HP introduced two new HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptops equipped with new components and new AI tools to get things done faster. The company considers this more a “personalized companion” rather than a personal computer because of how much these new laptops tailor themselves to what you need as you work.

What to expect with the new Spectre x360

The newest Spectre x360 laptops will come in 14-inch and 16-inch models, retaining the same flexible hinge that allows them to flip back a full 360-degrees. Both will come with OLED screens with up to 2.8K resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio, and a variable 48-120Hz refresh rate. There’s even IMAX Enhanced Certification here. They will run on the latest Intel Core Ultra processor and include an option to upgrade to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 GPU. You will get a choice between 16GB or 32GB of RAM, and a range between 512GB, 1TB or 2TB for internal storage. Ports include two Thunderbolt 4 ports, one USB-A, one DisplayPort 2.1 and a headphone jack. Notably absent on both is a memory card slot, though the 16-inch x360 adds an HDMI 2.1 port.

These will also be the first HP laptops to run an NPU, or neural processing unit, which may have significant implications for how the computer pulls data and optimizes performance for you. HP is keen on making this point, spending ample time in highlighting it during a briefing about the new devices. Essentially, the NPU works in tandem with the CPU to monitor various functions on the new x360 laptops, meaning it can adapt the thermal profile to consistently balance performance and battery life, or recognize whether the content you’re looking at requires a faster 120Hz or slower 48Hz screen refresh rate.

There are more built-in sensors to accommodate these features and make them more dynamic. This is why the laptops would be able to immediately switch to 120Hz for video or gaming, and then down to 48Hz for browsing or static work, like office documents or photo editing, for instance. The screen even dims when you look away to preserve some battery life.

More AI features coming

HP is calling its onboard AI tool “Superpower.” Much of what Superpower does also wouldn’t be possible without revamping the cooling system to keep things running smoothly. Without testing them, it’s hard to tell, but either way, HP sees the new Spectre x360 models as the “most advanced convertible PCs for collaboration.”

A new 9-megapixel webcam on both models gets a boost from hardware-accelerated light adjustments, so you’d be more visible in low-light conditions. It’s very similar to how pixel binning works on smartphone cameras, where four pixels merge into one bigger pixel to capture more light. The result should be a clearer picture in dimmer settings. It will also utilize the AI optimization to ensure those on the other end of video calls see your eyes looking at them through Windows Studio Effects. That feature isn’t exclusive to HP, as other PC manufacturers will make use of it, but HP is touting it as part of the broader feature set of the webcam.

It’s also using the camera to apply some level of security over the Spectre x360. Walk away lock will switch to the lock screen when you step away from the laptop, whereas Wake on approach will wake it up again when you’re in front of it again. Face recognition drives a lot of this, as do proximity sensors inside. To add some extra peace of mind, the new x360 can warn you when someone has tried to snoop at your screen.

More from HP for 2024

This isn’t all HP announced at CES, what with new Series 5 monitors, Omen Transcend 14 Gaming Laptop, Omen Transcend 32-inch Gaming Monitor and HyperX accessories also part of the company’s 2024 rollout. Check out what HP has available now at Best Buy.

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