watch it whenever it’s on tv now and it always makes me smile and think of my dad.

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