Top 5 photo printers

Two things have radically transformed photography in the past two decades. The first of course, is the rise of the digital camera with its ability to take limitless photos and instantly see results without having to wait for film to develop. The second is the growing popularity of photo printers. Thanks to the ability of these machines to produce high quality colour prints on demand, photo labs have all but disappeared. Photo printers have only gotten better, with higher resolution, faster printing and features on some like on-printer editing with built-in LCD displays, super-sized prints and wireless access. There are plenty of photo printers to choose from, but here are five of the best to consider if your printer needs are less about pages of text and more about high quality pictures.

Be more productive with your PC: Organize your workspace

A messy workspace is more than just unpleasant look at and not so fun to work in, it also cuts into your productivity. I’ve put together a list of things you can do to organize all those cables, accessories and peripherals, cutting the clutter and boosting your productivity.

Acer C720P Chromebook Review: Adding Touch to the Chromebook Experience

Chromebooks are one of the fastest growing computing categories. Small, lightweight and inexpensive these Google Chrome OS-powered notebooks have proven ideal for many users including students and small business. They’re great for home too. But what if you want the touchscreen experience that’s become a standard feature on Windows 8 Ultrabooks? You were pretty much out of luck on the Chrome side. Acer has filled that gap quite nicely with the new C720P Chromebook, an 11.6-inch device that combines the advantages of Google’s Chrome OS with a multi-touch display. It’s available now at Best Buy, but if you want a preview of what it’s capable of, I’ve spent some time putting a C720P Chromebook through the paces for a review.

How to boost your computer’s performance with a solid state drive...

Is your computer or laptop feeling a little sluggish lately? One of the best upgrades available for adding a whole new level of performance to a PC is to replace its hard drive with a solid state drive. SSD capacities continue to increase even as prices fall, so adding new life to your older PC is easier than ever.

Should your next family computer be a laptop or desktop?

With increasingly powerful laptops and ever-shrinking desktop PCs, the age-old question of laptop or desktop can be as confusing as ever. Should your next family computer be a laptop or desktop? I’ll try to help you decide which is the best choice for your situation.

Review: ASUS VivoPC Desktop (M32-BH72)

The ASUS VivoPC Desktop (M32-BH72) is an impressive and reasonably priced desktop PC that aims to make its mark as a powerhouse for all your daily computing needs and more. Find out if it does the job in my latest review.

Review: Eurocom Shark 2

I see a lot of laptops come through my door and many of them try to impress with fancy sculpted cases and LED lighting effects. Granted, looking hot does get some points upfront, but after trying out my third Eurocom laptop in the past few years —this time the Shark 2— I’ve really come to appreciate this manufacturer’s approach. While the Shark 2 doesn’t look cheap, it is understated compared to many laptops aimed at the gaming and graphics professional crowd. It’s also a solid performer with a good display, high quality sound, a powerful Intel Haswell CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M graphics card for gaming.

How-to get your computer ready for a summer full of kid...

On your mark, get set, GO! Summer is here and the kids are ready to have fun. Time to prepare the applications, accessories and projects that will make your computer a key part of their holiday fun!

The 411 on Shredders

Identify theft is a growing problem in Canada.  All thieves needs to steal your identity is one or two pieces of personal information — information that is easily taken from your garbage from old bills, receipts, invoices and other mail.   Protect your identity and make your home and office secure by shredding all your important documents,   Here’s the 911 on documents shredders.

How Microsoft wireless keyboards with AES advanced encryption protect you

When it comes to being hacked, most of us instinctively think of our computer and the internet. But did you know your PC’s wireless keyboard could be vulnerable to attack? It’s happened, and the results can be bad. That’s why you should ditch any older wireless keyboards you might have and upgrade to the security of one featuring Microsoft AES technology.

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