Shopping for gifts can be a tricky thing to do. There are some people that are simply tough to shop for, particularly when you’re trying to stick to a budget. Today we’ll take a look at several good options to consider as gifts if you’re shopping for someone who is very health and fitness conscious. If you’re not super in to it, then it can be intimidating to consider shopping for someone else in this category but there are many budget friendly items that would make for great gifts, and you must may surprise somebody with something they would enjoy yet not have considered picking up for themselves. Really that is the goal of any great gift giver. People can often shop for themselves and especially with inexpensive things, they’ll generally already have it so if you can surprise someone with something they never considered or realized they would enjoy, then you’ve perfected the art of gift giving. The best gift is that thing your recipient never knew they wanted.

Hand Grips

10261316.jpgStarting at the low end, how about considering these Everlast Vinyl Hand Grips. They’re inexpensive enough to be a good stocking stuffer and let the consummate fitness buff continue their workout even while working at their desk, or watching a movie. They are also a great way to relieve stress and tension or just get your circulation going. I know a lot of people who like to keep these in their desk at work, or in their car for when they’re stuck in traffic. You can use these very casually, and over time strengthen your grip which helps you with your workouts in general. They’ve got an ergonomic design to make them comfortable to use, are slip resistant and you even get a pair of them for one low price. These are an awesome choice even if someone has hand grips because now they can put the extras around different locations for convenience so that they’ll always have something to reach for when their hands are free.

Food and Drink containers

10358741.jpgHealth and fitness buffs also always like to stay conscious of their food and drink intake throughout the day. That’s what makes these BlenderBottle GoStak porbable supplement food jars so handy. They help you keep to any strict nutrition regiment even while travelling or at work with a series of four differing portable stacking jars. Perfect for vitamins, supplements and those all-important snacks. What I like about this system is that the jars are compact and dynamic enough that you only need to take what you need, so you cut down on the extra bulk you have to carry with you. You can use just the smallest jars, just the largest, or any combination you like by mix-and-matching to your preference. They also feature a handy removable carrying handle so it’s easy to grab and go.

What you drink is of course as important as what you eat and anybody mindful of their health is also mindful of what they drink and how much. With that in mind, its tough to go wrong with a classic Nalgene Wide Mouth water bottle. These bottles are super popular, and for good reason. They’re versatile, easy to clean, , have graduations for easier intake tracking, are very durable, and as a gift you can even fill it up with some smaller surprise gifts to make it an even better offering.

If you’re a runner, having a big water bottle isn’t an ideal situation however. If you know somebody considering training for a marathon or starting to jog, then consider something like this PurAthletics 2 Bottle Sports Hydration Pack. This is a much better way for runners to keep hydrated while they’re training. It’s got an pouch large enough to keep your phone, medication and essentials with two 5.7oz water bottles holstered for easy access without slowing you down. It cuts down on the bulk and gives you water when you need it as conveniently as possible.

Foot Spa

10262008 (1).jpgWe’re not done talking about water quite yet. Now let’s talk about something that not too many people will have bought for themselves but is definitely still a treat. Check out this Homedics Bubble Bliss Foot Spa. Sure it may seem at a glance to be a strange choice for a gift but think about it. A foot bath can be extremely relaxing, particularly after a long day on your feet or after any sort of high intensity activity like running. While the person you’re shopping for might not have considered it, once they dip their tired feet in to one of these they’ll soon realize it’s what they’ve been missing all along. This foot bath gives you a gentle and customizable foot massage with acupressure attachments. While many other workout gifts may be designed to get your blood moving, this one is designed to relax you and bring you back down to earth.


If none of those fit the bill, how about this Merrithew Yoga Mat Strap? If you know someone into yoga, a strap like this makes a fantastic alternative to a mat bag. It’s less bulky and easier than a bag making travel much more convenient. Also unlike a mat bag, using a strap like this allows your yoga mat to air out and dry much more quickly and completely. This is particularly valuable if you know someone in to hot yoga for reasons that will be obvious to anybody familiar with what hot yoga entails.

There is really so much variety out there when you’re shopping for inexpensive gifts, even in such a niche category as health and fitness. No matter what your intended recipient is into, you can surely find something great that will make for a wonderful surprise. Think about the sort of healthy activities they enjoy or the lifestyle they’re trying to adopt. Chances are you can find something great that will help support them in this pursuit, or make their life easier and more enjoyable overall without breaking your budget.


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