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Geek Squad, which is Best Buy’s installation, repair and services arm, offers a range of services to keep your computer functioning at its best. Services include basic setup and customization of new PC’s and notebooks, data migration and transfer to a new PC, system tune ups, cleaning and maintenance, as well as computer repairs. These services cover the majority of PC brands and models sold at Best Buy. So you can turn to Best Buy for a trustworthy and in-house solution for your technology and peripherals.

Let’s face it, computers keep getting more complicated.  As PC’s continue to shrink down in size and become more integrated devices, repairs and maintenance become more difficult than ever; which makes it a wise choice to entrust diagnosis and repairs to experienced professionals. The Geek Squad staff at Best Buy can be counted on to help in store, online or on the phone.

This is a transitional year for many PC users: Microsoft will discontinue its support for Windows 7, so a lot of people are switching to Windows 10. Many of you will want to upgrade to the new operating system, or migrate to a new machine that can fully take advantage of the functionalities in Windows 10. You may need to migrate data, or to upgrade components like a hard drives, or video card or just add more RAM.  There are many steps to making such improvements so be cautious. It is critical that you back up your data, and take the necessary precautions before exposing the internal components of your machine.


Geek Squad is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to improve their current machine or to have a new machine set up. They are conveniently located in your local Best Buy stores all across Canada. They can also be contacted anytime, day or night, with their 24/7 online and telephone services. So you can purchase a machine or computer component and have the necessary services done at the same location from a trained professional computer technician.


Even PCs users who aren’t upgrading their machine may want to seek an experienced technician to give their PC a good cleaning, to ensure there all of the components are functioning efficiently and that their existing software is free of viruses and other malware that can compromise security and slow down the performance of the machine. Why take a chance when Geek Squad technicians have the expertise to diagnose and treat whatever problems your machine develops?

Here is a summary of some of the most popular services offered by Geek Squad:

  • Diagnostic and Repair: To check and optimizes a PC and ensure all the software and hardware is working well.
  • Diagnostic and Repair w/Data Transfer: Moving data from older HDs or PCs to newer ones.
  • Diagnostic and Repair w/Data Migration and 1-Year Support+ – Moving data and personal applications and files securely.
  • System Tune-Up – Optimizing a PC’s performance by removing unused files, freeing up space and ensuring the latest drivers are installed.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance – Cleaning PC’s and ensuring components and software is updated.
  • Basic Diagnostic – Checking the overall health of a system.
  • Flat Fee Repair for when your computer breaks down

Contact your local Geek Squad anytime you need computer assistance

It is really easy to meet with an agent to discuss your problem. You could simple visit any Best Buy store. You could also chat live with an agent, or call 1800-GEEKSQUAD to book an appointment. They will take care of your computer whether you have just purchased a new computer or need to improve the performance on one that you have owned for a long time.

Geek Squad
Our Geek Squad Agents are on a mission to set up, protect, support and repair your computers, home theatre, cell phones and more. We'll come to your rescue in-store, in-home or online.