May the fourth be with you

  May 4th  commemorates a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. On Earth it is when fans around the world celebrate all thing Star Wars.   This is your time to connect with your inner Jedi and conquer the evil dark side. You’ll need a few things to help you “use the Force.”   May the fourth be with you.    

Top 10 Wilderness Products for Back Country Camping

  If you read the NY Times Bestseller Wild by Cheryl Strayed, then you will learn how not to pack as she did for her hike on the Pacific Coast Trail. If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend this true story of her over 1,000 miles hike by herself to escape the loss of her mother and a broken marriage, all with no wilderness experience whatsoever. I don’t profess to be a wilderness expert although I have done a fair number of wilderness trips of at least one night, and usually more. The trick with overnight backcountry camping is not to take too much while making sure you have what you will need so you don’t get in trouble.

The NEW Lego Legends of Chima: Foes unite for a greater...

With the newest season of Lego: Legends of Chima underway, Best Buy has brought in the new line of building sets to match. This season, previous foes have now united as friends to save Mount Cavora and its Chi from the Scorpion Tribe. New sets reflect the challenges ahead, as well as bring unique builds to the Lego Universe and add-ons previously unseen.  Come check out some of these new sets.

Review – Anki Drive

If you are into toys, tech, gadgets, software, or any and all of the above, you might just want to lean in a little closer. Touted as ‘The first video game in the real world’ Anki Drive may just blow your mind. Real cars with really intellegent AI, play against friends, or the smartest little cars you ever met in a head to head battle around a large race track that actually takes up space in your house. Score points, level up, upgrade your machines, its all there, and all with the added bonus of having a cool toy to show off.  It’s Anki Drive folks, and its a heck of a lotta fun.

The Lego Movie: More than just a Cinematic Experience

On February 7th, the Lego Movie debuts in theatres featuring an all-star comedic cast of voices.  In addition to the movie, a full line of Lego Toys has launched with exclusive minifigs and scenes from the movie!  In addition, a video game based on the movie will be out a couple days before the film launches.  Click below to take a look at the Lego Movie toy line and video game, both of which you’ll be able to get your hands on through Best Buy.

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