Dell and Alienware at CES 2022

There were plenty of exciting new computer and computer accessory releases at CES 2022. Dell and its Alienware PC gaming brand had a super-sized presence at the show, as usual. Not surprisingly, they brought home a slew of CES Innovation awards. Here’s an overview of some of the best announcements and reveals made by Dell at CES 2022.

CES 2022 Dell Seamless Worke ExperienceDell seamless work experience

I’m not going to get into detail with this one (there’s a full post dedicated to it), but Dell kicked off CES 2022 with a big nod to the future of hybrid work. The company’s seamless work experience included Concept Flow (automatic laptop configuration at hot-desk setups), Concept Pari (a wireless, magnetic-mount webcam), and Concept Stanza (an 11-inch slate for digital note-taking).  

Dell’s seamless work experience is conceptual, but it paints an interesting vision for how hybrid work could develop—and we may see real products out of it. I’d love to see that Concept Pari webcam get a commercial release …

Dell and Alienware at CES 2022Dell UltraSharp 32 4K Video Conferencing Monitor

It may not be Concept Pari, but Dell’s new UltraSharp video conferencing computer monitor would be a big win for anyone who is working from home. At 32-inches, it’s big enough to offer serious productivity, while 4K resolution means razor-sharp text. What really makes this monitor stand apart (enough to scoop a CES Innovation award) is its integrated 4K video camera with dual microphones. The camera can tilt, has adjustable field of view, and supports HDR. It has SafeShutter to ensure privacy. With most laptops sporting a 720p or 1080p camera at best, this Microsoft Teams-certified monitor will seriously up your video conferencing game.

Alienware 34 curved QD-OLED gaming monitor

Dell and Alienware at CES 2022

The Dell UltraSharp monitor is eminently practical. Alienware’s 34 curved QD-OLED gaming monitor is something to lust after. It’s the world’s first quantum dot OLED computer display, new technology that makes OLED even better by improving colour and boosting brightness. The curved, 34-inch panel offers the immersion that gamer’s crave. It features a fast, 175Hz refresh rate and is certified for NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate support. Naturally, it’s equipped with OLED AlienFX lighting effects as well. And yes, it won a CES 2022 Innovation award.

Alienware Aura gaming PCs and new Alienware gaming laptops

Dell and Alienware at CES 2022

Thin is in when it comes to Alienware’s new generation of gaming laptops. The Alienware x14 is the thinnest laptop the company has ever made. With 12th gen Intel Core processors, it’s also capable of 11 hours of HD video playback and charges via USB-C. The new Alienware x15R2 and x17R2 stay thin while incorporating NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series graphics. In addition to 12th gen Intel Core processors, they also get fast RAM (up to DDR5 6400Mhz). The latest Alienware M-series gaming laptops get Cryo-tech cooling technology with graphics vapour chamber cooling, along with the option of new AMD Ryzen 6000-series processors and AMD Radeon RX graphics.

Dell and Alienware at CES 2022Alienware also took home a CES 2022 Innovation award for the latest Aura series desktop gaming PCs.

Features include Alienware Cryo-tech cooling and a choice of 12th generation Intel Core or up to 16-core, 32-thread AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors. Graphics options include up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 cards. The cases are available with scratch-resistant clear side panels, internal AlienFX lighting, intelligent cable routing, and EMI shielding.

Alienware Tri-Mode gaming accessories

Alienware was also receiving accolades for its Tri-Mode gaming accessories. These include a wireless gaming mouse and a CES Innovation award-winning headset. 

What’s with the “tri mode” designation? They can connect to your gaming PC via Bluetooth, using a USB-C wireless dongle, or using a traditional wired connection (3.5mm for the headset, USB for the mouse). That’s three modes. Both of the Tri-Mode accessories also offer extended battery life and both support fast-charging, along with AlienFX lighting effects. In addition, the Tri-Mode gaming headset supports Dolby Atmos multidimensional audio, while the mouse offers NVIDIA Reflex system latency and a snap-on magnetic charger.

Dell and Alienware at CES 2022

Dell XPS 13 Plus

Returning to Dell, we have a laptop that has a long history of being a CES favourite: the Dell XPS 13. For CES 2022, it’s the all-new Dell XPS 13 Plus.

In this case, the “plus” actually stands for simplicity. Dell designers set about to make a premium laptop with a modern and minimalist look. The Dell XPS 13 Plus still offers the edge-to-edge InfinityEdge display that this laptop helped to popularize. Messing with that would have been a mistake. This year, it’s available in resolutions up to 4K and with the option of an OLED panel.

The zero-lattice keyboard also extends edge-to-edge, and the large keys have no space between them, adding to that ultra-modern appearance. There’s no trackpad to mar its surface. Rather there is, but it’s not visible. Dell used a seamless glass panel with haptic feedback in place of a traditional trackpad. The top row of function keys has been replaced by an OLED capacitive touch strip.

Dell and Alienware at CES 2022

In addition to long battery life, the XPS 13 Plus supports Express Charge 2.0 that Dell says will charge its battery to 80% in less than an hour. The CNC machined aluminum laptop measures 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) thick and weighs 2.7 pounds (1.2 kg), qualifying it as an ultra-light laptop.

The XPS 13 Plus also gets a significant performance upgrade. It’s not just that it gets 12th gen Intel Core processors. It gets more powerful options. The previous generation XPS 13 was limited to 15W processors, but the XPS 13 Plus has enhanced cooling and can handle 28W processors, including the new P-series Core i7 with 14 cores. That will make this laptop a great choice for professionals.

I’ve reviewed several iterations of the Dell XPS 13 in the past, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on an XPS 13 Plus.

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