Become a legend with the Yeti X World of Warcraft® Edition

World of Warcraft is a phenomenon, and arguably one of the most profound experiences in modern gaming. As a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) it blends pure escapism with harrowing adventure and social interaction. For those who play and stream the game, the ultimate goal is often to embody the character on the screen.

This extends beyond in-game actions and combat. Becoming one with your avatar means developing personality, speech, and much more. Having a capable streaming microphone to give voice to a Warcraft character can help players reach the pinnacle of captivating realism.

Crafted together with Blizzard Entertainment®, Blue’s Yeti X World of Warcraft® Edition professional USB mic can change the sound of your voice for an immersive streaming experience. Summon the sound of your favorite Warcraft characters using advanced voice modulation with Warcraft character presets or celebrate victories using hundreds of Shadowlands and Warcraft HD audio samples.

Experience advanced voice modulation with Blue VO!CE software

The Yeti X World of Warcraft® Edition will let you wow your viewers and teammates as you transform your voice. Advanced voice modulation effects with Warcraft character presets can mirror the sound of legendary World of Warcraft characters. You can even create a custom voice with the plethora of effect types, algorithms, and parameters available in extreme editing mode.

Owners can also sample any of the hundreds of HD audio sound clips from across Shadowlands and the World of Warcraft universe. A vast library of cues from the ground-shaking roar of a dragon to your own custom sample recordings are at your fingertips. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a victory, communicate with your raid group, or simply delight your streaming audience.

Enjoy a custom World of Warcraft design

Show off your love of World of Warcraft with the Blue Yeti X as the centerpiece of your streaming and gaming microphone setup. This incredible condenser microphone combines a sleek matte finish with gold accents and the official World of Warcraft logo. It will look great in a studio and deliver an eye-catching and powerful on-stream aesthetic.

Furthermore, the Yeti X World of Warcraft® Edition also offers an LED voice meter featuring customizable laser-etched Warcraft runes. Show your allegiance with preset Alliance/Horde colour schemes. Alternatively, create and program a custom colour scheme to match your own streaming aesthetic.

The power of the Blue Yeti X

The Yeti X World of Warcraft® Edition isn’t just another video game-enhanced peripheral. It’s a broadcast-quality studio-grade microphone perfect for podcasting, recording, live streaming, and more. Blue VO!CE vocal effects makes it easy to achieve professional sound quality with features like voice EQ and noise reduction, just to name a few.

Amenities like high-res voice metering make the Blue Yeti X simple to operate. Visualize your voice level at a glance and make on-the-fly adjustments during live broadcasts. This level of accessibility makes it easy to maintain professional sound, elevating your stream to new heights.

On top of everything, a custom four-capsule condenser array delivers incredible focus and clarity with driver-free operation. From professional-level audio quality on streaming platforms to clear collaboration on chat applications, you’ll have it all. Finally, choose between cardioid, omni, bi-directional and stereo pick-up patterns for optimal performance.

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